Unique Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Thinking about decorating some Easter Egg this weekend?  If you are looking for some unique ideas you are in the right place, I found some beautiful and very unique Easter Egg decoration tutorials that I am sharing below. It is always fun to get the kids involved as well!

Unique Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Colour Block Easter Eggs from Frugal Mom Eh!

Unique Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Gold Dipped Easter Eggs from Frugal Mom Eh!

Unique Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Twine Wrapped Eggs from Real Talk Moms

Unique Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Dollar Store Painted Eggs from My Kids Guide

Do you decorate Easter Eggs with your children?

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21 responses to “Unique Easter Egg Decoration Ideas”

  1. Great design ideas for eggs! We did some really simple ones yesterday. Been years since I’ve colored eggs…

  2. We do decorate eggs with our boys. We made them look like Minions!

  3. These are gorgeous. I’ll be decorating eggs with my grandchildren tomorrow – they’re rather excited with the idea of Frozen and other stickers. I don’t find that too exciting but it’s all about the kids and what they’d like to do 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas,we are doing our eggs today

  5. It’s been years since I’ve decorated eggs with my children. Now that I am a great grandmother, I think I will have to start again. These tutorials will give me plenty of great ideas and I think the little ones will love decorating.

  6. There’s so many fun ways to decorate the eggs. We traditionally do the dip and dye method.

  7. So many creative ideas! Beautiful!

  8. I really like the twine eggs

  9. Ooo I never thought of all these different ways to decorate eggs! Thank you for sharing!

  10. These are gorgeous.

  11. Its almost that time of year again,i love decorating eggs

  12. I love decorating eggs and i am looking for the best ideas to be ready for the season

  13. We will be decorating our eggs on Thursay,going to try some of your ideas

  14. These are very cute and unique. Thanks!

  15. Wrapping the eggs with twine gives them a more rustic look. Kinda like that!

  16. I love the colour block ones… I wish I’d seen this before Easter. Now to remember for next year. Sigh.

  17. The way these eggs are decorated it’s so creative unique and absolutely beautiful

  18. Fun! We decorate eggs every year for Easter. I love the colour blocked eggs shown here.

  19. The twine wrapped eggs are so neat!

  20. Great Easter egg decorating ideas! They are very unique and I really like the twine decorated ones.

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