Celebrate Organic Week and WIN! {$100 Value Giveaway}

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Did you know Canada’s National Organic Week is celebrated from September 19th to the 27th? It is the largest annual homage to organic food, farming and products across the country!

We are joining in the fun and thanks to Nature’s Path and some of our favourite organic brands we’re giving away a delicious goodie box filled with organic (and vegan-friendly goodies) to one lucky Canadian reader.

The Nature’s Path & Friends #OrganicWeek Gift Box includes ($100 value): 

  • Nature’s Pathdelicious granolas including Pumpkin Flax Granola and Coconut Chia Granola, as well as tasty and healthful Flax Plus Flakes Cereal .
  • EnviroKidzchildren’s cereal that moms and kids love, Peanut  Butter Panda Puffs Cereal.
  • Que Pasa Mexican Foodspremium organic salsa.
  • Amy’s KitchenLentil Vegetable SoupFull of vegetables, including green beans, tomatoes, and spinach in a flavourful lentil base. This soup is prepared with the same careful attention you use at home and is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free.
  • Camino Simply Dark Hot Chocolate:  Created for the dairy conscious, Camino’s simply dark hot chocolate is incredibly rich and delicious, and is literally made with dark chocolate as an ingredient for an extra indulgent taste.
  • Crofter’s Organic JamNative to North America, Crofter’s blueberries are wild harvested in nearby Quebec. These intensely colored lowbush berries are far more petite and flavor-packed than the cultivated highbush variety common to the produce section at your neighborhood grocery.
  • Earthbound Farm OrganicFree product voucher good for any Earthbound Farm product
  • Ethical Bean CoffeeEvery cup of Ethical Bean Coffee has been crafted with one simple objective in mind: To make the best Fairtrade certified Organic coffee on the planet. Period. Because as far as we’re concerned, doing something good should be rewarded with something that tastes spectacular.
  • Happy Planet Fresh Soups:  Free product voucher redeemable for any Happy Planet Fresh Soup including yummy new single serve organic Portuguese Kale & White Bean.  Happy Planet Fresh Soups draw inspiration from cuisines from around the world and are made in small kettle batches in BC & Ontario. They have tons of delicious organic, dairy free and vegan options to choose from!
  • Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts: Organic Hemp Hearts taste great, are easy to use and nutritious too! Packed with 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omegas per 30 gram serving, they’re great in salads, cereal, yogurt and baking. Organic Hemp Hearts are paleo-friendly, vegan and Non-GMO.
  • PRANA Kilimanjaro Organic Deluxe Chocolate Trail Mix: Delicious vegan chocolate chunks, crunchy nuts and dried fruits to give you a snack that is perfect for all occasions. With chocolate chunks as the #1 ingredient on the list, this mix is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth while also offering a savoury taste with ingredients like walnuts, salted almonds and cashews, Sultana raisins and naturally sweetened cranberries.
  • Pacific Foods Organic Mushroom BrothSavory mushrooms, garlic and sea salt combine to make a fragrant, rich broth worthy of your favorite soups, risottos, pasta and or any dish of your desire.
  • Silver Hills BakeryFree product voucher good for any Silver Hills product including new Big Red’s Bread – big in taste and packed with 21 ancient grains and seeds.

Why love organic?

Your food choices matter. Every time you choose something to eat, you cast a vote for what is planted and how it’s grown. Take this box of goodies you’re about to receive – all made from wholesome, organic ingredients, they’re better for you and the soil. Organic food is crafted without harmful pesticides, GMOs or artificial flavours and synthetic sweeteners, so all you taste is real, delicious, wholefood goodness. The way all food ought to be!

You can also learn more about Canada’s Organic Week at www.organicweek.ca

Enter to WIN the #OrganicWeek goodie box below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck all!

I was gifted product, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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145 responses to “Celebrate Organic Week and WIN! {$100 Value Giveaway}”

  1. I do some things, its hard in a small town, as not alot of organic selection,

  2. I do buy some organic food.

  3. I buy organic strategically, following the dirty dozen/clean 15 list and all organic dairy.

  4. I buy some organic food, but it is too expensive to buy as much as I would like.

  5. My 9 yr old has tried the panda puffs before and loves them!

  6. Yes, I buy some organic food.

  7. I try as much as I can afford!

  8. Yes, I try too…and luckily many of my favourite brands are organic…like all the ones above 🙂

  9. We sometimes do – it depends on the price point versus non organic. I have definitely started buying more since I have had kids.

