5 Must-Have BreastFeeding Accessories {Giveaway}

Did you know that August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month? Yes, friends. We are joining the celebration this month with some top picks and a great giveaway. Keep reading!

I breastfed both of my boys when they were younger. Our breastfeeding story wasn’t picture perfect but I have great memories from my breastfeeding days and I totally miss the bonding and intimacy that comes with it. For some new moms breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally though, so a bit of help and support during the first months can make a huge difference. Having the best products to help you along the way can also help you on the road to breastfeeding success.

You can find some of our must-haves breastfeeding accessories picks and details on each product below. Some great products to share with you all!

breastfeeding products


  1. jay elle Breast Pump Bag and Accessories: Whether you pump 1 day or 365 days… YOU ARE AMAZING! The brand NEW jay elle Breast Pump Bag and Accessories is fashioned for discreetness with an abundance of organization and encouragement. The 6-piece set includes the Carry Bag, innovative Cooler Bag, Wet Bag, Accessories Bag, Dry Cloth and jay elle C.O.D.E. Handbook. Just add your breast pump and key essentials and you’re ready to go. For every Breast Pump Bag purchased, jay elle will donate $1 to support breastfeeding moms. MSRP: $99.99. Available August 2016 online at www.jayelle.com
  2. Milkies Milk-SaverAsk any mom and she’ll tell you: breast milk is a precious commodity. Women will go to great lengths to ensure that not a drop of “liquid gold” gets wasted. That’s precisely what makes the award-winning Milkies Milk-Saver such a wonderful invention for breastfeeding mothers. The patented Milk-Saver collects your leaking breast milk as you nurse – allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly with each feeding. MSRP: $27.95. Available online at www.MyMilkies.com
  3. Chic Cowl Nursing Dress from Udderly Hot Mama®A flattering dress that doesn’t look like it’s for nursing and it makes breastfeeding and pumping a cinch? Meet the Chic Cowl Nursing Dress from Udderly Hot Mama®You can dress this sartorial staple up or down and be confident that feeding your baby will be chic and easy. It works great for double pumping too. The patent-pending inside flap, included in every Udderly Hot Mama® nursing garment, provides extra privacy during a feeding. When baby is weaned, you can easily remove it and add your top to your everyday wardrobe. Available colors: Black, Black/White Lace, Teal. MSRP: $59.99. Available online at www.Nordstrom.com.
  4. Lassig’s Allover Nursing CoverMoms will never have to worry about style, modesty, or most importantly, privacy while nursing their little ones again with Lassig’s Allover Nursing Cover. Made from breathable, hypoallergenic and SUPER soft Lyocell, a lightweight yet strong fabric, it can be worn as a neck scarf, stole, bolero or cape.  It is also wrinkle resistant – even after being washed and dried. Available in 9 different colors. MSRP: $40.00 Available online at www.Amazon.com.
  5. Milkflow Fenugreek Blessed Thistle Powder DrinkA nursing mother’s biggest worry is whether or not she will produce enough milk. Milkflow Fenugreek Blessed Thistle Powder Drink by UpSpring Baby is a convenient and easy way to help moms stimulate breast milk production. This all natural herbal supplement comes in a chocolate-flavored drink mix and is a great alternative to traditional fenugreek pills, teas or elixirs. Just mix with 6 oz hot or cold milk, or add to a smoothie twice per day for best results. Also available in Berry flavor. MSRP:  $14.99. Available online at www.upspringbaby.com.

Happy Breastfeeding Mamas!


Win it: One very lucky US/CAN reader will win a beautiful Chic Cowl Nursing Dress from Udderly Hot Mama® (size and colour of choice – subject to availability). Such a gorgeous dress! I love that it can be worn eve after you are done breastfeeding!

Enter to WIN it below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck all!

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored, however all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.


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74 responses to “5 Must-Have BreastFeeding Accessories {Giveaway}”

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  21. The Lassig’s Allover Nursing Cover.

  22. The Lassig’s Allover Nursing Cover,i love this!

  23. I would love to try the Milkflow Fenugreek Blessed Thistle Powder Drink

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  25. Not being a nursing mom I can only say that the dress would look great on my girlfriend who is giving birth to our twin girls in a few weeks! She would love it!

  26. I would love to try the dress as I do not own any specifically made nursing clothing, and I miss my dresses as none of them will work with nursing. What a great giveaway for breastfeeding awareness :).

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  32. I like the dress the most, but I also would like the milk saver. neat idea!

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  40. I would love to try the nursing dress. Would be great to wear something beautiful that was functional for me and baby as well.

  41. Chic Cowl Nursing Dress from Udderly Hot Mama…

    Read More at http://www.onesmileymonkey.com/reviews/general-accessories-for-adults/5-must-have-breastfeeding-accessories-giveaway/ © OneSmileyMonkey.com

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  56. I am currently nursing my almost four week old daughter and when I nurse I leak from the other breast constantly. I am most excited to try the Milkies Milk-Saver so I can put it into a cup for my almost two year old as he has no interest in nursing anymore.

  57. I would love the pump bag! I return to work soon and would love to have a cute bag to carry all my stuff in!

  58. The nursing dress would be absolutely perfect for my expecting friend!

  59. The pump bag is great for transporting and if you take it to work it is discreet

  60. I would be curious to try the powder drink mix – I was taking so many pills with my first to up milk production, would be nice to break it up sometimes!

  61. Lassig’s Allover Nursing Cover:…
    I would like to use for a baby shower gift for my cousin. She’s expecting they’re hoping for a little girl but I’m not sure yet.

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  73. I would like to try the Lassig Allover Nursing Cover.

  74. I’ve not heard of anything like the Milkies Milk-Saver, a great idea. I also like the idea of Milkflow Fenugreek Blessed Thistle Powder Drink, I would definitely have tried that out with my first. Unfortunately there was no help with breast feeding back in the day.

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