CardSwap for the Holidays {Giveaway}


The holiday season is the perfect time to give and receive gift cards. It is likely you will receive a gift card this Christmas or you will be gifting one to a loved one or friend. But what if you have unused gifts cards you want to get rid of?

Enter Canadian website CardSwap allows you sell unused gift cards from a large selection of retailers, restaurants and more for cash. You can also buy gift cards through them and every time you make a purchase or a sale on their site, you will earn SwapPoints to spend on new gift cards.


I have used their services in the past and I had a wonderful experience. The website is very user friendly and I received the gift card I purchased a few days later. The process was super easy and shipping was free.

When looking for a card, you can sort them by merchant name, availability and category. Once you find the card you are looking for you can click “add to card” and proceed with the checkout.  (Note: Each time that you buy a card you will be given an amount of SwapPoint rewards, the amount varies depending on the value of the gift card you are purchasing.)

If you want to sell your unused gift cards you can also do it via  You are asked to simply enter your gift card details and you will then be provided with an offer up to 92% cash back. After that you mail the cards to them directly using their prepaid shipping label and receive a cheque via mail or account credit once your gift cards have been received.  Couldn’t be easier!

I love the idea of having a website where you can easily buy and sell gift cards within Canada. I know how hard it is to sell gift cards at a good value when you don’t have any use for them. I usually end up giving them away or losing a lot of money, not anymore. Because there is nothing worse than having a gift card expire before you can use it, a total waste of money!

I know I will be purchasing gift cards for the holidays through them to collect points and I will use their services to sell any gift cards I can’t use as well. Be sure to familiarize yourself with their site and remember to use their services when purchasing or selling unused gift cards this holiday season!

SUPER DEAL: Register on their site for FREE and receive 500 SwapPoints which translates to $5.00 in SwapPoints. 1000 gets you a free gift card for $10.00!! Register HERE


Win it: CAN readers, enter to win a $50 CardSwap credit via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck everyone!

Disclosure I received compensation to facilitate this post, however all views and opinions are my own. 


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Angela V

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91 responses to “CardSwap for the Holidays {Giveaway}”

  1. Love to get gift cards for Starbucks, Walmart, Target and Restaurants.

  2. My favourite retail store gift card would be Wal Mart , lots of selection and groceries!

  3. I love getting GC from Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart

  4. I love getting gift cards from Superstore

  5. Chapters!

  6. My favorite store to get giftcards for is Winners!!! I love how many cool things I find there

  7. I love getting gift cards from Walmart

  8. I like Cineplex.

  9. Walmart

  10. My favourite gift card is from the Keg because we only go there once a year.

  11. Atlantic superstore.

  12. The Bay

  13. love Shoppers so I can get points on the stuff I buy too.

  14. Well I love to shop with gift cards so I have a huge list but Shoppers Drug Mart or London Drugs always have things we need all the time

  15. I like to get gift card to Target 😀

  16. I love getting Walmart gift cards

  17. Canadian Tire – I can always find something there!


  19. I love getting gift cards from Dollarama.

  20. I like Shoppers Drug Mart cards

  21. I love giving gift cards to Shoppers

  22. Sephora!

  23. I love getting Chapters gift cards although Target is a cant go wrong too

  24. I love getting gift cards for The Childrens Place!

  25. My favourite retail store to get Gift Cards from is No Frills

  26. I love chapters giftcards!

  27. amazon

  28. I love lululemon, walmart and starbucks

  29. Sephora or Starbucks!

  30. I like to get Target gift cards

  31. Shopper’s Drug Mart has great selection and prices!

  32. Oh gosh, I love gift cards from lots of places! I think my favourite would probably be Target because I then have the choice to use it for something practical like groceries or diapers, or have fun with it and get clothes, toys, or something cute for the house.

  33. Disney Store

  34. I would love a Chapters Indigo card.

  35. I love getting Shoppers gift cards.

  36. Shoppers is the best for me.

  37. I like getting gift cards from walmart or Shoppers

  38. my favourite stores are Shoppers, Walmart, Target…and gas gift cards too!

  39. The larger stores like Walmart and Target!

  40. I love gift cards and hoard them until I find the right time and purchase…hard to choose for sure. I like gift cards that have more than one purpose. EG: Zehrs you can purchase food but also house-hold items and clothing/ Winners again lots of selection plus you can use it at it’s family of stores. Some of the restaurant cards now can also be used at their family of stores, but in the end Shoppers Drug Mart is most likely the gift card I most desire. Again lots of selection plus a points system that rivals any.

  41. I love gift cards from one stop shopping places like Walmart.

  42. Walmart GC are something I can always use.

  43. RCSS

  44. shoppers drug mart

  45. I love getting them for Walmart because there is always something we need there!

  46. RW$Co, but if I don’t get a GC I still shop there 🙂

  47. My fav is Walmart,because we don`t have much of a selection of stores to chose from around here.

  48. I like Starbucks, Walmart, Chapters and Old Navy.

  49. My favorite card would be from MARKS

  50. Walmart

  51. Best Buy or WalMart are my favorite

  52. i love RW&Co and target

  53. Chapters, or

  54. I like Superstore gift cards because of the variety of things available there.

  55. wal-mart is my favorite gift card

  56. Walmart or shoppings Drug Mart.

  57. I love getting cards from MileStones or the Keg!

  58. I love Walmart for their flexibility, and Winners for the bargains

  59. I love to get gift cards to Walmart and chapters.

  60. Safeway. thanks

  61. Walmart! We go there, like, ALWAYS.

  62. Walmart or Canadian tire is the best

  63. Chapters!

  64. Chapters

  65. it’s definitely indigo!

  66. Walmart , superstore , sobeys would be my choices 🙂

  67. Canadian Tire – I just love them!

  68. right now I like gas cards

  69. I love to get GC’s from Reitman’s bc it’s the only time I’ll stop and get myself some clothing.

  70. I would have to say it would be Hallmark

  71. I like Cineplex I enjoy watching movies!

  72. Canadian Tire and Chapters

  73. sears

  74. I love cards for sephora and target!

  75. Old Navy is one of my faves as it can be used to outfit our whole family!

  76. Walmart is my fave

  77. Winners – they have everything!

  78. STARBUCKS!!!

  79. I love getting gift cards from Starbucks and Chapters

  80. fave retail store for cards would be walmart.

  81. Walmart

  82. Walmart for me!

  83. I love gift cards from Chapters!

  84. Shoppers or Walmart

  85. I love getting cards to Target, USA or Canada 🙂

  86. From nine west as I’m a shoeaholic!

  87. I love getting old navy gift cards.

  88. H&M, Shoppers Drug mart

  89. Walmart,Chapters and SuperStore

  90. Love Walmart!!

  91. i usually get my gift cardsfrom walmart or local convenience store

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