  10. I harden and what I cnt grow organic I do try to buy locally and organic.

  11. I don’t buy organic food unfortunately, I cannot really afford it with my budget.

  12. I buy some but I’m on a budget so I need to be careful. I do buy Earthbound Farm and Nature’s Path frequently, and I love Crofter’s Jams!

  13. Yes I buy some.

  14. I buy some when I can afford it.

  15. on occasion i do.. just depends on the price i must admit

  16. Yes I buy some organic food, love that cereal! What a fantastic prize!

  17. Yes, we buy organic bananas every week.

  18. We buy organic food. My favorite is the Nature’s Path.

  19. I buy organic when it is on sale.

  20. We buy some organic foods like the Crofters jam and the Hemp Hearts and a few other items.

  21. I usually do not buy organic food but I grow y own in the summertime. I do buy Hemp Hearts and Nature’s Path products just because I love ’em!

  22. For certain products, I do. Mostly I find them too expensive.

  23. I buy organic as often as possible.

  24. I do sometimes, but sometimes it’s just outside of my budget. We certainly do get fresh local veggies when the season is right.

  25. I sometimes buy organic, but not 100% of my items

  26. I do buy organic when I can afford it !

  27. i don’t always buy organic, i do when on sale

  28. I don’t unless its on sale for a lower price. Or if i am hosting a family that only eats orgsnic. I think most of it is hype, and most regular food growers are already working on keeping their produce clean. I buy local when i get the opportunity and in season when i have time to cook that way.

  29. I buy some organic food, but not everything is.

  30. I but a lot of organic food. Sometimes where I live there isn’t a great selection of organic products or they are so expensive I can’t afford.

  31. I do buy some Organic food.

  32. I buy organic whenever possible, sometimes certain items are not available in my small town….

  33. The majority of of our food is organic, but sometimes it’s hard to find.

  34. don’t always buy organic.

  35. No, I don’t buy organic food. I find it too expensive.

  36. Sometimes, it depends on the price.

  37. I buy some organic food. If the price is right I will definitely buy it.

  38. I try to buy organic most of the time.

  39. No,I usually do not

  40. I try to buy organic as often as possible. I love buying local from orchards that grow organic.

  41. I buy some orgranic.

  42. I buy organic fruits sometimes.

  43. We try to buy as much organic food as much as we can.

  44. YES! most of the time.

  45. I buy organic food sometimes.

  46. Occasionally I will buy organic but it is not a major priority.

  47. I have started to buy more recently

  48. I buy some organic food, but not everything

  49. Yes I buy some organic food

  50. I buy some but not all organic.

  51. I do sometimes. We don’t get much organic products in store and they are usually way too expensive.

  52. As much as I can when I can afford it.

  53. I sometimes buy organic food,when it is on sale.

  54. Yes, I buy organic food when I can.

  55. I buy as much organic as I can

  56. We try to buy much organic as we can find/afford especially the dirty dozen and gmo high items.

  57. I do not buy organic food very often but I am careful about fresh meats, vegetables and fruits. We have market gardens in the summer and fall and one can buy fresh produce at favorable prices.

  58. I do buy organic whenever we can.

  59. I mainly buy organic vegetables.

  60. I don’t always but do at times

  61. Not as much as I should, but I do try to buy my fruits and veggies organic.

  62. We eat maybe 30% organic foods. It’s hard to go higher than that because of problems with cost and availability.

  63. Sometimes, mostly fruits and some veggies.

  64. I occasionally buy organic fruit, veggies, meat and cereal / cereal bars.

  65. we are subscribed to a weekly organic produce box service and LOVE it!

  66. I sometimes buy organic.

  67. Yes we buy organic food where we can

  68. We buy it if it is a product we have tried and liked. Also depends on the price.

  69. We buy organic as much as possible especially the dirty dozen and GMO foods. When not organic we opt for local.

  70. I buy organic food whenever I can, which is half the time. It’s great that it is more accessible than in previous years.

