Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto {Review}

On our way to Punta Cana two weeks ago we had a short stop in the city of Toronto. I’ve heard great things about Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in the past and I knew I wanted to take the boys to the Toronto castle for dinner. We had the boys grandparents and their great-grandmother accompany us and I must say that the show was memorable for all of the four generations attending, with ages ranging from 2 to 92 years old in our group.

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Both of our boys were very excited upon their arrival at the castle. Entering the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament castle takes you back into medieval times right away and you feel like you are in a different era. After being welcomed into the castle you are given your seating arrangements in a coloured section of the arena and you are told who you will be cheering for during the tournament. Our group was cheering for the Black and Yellow knight. After that we all received crowns and we posed for group photo with the Falconer before entering the Great Hall.

The Great Hall features medieval merchandise of all kinds to purchase and we ended up buying a couple of wooden swords for the boys after they begged for them. Adults can also order liquor there and have a drink while they wait for the show to begin.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto {Review}

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto {Review}


Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto {Review}

Once the dinner and the tournament are about to begin the crowd is welcomed to the stadium. Everyone takes their seats and a waiter begins to serve your meal. Our Bill of Fare included a Tomato Bisque Soup, Castle Bread, Roasted Chicken, Herb-Basted Potato, Sweet Corn, Pastry of the Castle and Non-Alcoholic Beverages. Alcohol is not included with your tickets and must be purchased separately. Note that in the spirit of medieval times there is no cutlery available and everyone eats with their hands, that was pretty fun for the boys I must say. We all enjoyed the food and the very generous portions. They don’t have a kid’s menu so my boys were served adult portions that were a bit too much for them, again very generous. You can always ask to take the left overs home and have them the next day to avoid food waste if you don’t finish the meal.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto {Review}
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto {Review}
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto {Review}When the show begins the gorgeous horses take centre stage while the King and Princess watch from above. A clever soaring falcon was also part of the show and we enjoyed watching the knights showing off their fighting skills. We all cheered including the little ones and had a lot of fun watching the knights complete the many competitions and games.

Right before jousting begins they lower a screen around the arena for safety. It was super exciting for the boys to watch the jousting and the ground battles, those were so realistic. They loved that you could even see sparks fly off the swords and other weapons during the battles.




Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto {Review}

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto {Review}

By the end of the night our skillful black and yellow night won the tournament and saved the Princess from the bad guy. We all had a wonderful night filled with action and delicious food, cheered for our knight and were transported to medieval times for the evening. If you are in the area or if you are visiting with your family I highly recommend you book a dinner at the castle. It is lots of fun for the kids and the adults, we all had a blast!

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto with Kids

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to facilitate this review, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.


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  1. we love Medieval Times. It really IS so much fun for the whole family, parents and kids alike!

  2. What a fun place. I am going to have to book a visit for our family!

  3. I took my younger siblings to this years ago…..such a great time!

    As always, great photos!

  4. when we went the Red Knight won

  5. Oh wow, such a great review!! I love the family picture! it looks like you had awesome seats as well right in the front, I was wondering about the screen but I read they put one up while fighting, at least it doesn’t take away the view, I can just imagine what the boys thought!!

  6. The food was pretty awesome too!

  7. this place is on our to do list.. looks great!

  8. my daughter and sil are taking the kids next weekend they are sure to have fun

  9. I have wanted to visit this restaurant for years. My brother went with friends and loved it.

  10. This looks like a really neat experience and a lot of fun for the while family!

  11. Great pictures! Medieval Times looks like a really fun and entertaining show!

  12. This looks like a blast! Ive always wanted to go, we have one in Aniheim Ca. One day ill make it! Haha

  13. I’ve heard good things about their show and from your photos it looks like your family had a great time

  14. We really enjoyed the one in Florida too and I was so surprised that my daughter LOVED the tomato soup! She is extremely picky (admittedly she comes by it naturally as I am too, lol), so I was thrilled. When we came back she kept talking about it but nothing else compared. I eventually wrote them and they sent me a recipe! We were tickled pink. Until I made it and it didn’t taste quite the same. Probably my fault though. I was so happy they did that, most places aren’t willing to share.

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