Back to School Made Easy with RBC Rewards Points {Samsung Gear S3 Giveaway}

We have been enjoying the summer so much I can’t believe half of it is already over. We are now starting to talk about back to school for our boys coming up this September and since this year our youngest starts kindergarten, we will be back to school shopping for two.

Back to School Made Easy with RBC Rewards Points

Back to school shopping can get expensive and we love taking advantage of great back to school deals.

Enter RBC Rewards.

It is super easy to take advantage of RBC RewardsThe program provides members with different option to help them tap into their RBC Rewards points so that they get the most out of their back to school spending. You can save money by using your RBC Rewards points to redeem for items that might be out of your budget, and you can meet your back-to-school shopping needs using points instead of dollars. You can even redeem RBC Rewards points right at the register!

Using your RBC Rewards points to help with all the back to school purchases is the way to go, and you have many options to tap into your points to redeem them for products from places like Apple, Best Buy and more. You can also redeem your points for gift cards from over 60 merchants to use in-store or online, your choice!

On now and until August 26, 2018, RBC Rewards is also offering some exciting deals to clients including deals on the latest tech, merchandise, gift cards and more. Visit for more information.

Do you get all your back to school shopping done weeks before school starts, or do you usually wait until the last weekends before school starts? I personally love shopping for deals, and I like shopping early, with lots of time to save more!


Win it: To help you stay connected this back to school season, one lucky Canadian reader will win a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch (retail value $399). To enter, share your favourite back to school stores in the comments and enter via Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with RBC #RBCRewards. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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239 responses to “Back to School Made Easy with RBC Rewards Points {Samsung Gear S3 Giveaway}”

  1. I start about the middle of August but I do pick up items throughout the summer if they are what they want.

  2. I start now-ish….

  3. I started clothes shopping last month. Pre bought the supplies from the school for the year so I don’t have to worry about those. Just need a backpack and my kiddo is all set.

  4. I always start back to school shopping at the end of August.

  5. don’t have to anymore. Kids are grown up

  6. I pick up stuff here and there all summer long

  7. Love back to school shopping. I start early to get good deals

  8. I pick up things here and there all throughout the summer. I’m usually done around this time.

  9. Constantly shopping for deals!

  10. I usually start in June.

  11. My favourite back to school stores are Winners, Marshall’s, and Staples.

  12. I start at the beginning of summer, I just keep an eye out for sales on the items I need.
    My favourite back to school stores are staples, Walmart, children’s place and Spencer’s (for backpacks).

  13. We start mid way through August for back to school. Then we get a good selection.

  14. Around mid august I start back to school shopping

  15. We pick up little things here and there but we really start back to school shopping in August.

  16. Around now actually. We went last weekend and bought a few things and getting back to it this weekend to try and finish it off

  17. July..

  18. I have started already for back to school items for the grandchildren. I usually pick something up for the next season as soon as school is out.

  19. all year – if there’s a sale, then it’s purchased. watching the flyers like a hawk! thanks

  20. I shop for clothes in late August and a little school supplies till the teachers tell me what they need.

  21. I tend to shop last minute. We may start this weekend or just go next weekend. Thanks!

  22. the week before school starts

  23. Usually start in June

  24. I don’t do a specific “back to school” shopping trip. I tend to buy things throughout the year when they are on sale and put them away until they are needed. If the teacher requests specific items, I will go out and get them, but this year I didn’t need to.

  25. My favourite thing about going back to school was always having new shoes and one special outfit for the first day of school!

  26. I usually don’t start my back to school shopping until the second last week of summer, which means for this year I’ll be starting my shopping next week!

  27. Usually start slowly in July and move up the pace in mid August

  28. I usually start my back to school shopping in July and would be done by now, but this year I have only picked up a couple of things so far. I usually do all my shopping at 3 main places – Walmart, Superstore, and Staples. Sometimes I pick up a few things at Pharmasave, and a local teacher’s store (that I am allowed to shop at because I am a city worker in a relevant department).

  29. Around mid august

  30. I start shopping as soon as school is out. I pick up things here and there as they go on sail.

  31. I start to pick up a bit here and there throughout the summer ao that it isn’t too much of a money strain right before school starts

  32. I really enjoy back to school shopping specially when it comes to writing accessories and notebooks. I typically do it at the beginning of August to make sure that there are still good assortment and variety. My favourite places to go shopping are Walmart, Staples, and surprisingly art stores have great selection as well.