  71. I buy organic food when I can! Usually when it goes on sale.

  72. Often, I grow my own produce as well. I plan on growing lettuce and other greens indoors over the winter with a small veg light to cut down on costs, and so I can continue to garden all year round. I really enjoy it.

  73. When it’s on sale.

  74. We buy organic foods whenever possible and within budget

  75. Yes, I try to buy organic food when it is affordable.

  76. I do buy a couple of items organic.

  77. I do sometimes, if I find a sale or good deal, in general it is very expensive.

  78. I try to but sometimes the price difference is outrageous & I can’t bring myself to spend the extra.

  79. Absolutely! Especially for the little one, I feel better if she eats organic food only.

  80. We definitely buy organic food!

  81. Yes! It is very rare to find anything in our fridge/pantry that isn’t organic (we also grow our own organic vegetables and feed our chickens organic for organic eggs).

  82. I buy organic when I can especially for the kids

  83. I buy organic food for the children and some for ourselves.

  84. we often buy organic food, but we don’t specifically look for organic food nor go out of our way to make sure our food is always 1005 organic.

  85. I try and buy organic food as much as possible and as much as my budget allows me to. If it was cheaper, I would but it way more often.

  86. some things such as fruit and vegies

  87. I buy some organics such as fruits and vegies

  88. sometimes, when the price is reasonable

  89. Yes, I try to buy as many organic products as possible.

  90. Yes! I try to buy organic as often as possible.

  91. we have just started to

  92. Yes, I buy some organic food – selection can be limiting sometimes, though.

  93. Yes, I buy some when I can.

  94. Some items I do!

  95. I buy organic when I can

  96. Yes I buy organic food! Love it!

  97. I buy organic food some of the time.

  98. Yes we do buy organic food, especially when we were making our own baby food.

  99. I buy it sometimes.

  100. I try to do it as much as I can (price, availability)

  101. I occasionally buy organic but mostly it’s too expensive.

  102. Yes, I always look for an Organic label when I am shopping.

  103. Yes, I do buy lots of organic products and produce!

  104. Not really I look for natural products. But I dont go out if my way to buy organic too expensive

  105. not all the time but do in the summer at the farmers markets. thanks

  106. I occasionally buy organic food.

  107. Yes, from time to time!

  108. I try to buy organic when we can afford it.

  109. I will buy organic food when it is on sale.

  110. Yes, i buy organic food.

  111. Sometimes, depending on budget.

  112. i do on occasion

  113. Sometimes

  114. I buy about 99% organic food

  115. We do when we can afford it.

  116. I don’t buy organic all the time but when I do it’s for my daughter!

  117. only certain items

  118. I buy organic vegetables when I can (from farmer’s markets, etc) but they’re fairly limited in the grocery stores in my town.

  119. We buy organic foods when we can and enjoy them very much!

  120. Yes. Def certain fruits and veggies and meat.

  121. Of course!! They’re good for you!

  122. yes we do

  123. Occasionally, I buy organic food.

  124. I buy some vegetables from a nearby organic farm.

  125. Yes I buy some organic food but not everything.

  126. Not usually, just because it’s a little more expensive.

  127. I am SO lucky to live one block away from the biggest and best health food store, Nature’s Emporium, in central Ontario! I buy many of the products pictured.

  128. Yes, if the price isn’t significantly more than the alternative

  129. Sometimes I do.

  130. We try to buy organic when we can. I think spinach is the one organic produce that we get all the time though.

  131. I buy organic whenever possible, but especially my son’s food and fruit.

  132. Yes, some. We have a store just down the street that sells organic products…from Ontario. Like vegetables, fruit, honey… things like that.

  133. I usually do not buy organic food-but I would like to

  134. I buy organic food as much as possible. Especially the dirty dozen.

  135. No I don’t buy organic. Around here its just too costly with the budget I have to work with.

  136. I buy organic sometimes, especially according to the ‘dirty dozen ‘

  137. occasionally I do and am more into it since my twin brother does a lot of Organic buying.

  138. We try to buy as much organic as we can.

  139. I buy organic food sometimes, depending on the price.

  140. Most of our food is organic but sometimes not everything is available

  141. If he price is equal or cheaper to the normal stuff.

  142. I try to buy organic whenever possible. Unfortunately, it’s still too expensive, though!

  143. I sure do!

  144. I buy it if it’s on sale

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