Cutey Jewelry: Gorgeous Charm Bracelets for Women {Giveaway}

I am delighted to partner with Cutey Jewelry from the UK to introduce you to their gorgeous charm bracelets.

Cutey was founded back in 2011 and the company was started to provide stylish, high quality and easily customizable jewelry to the world.

Going through their selection of jewelry I was impressed with how affordable their pieces were. They offer high quality, timeless jewelry at reasonable prices.

I received both their Gaia and Philotes charm bracelets to feature and I felt in love with both when I first saw them. Gorgeous vibrant colors.

Here is a description of each one of the Bracelets from their own website:


Named after the Greek Goddess of the Earth, this bracelet embraces the soil and foliage, the roots and the branches of life on our planet. Containing a beautiful wooden bead – perfect for playing with when you need to feel grounded – Gaia is a true celebration for those who love nature, gardening, drawing life from the soil and mothering. A little bit of the world dangling from your wrist…


A Greek Goddess of affection, this piece is perfect for the favourite woman in your life. Yourself, your mama, sister, aunt, Bridesmaid, friend or Grandma, it expresses the joy of being female with a riot of pink and a filthy giggle. A truly happy bracelet.

I have received many compliments from people when I wear the bracelets and I just love how feminine and stylish they are. If you love bracelets and would like to own a Cutey charm bracelet you are in luck because they ship worldwide.  Visit their site to check out their entire charm bracelet collection.


Win it: One lucky reader from anywhere in the world will win a Cutey charm bracelet of their choice. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I received a product sample to facilitate the review, all opinions on this post are my own.

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107 responses to “Cutey Jewelry: Gorgeous Charm Bracelets for Women {Giveaway}”

  1. My favourite is the Oizys bracelet.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Aether bracelet!

  3. I like the ONEIROI.

  4. I like gaia.

  5. Oizys is my fav

  6. I love the gaia bracelet! 🙂

  7. I love Philotes, so cute! 🙂

  8. I like the Gaia bracelet the most.

  9. i like the OIZYS charm bracelet

  10. I love the Philotes

  11. I like the typhoon bracelet

  12. Gala for me – though they all look great

  13. I like the Momus bracelet.

  14. I love EROS! 🙂

  15. eros

  16. I love the Eros Charm Bracelet!

  17. Eros charm bracelet

  18. My favorite is the Charm Bracelet Hemera.

  19. I like the Gaia bracelet!

  20. I like the hypnos charm bracelet.

  21. I like Oizys

  22. I love the Aether bracelet

  23. My favorite is the Oizys bracelet.

  24. Gold on White Shamballa Bracelet

  25. I like the HEMERA bracelet!

  26. I love the eros charm bracelet (and the name too)

  27. fav style is the Hynos

  28. I love the Gaia bracelet. Actually they are all beautiful ! Would be so nice to receive one !

  29. I like the Philotes!

    jessicaahays at

  30. I love the Gold and White Shamballa Bracelet

  31. I like the Philotes

  32. I like the Hemera bracelet

  33. My favorite Cutey bracelet is Hypnos! I love the colors!

  34. I love the white Shamballa bracelet. Gorgeous!

  35. I like the Typhon bracelet!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I love Oneiroi Charm Bracelet!

    Thank you for the chance!


  37. Love the Momus charm bracelet.

  38. I love the Typhon charm bracelet, so bright & cheerful!

  39. i like the OIZYS charm bracelet

  40. Oizys, for the colors!

  41. I REALLLY LIKE ALL OF THESE FANTASTIC CHARM BRACELETS Here a Bunch….The Hemera, Pontus, Momus, Multi Coloured Shamballa Bracelet, Gold and White Shamballa Bracelet, Gold on White Shamballa Bracelet, Gold Shamballa Bracelet, Blue on White Shamballa Bracelet & White Shamballa Bracelet.

  42. I really like the Oizys bracelet. Really pretty!

  43. The charms braclets – in particular the Pontus

  44. i love they Pink on White Shamballa Bracelet

  45. I like the Gaia bracelet

  46. bracelets that are fun….great

  47. My fave is the Oneiroi

  48. i like pontus

  49. I like oneiroi! Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. I love the Pontus but I also love the Aether charm bracelet to Sooo many lovely ones to chose from

  51. I like the Aether charm bracelet!

  52. Aether charm bracelet is my favorite


  54. I like the charm bracelet Aether. Thanks.

  55. I love the Gaia charm bracelet.

  56. I like this style: HEMERA charm bracelet.

  57. I love the Pontus bracelet! 🙂

  58. I really like Philotes.

  59. I really like the Gaia design

  60. I love the Hemera bracelet

  61. i like the hypnos

  62. I like Momus, representing the best in human endeavor, with the tower centre charm.

  63. I like The Charm Collection.

  64. I like the Philotes bracelet. 😀

  65. I like the Hemera Charm Bracelet

  66. I love the Eros Charm Bracelet!!

  67. I’d choose the “White Shamballa Bracelet” for my daughter.

  68. I like the Aether Charm Bracelet. Thanks!

  69. I LOVE the Philotes bracelet! Gorgeous!

  70. LOVE THE PONTUS! the turtle charm is so cute!

  71. I like the Charm collection

  72. I love the shamballa style bracelets the most, but they are all lovely.

  73. I like the Typhon 🙂

  74. I LOVE the concept and idea of the Philotes bracelet, especially the color PINK!

  75. HEMERA is the one that i would like to try

  76. I like the Eros Charm bracelet.

  77. I really love them all. If I had to choose I would go with the Typhon charm bracelet.

  78. i like the eros

  79. Blue on White Shamballa Bracelet

  80. love the Momus charm Bracelet

  81. Loved the Bananna Bread recipe

  82. I like the Eros bracelet

  83. I LOVE the Gaia!

  84. I love the eros braclet!

  85. i like the eros

  86. I love the Oizys one

  87. I am a fan of the Oizys bracelet.

  88. I like the Oizys bracelet, the colors are so nice and I believe my wife would love it.

  89. I like the Gaia

  90. I checked out the Cutey Jewelry website and really like the “Eros” Charm bracelet.

  91. Oneiroi 🙂

  92. i love Gaia

  93. I love the Typhon bracelet!

  94. I really like the Eros, or Hynos.

  95. so tough to pick one – love them all for different moods!

  96. …but Momus is super-cool!

  97. I really like the Gold&White Shamballa bracelet! It would go with everything all summer…

  98. I love the Oneiroi charm bracelet!

  99. Hypnos

  100. I like the Philotes charm bracelet

  101. GOODLUCK everyone

  102. i love the Hemera one

  103. I really love all of the bracelets, but my favourite one is Philotes:

  104. All of the bracelets are very pretty but my favorite is the Philotes. Thanks you very much for the chance to win. Good lick everyone

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