AspenClean Natural Home Cleaning Products {Giveaway}


It’s spring cleaning time and the perfect time of the year to clean your home top to bottom, dust off the cobwebs, flip over the mattresses, and de-clutter the closets.

To help me get started with my cleaning I recently received a fantastic set of 100% natural ECOCERT® certified home cleaning products to try from  AspenClean. All of their products are vegan and derived from natural ingredients, plus they are enhanced with the power of essential oils.

Aspenclean kit

The AspenClean Whole House Cleaning Kit (Gift Box) I received contains 4 bottles of 100% all natural cleaners, and 4 colour coded AspenClean microfiber cloths to match each bottle.

Kitchen Cleaner– Foaming cleaner that works great on greasy surfaces. Safe and effective! Love the Bergamot & Grapefruit scent.

Bathroom Cleaner–  Dealing with soap scum and hard water marks? This one is tough on grime and it leaves your bathroom smelling like lavender & lime.

All Purpose Cleaner– Use on all surfaces. Grapefruit & Lavender scent, a must have for everyday use.

Glass Cleaner– 100% Streak free mirrors and glass, love it! Safe on tiles, chrome and enamel, pure lime scent. 

They also offer a dish soap and super scrub powder we had a chance to try.

Dish Soap  Love that it leaves dishes clean and it is super gentle on my hands. Geranium & Orange scent.

Super Scrub PowderTea Tree & Lavender! This one is great for tough pots and pans and for scrubbing toilets and other tough spots.

I love the colour coded microfiber cloths and using them together with the cleaners leaves my home clean and smelling great. All without me having to worry about harsh chemicals or odors that can affect my family, especially my infant baby and toddler.

You can purchase all AspenClean eco-friendly products online from anywhere in North America at or at selected stores like Whole Foods, Donald’s Market and more in Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Surrey and Arbour Lake, Calgary.

AspenClean also offers eco-friendly home cleaning services in Vancouver and Calgary, they use all of their natural products during their visit and your home is left sparking clean and fresh! More details on their website.

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win AspenClean’s whole house cleaning kit (value $59 together with their SuperScrub $8.95 and dish soap $8.95.) Total approx. value $80.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate  my review. No other compensation  was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my

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Angela V

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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

110 responses to “AspenClean Natural Home Cleaning Products {Giveaway}”

  1. i love trying new products

  2. Would love to try them because I am trying to find more eco-friendly cleaners to use. I have tried a few but haven’t been too happy with their performance. Would be great to win to try them out.

  3. I want to start using natural cleaning products in my house

  4. I would like to try because they are natural and I love the idea of the scent of grapefruit I like the clean scents of the citrus family

  5. To begin using more natural products…and ones that work!

  6. I prefer to use natural cleaning products with having kids in the house

  7. i would love to try them because we have cut out using all toxic products, switched to norwex and love it so far so i’d love to add this to our arsenal!

  8. Because they are natural n non toxic

  9. I am trying to use less toxic products in my home to benefit my family.

  10. being less toxic is a benefit for everyone

  11. I love to use natural products as I hate the harsh smells of regular cleaners

  12. I like that the cleaners are natural and have a great scent to them.

  13. I try to always use natural cleaners. Would love to try these.

  14. I would love to try these products because they are natural cleaners and that appeals to me both for the enviornment and because I don’t like to expose my family to the harsh chemicals of other products.

  15. It’s natural and eco-friendly

  16. Because they are natural and safer for the environment (and kids and pets).

  17. I love to try these because they use essential oils for the scents and I’m sensitive to the harsh chemical smells of traditional cleaning supplies.

  18. Wouldn’t it be fine to have your home shine with eco friendly Aspen clean.

  19. Love natural cleaners I can feel good having my family and pets around

  20. I would love to try them because I am always looking for more eco friendly and natural products to use for cleaning around the house.

  21. sound like they work super well and smell great too!

  22. I would love to try the Aspen Clean products because I want to use only natural cleaning products and because I haven’t tried them before

  23. Because they are 100% natural and that is amazing!!

  24. I love that the ingredients are all natural.. I need everything in my house to be kid and pet safe!!

  25. I want to try them because the are 100% all natural cleaners

  26. I have yet to find an eco friendly product I really like

  27. I’m trying to use more natural products across the board, so I’d love to give this brand a try! I love the smell of citrus. It’s so fresh and energizing.

  28. I love trying out new products and I really would love to try these because they have those relaxing and healing scents of lavender and so on.

  29. I like using eco-friendly products and I’m trying to replace my harsh chemical cleaners with natural ones. I really like the colour-coded cleaning clothes. What a great idea!

  30. I would like to try them because they are all natural products without any of those harsh chemicals! i am really sensitive to the strong smells such as windex

  31. I’m always looking for natural alternatives, especially when it comes to cleaning products which are full of chemicals.

  32. I’m never satisfied with my cleaning products, there’s always room for improvement, so I’d love to try these out, see if they are pure magic!

  33. Love natural products. Only way to go

  34. I would like to try them because they are 100% natural! It would be nice to find a product that says it natural and actually works.

  35. I would like to try a different all natural cleaner.

  36. I want to win this because I am try to go green and this would be safe to use around my kids.

  37. I’d like to try them to see how well it works.

  38. i like that they are natural and that they smell great, too!

