Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot: FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainers {Giveaway}


I am excited to be working with the Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot again.  This time  featuring the FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainers available at their store.

The FuzziBunz®’s Trickle Free Trainers help transition baby from diapers to big-kid underwear without the waste of disposable trainers or the feel of a traditional diaper.  If you are cloth diapering your child it makes sense to not use disposable trainers and instead continue using cloth until they are potty trained.

We received the medium size to try and this are all the sizes available:

Small – Fits 18-23 pounds
Medium – Fits 20-30 pounds
Large – Fits 32-45 pounds

We are very slowly potty training our son and he is still wearing his regular diapers. Whenever he needs to go he usually signs and I take him to the toilet.  Of course there are days when we have accidents and we miss him telling us that he is ready etc.  I have to be extremely fast to ensure I get his diaper off right away because I need to undo all the snaps,  now with the FuzziBunz trainers it is easy and FAST to pull them up and down.

I love that the trainers have side snaps (two rows) that allow for adjusting. The snaps are also great when changing accidents. It is easy to clean the mess unlike the pull-ups that have no side snaps.

The trainer are really high quality, I like the snaps and the inner minky fabric that is super soft and allows for wetness to be felt (great when little ones are learning to recognize the wetness and learning to communicate before they go).

I tried them out at home and the trainers were great. I like for him to start getting used to wearing something trimmer than his regular diapers and that looks and feels a bit more like regular underwear. Plus the “No Dumping” print we received was super cute.

The FuzziBunz trainers do have extra padding in the middle for those times when accidents happen but at this point I would not use them outside of the house. I think these are great to wear outside for a child that is more advanced in the potty training process. We are still having lots of accidents and I can’t see the trainer holding more than one or two accidents while we are out.

If you are looking for trainers for your child I definitively recommend trying out the FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainers. Disposable trainers are expensive, not environmentally friendly and a pain when cleaning accidents.  I can’t wait until we are in the stage to make the switch and use the FuzziBunz trainers until he is fully potty trained.

Buy it: FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainers are even cheaper than they used to be! Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get yours now!  Visit the Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot to purchase.

Regular 23.95 now
Smalls 15.95
Mediums 17.95
Large 18.95

Win it: One very lucky One Smiley Monkey reader from the US/CAN will win one Fuzzibunz Trickle Free Trainer (No Dumping Print/Small). Enter below via Rafflecopter.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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