  33. A couple days before school starts as its all on sale.

  34. I’m a slowly collect things type of mom..depending on sales of course as school gear is very expensive thsee days!

  35. I start shopping as soon as the deals start

  36. We usually start at the end of August. Last minute is our thing lol

  37. I wait for the flyers and deals to start!

  38. We start back to school shopping mid to late August!

  39. I will start this weekend!

  40. This weekend!😬

  41. Around mid to end of august. Usually have most of the things I need already though. I can buy supplement on line

  42. For the most part school shopping is done all summer long whenever I see something that is a good deal. I try not to hit the stores at the end of August!

  43. I usually start back to school shopping at the end of August.

  44. With a 16yr. old daughter we start at least 4 week’s before school. Pants are the hardest to shop for. Your prayers are welcome. LOL

  45. I do it end of July and look for great deals before the Back to School shopping rush.

  46. I start shopping as soon as the supplies hit the shelves

  47. We start approximately this time of the year – around mid August – to get it out of the way!

  48. School supplies are purchased in July, and school clothing is purchased mid August. I’ll be finished up within the next couple days, the boys just need some new school shoes.

  49. I start around the first of August fo suplies and we do the clothes and shoe shopping in the two weeks before school starts because you never know when a growth spurt will occur!

  50. Usually around the beginning of August when the flyers start promoting it. We like to get ahead of it so if we forget something we still have time to pick it up before everything gets picked over.

  51. I start shopping last two weeks of August

  52. I started last month but I do most of my shopping the last two weeks of August.

  53. I’m always stocking up for back to school all through the summer as I gwt great deals just before thw school year begins.

  54. I started at the beginning of August and hope to finish up this weekend.

  55. To be honest 1 week before school

  56. My kids are always good about not having to get every thing spanking new!! They use a lot of stuff over, esp calculators etc. We also dont buy all of it right away , just in spurts as we found that other kids would help themselves to pencils and pens if we brought them all to be put in the desks

  57. Now! Today actually

  58. About 2 weeks before school starts. Not too last minute.

  59. We always go back to school shopping around the middle and end of August.

  60. I usually start a week or two before back to school

  61. I shop the sales year round for school.

  62. We are always late shoppers here. I’ll grab some things a few weeks before it starts and then the rest after school actually begins. We’re too busy soaking up the last weeks of summer to worry about school.

  63. I shop all year round for sales. I love looking at Walmart and H&M.

  64. Already started! Got some writing supplies new bags and shoes. Now need a watch

  65. I start shopping for back to school in July 😉

  66. My daughter doesn’t get her list until after they start… crazy, right? But we get the obvious as soon as it starts going on sale. Usually August.

  67. I start back to school shopping the last week of August.

  68. I pick up things all summer – the earlier the better. I don’t like crowds.

  69. I start early August

  70. I started in June this year with Costco backpacks then the rest was last week

  71. i start next week! a few weeks before back to school.

  72. we try to do some all summer long when we see the deals

  73. I start shopping whenever there is a sale on.

  74. We’ve started already, so mid-August!

  75. BTS shopping starts this weekend! I LOVE BTS! Better than New Year’s for me.

  76. Usually, we start once the PNE begins…it’s a good reminder that summer’s nearly done.

  77. Usually the last week in August I do their back to school shopping

  78. I pick things up in September when they go on clearance for the next year.

  79. Last week of August

  80. End of August. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. I will probably start very soon to hit the sales!

  82. When the sales start, I start our back to school shopping.

  83. I look for certain things for “back to school” throughout the year, BUT for specifics like school supplies, electronics or shoes, clothing, I start in early August.

  84. I find bargains throughout the year and stock up using a variety of rebates and savings .. Thanks for the beautiful giveaway

  85. I always start back to school shopping mid August

  86. We dont really do back to school shopping. My daughter’s Birthday is in August so she tends to have new clothes and shoes before starts. And we use back packs until they die so may be purchased any time of year.

  87. A month before

  88. I start in August, I buy my granddaughters close and some school supplies.

    • Clothes! Oops

  89. I buy in advance when they mark down the back to school stuff

  90. We are going to start (and hopefully finish, too) shopping for back to school this weekend! Awesome giveaway- thank you 🙂

  91. I start back to school shopping as soon as the sales start…usually in August.

  92. We start back to school shopping in mid July

  93. We have such great fall weather on the west coast that I love to catch the late summer bargains for my 2 grandkids at The Bay. I always find some great outfits at amazing prices for them to boost their wardrobe until the cold weather hits and they’re back to long sleeves and pants.

