Dane-Elec Kids Line: LifeBytes USB Drives

USB Drive

Just in time for Back to School Season Dane-Elec has launched an exciting new line of USB drives made specifically for kids, teens, and young adults.

We received one of their 8GB LifeBytes USB drives (designed for young adults) and we love the eye catching design and how compact and unique it is.


The LifeBytes USB drives make it a breeze to transport all of your files (documents, videos, music) in style.

LifeBytes drives are compact (only about 1″ square) and fit inside your pocket or a backpack.  Perfect for students and people on the go.

My favorite feature is definitively the capless design and sliding mechanism, there is no need to worry about losing a cap and ending up with an unprotected drive.  You will always be able to slide the connector back inside its “case”.

LifeBytes feature a 5- year warranty from Dane-Elec and are available in single packs of 8GB drives. They can be purchased online or at Target, Staples, BestBuy, Office Depot and other retailers starting at $13.49.

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a LifeBytes drive (of their choice). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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99 responses to “Dane-Elec Kids Line: LifeBytes USB Drives”

  1. I keep all of our family pictures on our USB!

  2. Storing pic on these would be awesome. It’ll take up way less room than the DVDs that I have been using!

  3. A mix of photos and university papers!

  4. they kids need one for school every year and I hve no idea what they use it for, prob projects that need to be finished at home would be my guess

  5. Very Cute and stylish…would love one!!! I’m always losing mine 🙁

  6. I store all my work as well as much of my students’ on them!

  7. Being an at-home mother of 3, going to school and playing on my college’s women’s rugby team, I would use the USB drive for everything from schoolwork and rugby print offs to projects for the kids and pictures of my lil’ munchkins!

  8. my schoolwork!

  9. I use flash drives to carry documents with me.

  10. Photos and resumes!

  11. use them either as backups for important documents or plugging into a CD player and playing music

  12. They are used for pictures and saved documents around here.

  13. always need them at work for files

  14. I use them to transfer movies between devices the most

  15. I use them mostly for my precious family pictures!

  16. I use them to transfer photos for printing at the photo stores!

  17. Easy to store

  18. I use them for keeping recipes and photos.

  19. pics!

  20. I use them for my school work.

  21. Photos and videos!

  22. To put pictures on to take and put pictures onto my mom’s computer for her. And to back up my accounting program. 🙂

  23. My kids need them for school.

  24. pics

  25. Candid once in a lifetime – photos of my son Evan.

  26. To back up anything that I am currently working on.

  27. to bring pictures of my wee ones to work and share the cuteness! 🙂

  28. I use them at work for putting not-easily-emailed files on different computers. Our USB’s now are super boring and white, I’d love to have a fun colorful one! 🙂

  29. photos and documents

  30. we take up to 100 pic at a time for concert a dn then i take the usb and transfer them form
    one computer and then to the other main one

    id i win i will psot it all over the net

    desi the blondea t msnd to com

  31. I store pictures on my USB’s!

  32. keeping school things on flash drives and recipes

  33. I use USB’s the most at home! They’re great for picture storage!

  34. We use USB drives for transferring files!

  35. I use it for work mostly.

  36. My daughter wants one .

  37. for transferring video and music

  38. I use them for school 🙂

  39. I use them in my at home typesetting business.

  40. They’re very convenient for storing photos which can take up tons of space on HD

  41. My son uses them for school work

  42. Moving photos

  43. For university papers and asssignments

  44. I use them to backup my school files.

  45. I use them mostly for photos. My Grandkids uses them for school.

  46. I use a USB flash drive to transfer information from my work laptop to my home computer for printing or storing photos. Good luck everyone.

  47. family photos

  48. storing photos

  49. photos

  50. Daughter starting Garde 7 there will be lost of homework to save and print off my computer. Also, she takes a billion photos every day 🙂

  51. I am my boys papparazzi… cannot live without my camera or my USB …we put our USB in our tv and watch all the candid moments I have captured.. all our beautiful memories.

  52. pictures

  53. I mostly use my USB to import slideshow presentations for school!

  54. I use USB to share pictures.

  55. Purple! Love it! Cute

  56. i use a USB for school stuff

  57. I use a USB for sharing pictures between my computer and my parents.

  58. I use USB for pictures of my kiddo. Music transfer, and documents.

  59. i use it mostly for school things; paper, power point presentation

  60. We use them to store pictures mainly. I have one that I use for my reports at work.

  61. pictures and music

  62. pictures

  63. saving class notes and projects – – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  64. I mostly use them to move files from my latop to my desktop and vice versa

  65. We use them to store pics and documents.

  66. photo

  67. transferring music and pictures

  68. i use them to store important docs so that they are always accessible in another place from the computer itself and can also travel with me

  69. Awesome. Those are soo cool!!

  70. For work and also for photos.

  71. store pictures on them

  72. Use them most to pass Files/Pictures to friends/co-workers.

  73. Pictures!

  74. movies

  75. pictures

  76. I work in IT for a school board. I use them every day to repair computers that are used by teachers and students. I store diagnostics on them, back up data for students with assertive technology, and copy drivers and patches to them. I also lose them, which sucks! I actually just bought a few new ones today, didn’t see any as cool as these ones though. I’d almost be afraid students and staff might snap them up when I’m not looking.

  77. I mostly use my USB for school with all the papers and research I need to save and use!

  78. Pictures and Music!

  79. We use USB drives for transfering files between our different electronics.

  80. Transferring pictures!

  81. I use my USB mostly to hold pictures and transfer important files

  82. Documents.

  83. Special Back to School offer on the complete line of ShareBytes, LifeBytes, ColorBytes and Marvel USB Drives: Buy 2 USB Drives and Get 1 Free (value of FREE drive cannot be greater than $13.49). Use promo code: MOMSB2S. Limited time offer ends September 30th 2012.

  84. as I am no longer on Facebook please remove my entry – Easy entry for all Onesmileymonkey fans on Facebook

  85. I use them for photos.

  86. I use USB for pictures, movies, documents and anything I need to save and transfer to another computor or laptop.

  87. I mostly use USBs for sharing pictures.

  88. pictures!

  89. taking pictures to my mother in law

  90. I use mine mainly to transfer shows from my computer so I can watch them via the ps3 on tv

  91. I use them to store pictures and documents mostly.

  92. Pictures and videos

  93. Saving pictures

  94. movies for the kids

  95. I use them mostly to transfer files.

  96. I use them for photos

  97. I use them for work documents mostly. trixpixel[at]gmail.com

  98. I use them for everything! Mostly school and videos though.

  99. we use it for pictures

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