  39. I’ve been trying to switch to natural cleaners. I’m sick of getting sick from typical chemical cleaners.

  40. I’d love to try them because they contain natural ingredients and their scents sound really appealing.

  41. To introduce the family to friendly products.

  42. Want to find a good eco-friendly product that I like

  43. I would like to try these because I have been trying to use more eco friendly products.

  44. I would like to try these products because I have been trying to go green and more eco-friendly.

  45. Because it’s eco friendly

  46. I like to try new products.

  47. I’d love to try these cause I’m a clean freak! 🙂

  48. I would love to win this because since having my child I like to use safe cleaner products!!

  49. I love trying new products,,especially cleaning products,,they will always come in handy,thanks!

  50. i like to try this new products to see the result

  51. I game to trying new things

  52. I would like to try these as I prefer natural cleaning products

  53. Because with two little kids in the house, I’d like to try to reduce the nasty chemicals hanging around.

  54. LOVE the all natural factor!

  55. I like that the products are all natural.

  56. I have been searching for good all natural cleaners to use but haven’t found any so far that I like. This is a new brand to me so I’d like to try it out!

  57. The cottage is in a park that is super enviro-conscious for water supply and we always try for responsible products

  58. I believe I would love the scents!

  59. Because they are less toxic than regular cleaners and safer for my family

  60. We have been trying to use less chemicals in our home (Norwex and Better Life products). I’d love to find new products that fit our needs!

  61. I would love to try these as I am concerned about all the unnatural ingredients in most cleaners.

  62. I would love to try the AspenClean products because I’m always looking for eco-alternatives. Thanks

  63. I am trying to use more natural/eco-friendly products. I haven’t heard of this company before your review but am very intrigued by it. Thanks for sharing

  64. I would love to try Aspen Clean because I’m always looking for effective cleaning products that are less toxic

  65. I would like to try these products because I prefer things all natural

  66. I’d love to try these because with a new little one in the house I would like to switch to more natural cleaners and I haven’t found a brand I like yet.

  67. I love to try new products and as I am trying to make the Eco-friendly switch, why not?

  68. I would love to try AspenClean Natural home cleaning products because I believe in their eco-friendly,100% all natural products that will help to save our planet.

  69. I love that they are all natural since I have sensitivity to smells!

  70. I love being able to replace products that are harmful with products that are more natural.

  71. I try to use natural cleaners to keep the toxins out of my home.

  72. The products are safe for my pets and the environment!

  73. They are eco-friendly. I like that – especially now that I have little ones!

  74. just love trying new products

  75. I’d like to try this brand because they are natural and I’d like to see if I like the scents.

  76. I’d like to try these and stop using ones that have such strong chemical smells

  77. Since the beginning of the year my family has made a pledge to be more environmentally aware. These products would be great to try!

  78. I used the All Purpose Cleaner and I am very happy with, I would liberi try all Aspenclean cleaner.

  79. I am looking for less chemicals in cleaning my home, environment & general health

  80. I love trying out Natural products so I would love this!

  81. I would love to try the AspenClean products because I haven’t yet found any natural cleaning products (other than plain vinegar and baking soda) that I like.

  82. Because they are eco-friendly products.

  83. I would like to try these product because they are made with natural ingredients

  84. cause i love trying new things

  85. I would like to try them because they are all natural

  86. I would love to try these as I have been looking for good natural cleaning products since the birth of my two grandsons.

  87. I want to try them because all of their products are vegan and derived from natural ingredients, plus they are enhanced with the power of essential oils.

  88. I have birdies and this is a bird safe cleaner not just pet safe – a rare thing in the cleaning world!

  89. I’d like to try them because they are more eco-friendly.

  90. because they are natural

  91. My son is starting to help to want me clean, so I’d love to try these because I’d like things that I know are safe that I don’t have to worry about so much if he’s helping me.

  92. i love trying new products..

  93. Would love to see these impressive results – love practical wins that the family can use.

  94. The Scents sound amazing and hopefully wouldn’t give me a headache as so many cleaners do

  95. I’d love to try these products for work.

  96. I love to use natural cleaners

  97. Love that there are no harsh chemicals or odors!

  98. I love trying out new products.

  99. I would like to win this because I am trying to use products that are natural and don’t injure my health or my family’s health. These products sound that they would clean very well and be non-toxic as well.

  100. they are eco-friendly and I love trying new products

  101. I would like to try the All Purpose Cleaner because I have started to use non toxic products to clean my home and I would like to try Aspen because it is a natural cleaning product.

  102. I had the Aspen Clean team do my apartment when I moved out – it was amazing! To have the same cleaning products would be great!

  103. Having two cats, a hubby allergic to many things, and a son who has had a brain injury, it is good to have all natural products since they tend to not have such a harsh smell as others do (even just bleach gives my guys headaches).

  104. I’d like to try them, because they are vegan and that really interests me!

  105. I would really like to be able to clean my house with more natural cleaners.

  106. I like that they have essential oils in them!

  107. I like that their products are derived from natural ingredients!

  108. I would love to try them b/c they’re vegan!

  109. Hi, I found your products advertised on-line and would like to know where I can purchase them. I clean homes and my clients have children and pets so I am always on the lookout for safe cleaning products for floors, counters, bathrooms, carpets, wood surfaces, laundry, Windows and all other surfaces requiring cleaning, including leather sofas, fabric covered dining chairs, etc.
    I presently use Pure products from Total Fabrication which are good but like everyone else, if there is something safer out there, I want to try it.
    Again, are your products sold in Canada? I live in the West Island of Montreal, Quebec. Postal code area H9G 2C3.
    Thank you
    Lucille Nelson

  110. I do like the fact that the microfiber cloths are colour coded, that would definitely help to differentiate what’s what.

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