Dreamz To Go Octo-Bluee {Holiday Gift Idea – Giveaway}

Dreamz To Go Octo-Bluee
Cloud b knows how to make night time a little less scary with their Dreamy Lites collection. The new Dreamz To Go Octo in either Bluee (green and blue lights) and Pinkle (pink and purple lights) offer portable soothing light shapes that project on little ones walls and ceiling.

Cloud b has mastered the art of developing engaging products “where good sleep begins.” And let’s admit if your child isn’t sleeping well-YOU are not sleeping well. And if you are not sleeping well your whole house pretty much falls apart. There are so many great sleep aids at Cloud b to help build little ones sleep routines.


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Smashie is loving his night light-even in the day time!

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While my little Smashie has never been fearful of the dark I know he enjoys a little light on while he winds down in his crib.  We turn it on while we are reading stories so he can look at the stars and bubble blowing fishies glowing around his room.  I love that the light turns off after 45 minutes so he can have a dark room to get a proper rest in.  We all  know how important it is to have that dark but it can be no fun for little ones who are fearful to fall asleep.

Smashie and Bug love watching the colours change and enjoy that they can move the octopus around the room.  It comes with batteries and is portable.  I could see it going to grandma’s house for a sleep over!

Dreamz To Go Octo-Bluee

I love that it looks cute on Smashie’s dresser.

If you are looking for more great sleep and baby hints and tips as well as frequent giveaways I would recommend following  Cloud b on Facebook or check out their blog.


Win it: One very lucky Canadian reader will win a Dreamz To Go Octo (Blue or Pink – $25 value). Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck everyone!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Our five month old’s bedtime routine is bath followed by play time, and then she nurses and goes to bed. It doesn’t always happen at the same time each day, though.

  2. Our routine is brush teeth, brush hair, get jammies on, read some books in their rooms, (in the rocking chair with the little one, in the bed with the older one), hugs, kisses, nightlights on, lights out.

  3. This would be great for my princess 🙂

  4. Our routine is a bath and a little bit of BabyTV, then off to bed with a short story.

  5. for my 2 year old bedtime routine – potty, bath, brush teeth, wash face and check to go potty again, tuck into bed, bedtime story, kisses and hugs.

    for my 3 month – bath, diaper chance, nursing, burp and then bed

  6. We always get PJs on & brush teeth then snuggle into bed together to read a few stories. Then hugs/kisses & lights out! My girls would love a Dreamz To Go so thanks for the chance to win!

  7. routine is bath, brush teeth, read a book then off to bed….

  8. When my grandkids are here, our routine is bath, book, sleep!

  9. Not really, for my baby…I need to be up and functional for the toddler so I basically just hold her until she falls asleep, then put her in her crib. Not the greatest, I know.

  10. We give our 22-month old a bath, brush his teeth, and we cuddle and I sing to him before he falls asleep.

  11. when they were young we gave them a soothing warm bath , read stories.

  12. warm milk and hugs and kisses from mommy

  13. Our routine is pretty simple. We have a bath, story time, water/milk, cuddles and 2 songs.

  14. We do bath, snack, book, then bed

  15. Bath, snack, read books and then bed.

  16. So far it’s just put on Jammie’s, feed baby once more and that’s about it. As baby gets older we’ll probably add more like story time.

  17. Not anymore, but would love it for my little friend.

  18. We do a snack, PJs, teeth and 3books. Kiss and hug and talk about our fave part of the day. Goodnight.

  19. We try but it doesn’t always work. Brush teeth, story time, bed.

  20. These look to be great to keep the boogy man away

  21. Our routine is bath,brush teeth, book, sleep!…

  22. We have a small routine of tidy up. teeth brushed, story, cuddle. But my girl always, ALWAYS, ends up in my bed. Looking to transition into a big girl bed, or even her own room. Cloud b would be a great help in this step 🙂

  23. Our routine is to watch one of my sons favorite shows and cuddle on the couch, then brush teeth and its off to bed!

  24. For my niece the routine is bath, brush teeth, small snack, read book and then lights out.

  25. We don’t have a bedtime routine yet, but I think it’s a great idea to implement one. I’m entering this for my niece who often asks to have the lights left on at bed time. Maybe this will help her sleep better at night with them off.

  26. my daughter eats at 530pm then gets to play till 700pm then daddy reads to our precious girl while I get the bath ready, then after bath we get her ready for bed and she usually goes to bed around 8pm

  27. Our routine is bath , story and bed.

  28. Bedtime routine: snack, brush teeth, read story, snuggles, lights out!

  29. bath time, quiet time in my bed playing games, reading books, watching treehouse on TV

  30. Same time each night, routine is key!

  31. bath, teeth, story and lights out… seems to work so far!

  32. Both my girls go to bed on thrr own with three stoiries ans a bath first brush our teeth and snuggle on the couch for one tv show. Then off to bed for snoozing

  33. bath, brush teeth, story time then to bed

  34. We brush teeth go potty and read a story every night

  35. No kids for a ritual only niece and nephew sleep overs!

  36. My routine is pretty simple, have a chat, brush your teeth, hugs and go to bed, no games, no lights, no music. 🙂

  37. I do not have a bed time routine

  38. Not really…

  39. With our grandkids it is bath, teeth brushing, story, bed.

  40. We brush teeth, pee, pick out a jammie together (she has an array of princess jammies), read a quick story and cuddle to sleep! Then I slip out and we have grown up time. 🙂

  41. Yes, Jammie’s, brush teeth, go pee and then bed.

  42. No little ones but I have a baby nephew who’d enjoy! With a dad on shift work they do the best they can with a routine…

  43. when the grandkids stay over teeth brushed face washed, story and bed

  44. bathtime then story time has always worked to get ready for sleep

  45. When I see the grandkids I give them a snack, get them to wash face and hands and brush teeth. I get them to get their favorite books to read together.

