SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH EMEALS MEAL PLANSeMeals is an online meal planning service that takes the guesswork out of dinnertime and can help you save money while you prepare delicious meals at the same time.

I was offered the chance to try eMeals out for a few weeks and I must say I  really enjoy having the extra help with meal planning. My favorite feature is being able to print my weekly plan and grocery list all with one click!

Most of us parents are extremely busy and sitting down to prepare a weekly meal plan just doesn’t happen all the time, it means we go shopping without a proper plan, food goes to waste and we repeat and repeat the same boring meals. This is where eMeals comes in handy.

After signing up for just $5 a month you can pick between many of the different menu options offered by eMeals,  including their Low Fat, Portion Control, Low Carb, Natural & Organic, Gluten Free and Vegetarian plans. Plus you get to pick a store from their list if you shop at a specific place every time, for example Wal-Mart or Whole Foods or any other store.

Picking a store from their selection allows you to see the individual price of each ingredient when you check your shopping list. It gives you a total of how much your shopping trip will be {an average of $80 per week}. I like shopping at local grocers and smaller stores so in my trial I didn’t have an item price list for one specific store.

We chose the Vegetarian plan and we are loving the meals so far. I really like that there are a lot of different ingredients used and enough things to keep dinners exciting and new. I also enjoy the simplicity of printing the shopping lists and heading to the store right away. No guessing, no worrying about planning anything.

emeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!

We cooked things like Bean & Rice Burritos, Eggplant Medely, Mediterranean Pilaf, Spicy Indian Rice and many other delicious meals and my husband and little one gave it a 5 stars rating.

eMeals is mainly focused on dinners and I do wish they had meal planning for breakfast and lunch as well. I am still grateful to have dinner taken care of and not having to worry about what I am cooking for dinner anyway.

Overall I think eMeals is a wonderful meal planning service for busy people {like us parents}. You get a great weekly meal plan with shopping lists that are ready to print with just a click for a small monthly fee.

Check out their website to learn more about eMeals and sign up now.

Be sure to visit their blog for recipes, tips on how to simplify your life, organize your days, and plan family fun at

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eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!

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