  94. I start shopping in mid August

  95. i usually start back to school shopping at the end of August for supplies and shoes clothes usually wait til end of Sept

  96. I will start next week

  97. I start back to school shopping the first week of August as sales usually start then.

  98. I start shopping at the end of August.

  99. Start at the beginning of August

  100. Now that we are back from our summer vacation I’ll start looking at what I need and then start pricing things out.

  101. at the end of August.

  102. I start back to school shopping at the beginning of August

  103. Sometime in August.

  104. A couple days before school

  105. Last minute over here – mixed with some throughout the summer deals

  106. We shop all year round, though some is done in Aug too – back to school

  107. I shop all year around but seriously start shopping in August

  108. For supplies I usually shop all year (watching for sales and deals) at Walmart or Staples. I also try to support small local shops as often as I can.

  109. I start shopping in August for clothes, books and supplies.

  110. Mid-August seems like the best time. The sales are all starting.

  111. usually the last week in august

  112. I start Back To School shopping mid August usually

  113. This is our first year back to school shopping and i’m totally stoked!!!! It was my favorite part of back to school as a kid lol. We will probably hit up the shops the last week before the long weekend.

  114. Near the end of July I start back to school shopping, especially with the kids shoes, as it seems in August the sales are better but the sizes & selections are very picked over.

  115. We have grand children that we help, so I actually shop all year, When I see something on sale that one of them can use, I buy it. Easier to spread out throughout the year.

  116. I start back to school shopping in mid August.

  117. I start shopping for back to school about a month before when the sales start.

  118. Mid August is the time to start catching back to school sales.

  119. I usually start bts shopping early august, sometime soon you can get good deals and there is still plenty of selection

  120. Walmart and dollarama

  121. I keep an eye out for sales all the time. Usually we get a new backpack, so I watch for a good sale. I bought a new one over a month ago for half off. Same with shoes – if the deal is right, I will get it and store it until needed.

  122. A couple days before school starts as its all on sale.

  123. I usually start in July!

  124. I usually start when school finishes. this way I always pick up the things that my grandchildren needs and wants. I don’t have to rush and worry that I miss something. then i’m able to relax and just have a blast with summer. much easier.

  125. Middle August

  126. Whenever I see a deal.

  127. I like the great sales at Hudson Bay ! Also hit up Winners too!

  128. a week before school starts, we hold to summer as long as we can!

  129. We started yesterday!

  130. July for sure… but I always pick things up when they are on sale.

  131. week before school starts.

  132. I start shopping in the middle of the August

  133. ctc they have everything

  134. Since the backpack is the MAIN thing we have already been looking around but no decision. The rest starts pretty soon.

  135. I start shopping throughout the summer looking through flyers and in stores looking for sales!

  136. I pick up things I know will be needed throughout the summer, when I see them at a good price. The other stuff, I begin shopping for the last week of August.

  137. I always shop for school stuff but I really get going on Sept 1.

  138. A couple of weeks before school starts.

  139. I always startedt looking in July

  140. Aug. 20 / 2018 Good luck to all shoppers for the new school year!!!

  141. Around Aug 1. . Thank you for the kindness, the contest, and generosity

  142. I am terrible. I always leave it last minute.

  143. Middle of August is when I would BTS shop!

  144. Shopping completed kids ready back to school waiting to see teachers and friends

  145. I watch for great supplies at super prices all year long, then watch for the back to school sales in August.

  146. last week

  147. We just started back to school shopping as the sales come up.

  148. In July

  149. Start about 2-3 weeks before school starts.

  150. i usually pick the basics once i see them on sale, then we see what my sons booklist is then try and pick up used ones. he is in university

  151. I start shopping for back to school around mid-August.

  152. late august usally

  153. I buy when things are on sale throughout the year

  154. I’d start mid August…and any time I see something on sale or clearance.

  155. We start the week before school.

  156. Back to school shopping starts around the 1st week in August! Thanks for the chance to win!

  157. Around August!

  158. I start school shopping the first week of August and from then on up until a week prior to them starting.

  159. I haven’t started yet. Will probably start the week before school starts.

  160. I will start today

  161. We start in July or August depending on the deals

  162. I start buying on the labour day weekend

  163. Just like I do at Christmas, the week before school starts.

  164. I start in early August before the rush is on, but still tapping into sales.

  165. I always started mid August, if you leave it too late, product is pretty picked over.

  166. When my son was younger I shopped at Walmart and Staples for school supplies and Zumiez, American Eagle and West 49 for clothes. Now that he is in post secondary he does his back to school shopping himself.