  46. Our routine for bed is for the kids to all get in pjs then my husband and I brush all their teeth, they pick out one or two stories each, we read them all and then my husband tucks in all the kids, prays with them, turns out the lights and on the music and then we snuggle them all for a bit until the youngest is asleep.

  47. PJs, hugs and kisses, story if wanted, then tuck in and sleep!


  49. mine are older, but my great niece, when i have her is always a bath and story

  50. We always start with a bath, night time snack, story, brush teeth/PJS and bed 🙂

  51. Bath, cuddles and storytime, lullabies and tuck-ins with kisses and prayers. My little one has just started preferring a light be left on, this would be great!

  52. bath, story, song, lights out

  53. My sister-in-law says she has a pretty strict routine she tries to hold with the kids..

  54. Our grandchildren always have a quiet time before bed – reading, prayers and brushing their teeth. Then they read books until they fall asleep!

  55. Yes, our routine is bath time, story time and then bed!

  56. Yep! We do all our ablutions first, then read a book, nurse, sing a few songs, rock in the rocking chair, then bed 🙂

  57. bath and story time

  58. pajamas, medicine, brush teeth, story, song, sleep

  59. When my children were small, they had a snack, brushed their teeth and prepared for bed. I would put them in bed and kiss them, etc. It was a calming time.

  60. a story and I cuddle with him until he is asleep

  61. I do not.

  62. I don’t have any kids of my own yet but whenever I am over at my sisters, I get to tuck my nephew in. I love reading to him and if he hasn’t fell asleep, I sing to him

  63. I love the pink one!!!

  64. I don’t have a little one personally but I would love to win this for my little nephew!

  65. Reading before bedtime.

  66. Before he goes to bed every night, I would let him pick a story book and I will read it to him. Once it’s finish, I will tell him it’s time to go to sleep

  67. PJ’s, brush teeth/go pee, then story. Then hug, kiss, Eskimo kiss and a smooch (big kiss) for both Mom and Dad, then a group hug, then shadow puppets then sleep. Haha. It’s a big routine but my daughter is the one who set it! Lol!

  68. bath, as that makes them sleepy (makes me sleepy too LOL )

  69. No small kids so no routine.

  70. A good bedtime routine is bath, snack and cuddles! 🙂

  71. It’s all about the bedtime stories with my son. Soon as the P.J’s goes on, thats all he can talk about until we are on the bed, with book in hand.

  72. Snack, teeth, reading and lights out

  73. Yes we have a routine, brush our teeth , wash face and hands and story time. Bedtime is 7:30

  74. They have a snack, brush teeth and a story then bed.

  75. My son has a bedtime snack, pj’s, story, music, and milk to get ready for bed.

  76. Yes, it’s playtime (in bathtub) bathtime, then storytime then bedtime

  77. Bath followed by cuddling and reading and a snack.

  78. bath, books, teeth brushing and lullabies

  79. yes, brush teeth, shower, pjs, story, bedtime cuddles, then sleep

  80. Our daughter would absolutely love this.

  81. Hubby carries her up and we tuck her in, give a kiss and a hug and off to dreamland for her!

  82. dinner, bath, jammies, bottle, teeth, books bed.

  83. Bed, sometimes a book, someome to stay in the room till she falls asleep and than we sneak out.

  84. brush teeth, read a book, then bed time

  85. The baby in my life does have a bedtime routine. Bath then bed.

  86. When our Grandkids stay over it is bath followed by a story

  87. We do snack bath cuddles and bed

  88. I care for my granddaughter a couple of evenings a week and we follow the routine that her mum has established for her. Besides the hygiene part, reading her favorite books are the highlight of her routine.

  89. Yes, we get our jammies on, brush teeth, read a story and the pray.

  90. Usually after a bath we read a book and then cuddle for a little bit. I love bedtimes.

  91. Yes we do, but now that we’ve transitioned to the big kid bed, we tend to escape our room even though we were able to get in and out of our crib and still stay in our room…. hopefully this type of light will help keep little one in their room. Bed, books, poem recitation, sleep.

  92. We attempt to have a routine doesn’t always work

  93. We always did, much easier that way!

  94. Always have a bath and then my kids were in bed by 8:00pm at night.

  95. Two stories, three songs, and a music CD.

  96. Our routine was always the same with each child, bath, snack with a chat, brush teeth and story time..lights out.

  97. Yes. Bath every other night. We have a snack, read a book, brush teeth hugs and kisses, get water, then bed!

  98. I like reading her a bedtime story.

  99. Our bedtime routine is reading stories before bed.

  100. Snack, brush teeth, story and bath every other night 🙂

  101. when my grandson is here its bathtime , bedtime snack and brushing teeth and then snuggles and and a bedtime story 🙂

  102. Bath, teeth, book and sleep.

  103. Cuddle and read

  104. Definitely! It’s the key to a good sleep & a well-rested next day at school. There is no toys or stimulating items in their rooms. Bathroom, brush teeth, lots of hugs & goodnight. Works great in our house.

  105. I have a bedtime routine when my granddaughter sleeps over. We watch her favorite movie, give her a snack during movie, when its done she washes and brushes her teeth, read a bedtime story, say her prayers and go to sleep

  106. When I have my grand baby, we have play time, snack time, bath time, story time, then sleep time 🙂

  107. Snack, brush teeth, story, cuddle 🙂

  108. Bath, read, bed 🙂

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