  167. This year I had the pleasure of taking my grandchildren on a shopping spree for back to school at the new outlet mall near Edmonton airport. Usually I send money to purchase new footwear in August.

  168. Great prize.

  169. We start shopping as soon as we receive the list(s).

  170. I start mid-August

  171. we just startred today to do shopping

  172. I start when I see things in store during my normal course of activities.

  173. I start my back to school shopping in July. School in my state normally starts back on August 9th. It’s seems so early!

  174. My favourite back to school stores are Winners, Staples, and Marshall’s.

  175. A few weeks before school

  176. I start shopping for back to school, as soon as school is out (sales only that is)…..and seriously fill in what is needed mid july….again waiting for sales.

  177. We stated mid August.

  178. I usually start in Aug. and that includes them all cutting hair cuts too

  179. Before school even ends depending on the deals that I can find.

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  181. My usual is to start shopping about the first of August for the September 01 (approximate) back to school.

  182. Usually, we get to back to school shopping a few days before school starts.

  183. We order our school supplies through the school at year end, then we clothes and shoe shop mid August.

  184. We waited until the last minute like we always do!

  185. about a month before school starts.

  186. When all the sales start – some time in August.

  187. It’s my first year of collegue

  188. We start about a month before school.

  189. As soon as the back to school sales come up, like mid August! 🙂

  190. I don’t have children unfortunately but I go shopping with my friend about a month before

  191. Around the middle to end of August

  192. I usually start back to schhol shopping the beginning of august !!!

  193. In august, usually last minute! 😮

  194. I usually start the first week in August when sales are in

  195. I pick up items year round as they go on sale for back to school.

  196. Always looking for bargains and coupons all year round, so no set date

  197. We start early but first we check for what we can reuse from around the house!

  198. Usually the first week in August is when the back to school shopping starts!

  199. i start at the beginning of august and then again the 2nd week of sept and save those for next year

  200. I start shopping inAugust and also take advantage of the tax-free sale.

  201. We start shopping mid August do our best to get everything during the first shop

  202. We start the week before the beginning of school!

  203. Oops I posted the wrong link for my share this post today. Correct one is:

  204. we dont do back to school shopping, all about reuseing last years stuff

  205. We always start shopping at least 3 weeks before school. And we have been done for a week now.

  206. I started when I first saw sales around mid-June.

  207. When the school sends the supply list. So about the end of July.

  208. The day before

  209. I shop for basics all year round but finish the list a few weeks before school starts

  210. I start around mid august.. and I love dollar stores! Cheap doesnt necessarily mean terrible. Superstore is great too.

  211. I always wait till the last minute, usually the last shopping day before school starts. It never works out well.

  212. I like to start near the end of July.

  213. I start watching for sales at the beginning of August.

  214. I usually start back to school shopping in mid August.

  215. I wait until the last minute!

  216. August

  217. I started mid August and I have a few things still to pick up. I kind of keep a little stash in the closet for the whole year.

  218. I shop all year round, whenever I find a good sale!

  219. End of july

  220. Shopping done on-line from my favorite stores (getting the best offers) and can now relax

  221. I usually start as soon as school is out for summer!

  222. We always started in early August with the first sales that come up.

  223. mid way through August…having to much fun enjoying summer to think about it too soon

  224. whenever the sales start.

  225. All year long

  226. all year round

  227. mid july

  228. I start school today! I have been shopping for the last one month. I love shop early to have ample time to make all the savings I can too. For instance I just learnt RBC Bank is offering $60 to students who open a 1st time students account 🙂 I love to shop at Walmart, H&M and Journeys.

  229. We are doing it all year. Whenever there’s a sale, we load up. Thank you.

  230. great prize thank you

  231. I start a month before start of school i.e in August. I lookout for sales and good deals in particular.

  232. I used to do some the week before school starts, the rest after school starts. Catch the sales!

  233. we start a couple of weeks before school starts

  234. I shop for back to school around middle of August!

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