Encourage Little Ones To Shine {Win a Trip to L.A. and More!}


If you are a regular reader, you have probably noticed that we are a musical family. Yes, music is a huge part of our lives. My husband owns a company that makes musical instruments, we listen to music everyday and we encourage our children to learn and to play music when they want to.  

Our 5 year-old has taken a year of piano lessons and he owns a set of drums that he likes playing with. Our youngest one loves watching his brother play the piano and the drums and he enjoys listening to music and dancing when we play his favourites. If one of our children decides that he wants to learn to play a new instrument we are excited to give him the chance to do so, at our home we are happy to embrace their inner rockstars.

How do you help your little ones express themselves through music? 


This September, Barbie™ is launching a new Rock n’ Royals DVD. The upbeat musical features a princess who switches places with a famous rockstar. Learning to adapt they come together to #BeSuper and find their own true unique voices and end up in an epic sing-off show.

In celebration of their DVD launch, Barbie™ is offering you and your little one the chance to win a trip to Los Angeles, California for the Barbie Rock n’ Royals concert featuring a surprise musical guest! To enter to WIN visit: http://www.barbie.com/en-ca/besuper/rock-n-royals

Good luck all!!!


barbie giveaway

Win it: Barbie™ is also offering one lucky Canadian reader (excluding Quebec) the chance to win a Barbie™ Rock n’ Royals giveaway prize pack including two (2) Rock n’ Royals Barbie dolls and two (2) tickets to the Rock n’ Royals screening (Surrey or Calgary), worth a total value of over $60.00.

Be sure to enter the contest to win a trip to L.A. and come back to enter the prize pack giveaway via Rafflecopter below.

 Disclosure: I am a Mattel Play Ambassador. All views and opinions on this post are 100% my own.

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52 responses to “Encourage Little Ones To Shine {Win a Trip to L.A. and More!}”

  1. I would love to win the trip because it would be amazing to be able to go see L.A. in person since we will probably never be able to afford to go otherwise. The Barbie’s would be nice to win for my niece.

  2. my niece loves barbie, would love to win!

  3. with my husband being a student right now (going back to school), we cannot afford much of a vacation so this would be awesome! My kids like to play with Barbies too (my boys and dayhome girls).

  4. I would love to win this for my niece and a trip to LA would be a cherry on top of the ice cream for her.

  5. I would love to win because my niece loves Barbie and it would such an experience to go to LA with her

  6. I’d love to win because my little sister loves barbie and a trip to LA would mean the world to her

  7. Would love to go to LA with my fam!

  8. that would be amazing!

  9. would love to win for my daughter! she has recently started loving barbie!

  10. sounds like would be fun and a great time!

  11. I would love to win these for my nieces!

  12. LA would be an amazing trip!

  13. I would like to win a trip to LA to show my little one the sights and bright lights!

  14. I’d love a trip to LA

  15. I would love to win to treat my niece to an unforgettable adventure!

  16. I would love to win, my daughter is a huge Barbie fan

  17. My little girls would love the trip and barbies as they use to love Barbie and the pop star! I know they would love rocking royals!!!!

  18. I would love to win this for my niece.

  19. Barbie dolls bring back such wonderful memories! I would love to visit LA where my son is hoping to break into the movie business.

  20. I’d love to win just for the chance to go to L.A. alone!

  21. I would love to win the trip to LA so I could bring Sophie and have an experience of a lifetime.

  22. I would love to win a trip to LA–would love to visit!

  23. My daughter loves Barbie and music and dance. She’s a natural superstar in anything she does. It would be a thrill for her to win 🙂

  24. would love to go to LA with my husband – on our 46th anniversary – as a belated honeymoon

  25. I’d love to win because I love Barbie and want to visit LA.

  26. Entered! I would love to win because I absolutely love LA and would love to take my daughter there! My husband and I lived in California for a little while after we got married and before we had kids, and I am always happy when I get to go back. While I love being back home in BC, there is something about the California sun that has forever captured a piece of my heart. I would love to take my daughter to show her some of the places we used to hang out before she was born.

  27. my granddaughter is crazy over Barbies and plays with them all the time

  28. I would love to win the Barbie for my grand daughter and the trip for my son. He hasn’t had a vacation trip since he was a kid. I think it would be a wonderful gift as he needs a break.

  29. My kids love Barbie and we have never been to L.A. and would love to go on vacation there~!

  30. I really appreciate what barbie is trying to do 🙂 my daughter loves spiderman and superheroes (yep, you guessed it, I am in full support of Target’s move to un-gender-ify clothes and bedding – darn tootin’ my daughter can wear spider man if she wants – it doesn’t mean she’s confused, but saying it’s a ‘boy’ toy could be confusing.) I am really loving the messages Barbie is encouraging through the kindness campaign and empowering young girls 🙂 I’d love to win to go to Cali, as all of our vacations these past few years have been ‘staycations’ (one word; student loans 😉 )

  31. Tell you why I would love to win a trip to LA?? Really?! Lol! Pretty self explanatory! Sun. Surf. Sand. Shopping. And oh yeah, a place calles the Sunset Strip.

  32. I would love to win because we have never been able to afford a proper family vacation 🙁

  33. I would love to take my Daughter , she loves Barbie

  34. I love barbies, I want to win for me 😀

  35. Would love to take my little one on a fun vacation- just the girls!

  36. we love Barbie at our house, she’s actually a good role model for girls!

  37. LA would be an amazing trip! I have never been there.

  38. I would like to win the trip because it would be an amazing experience. I’d like to win the dolls because my little cousins would adore them.

  39. Would love to win because it would be an awesome family trip!

  40. My daughter is always pretending she is Super Sparkle with her cape and mask on. She’d LOVE to win this trip!

  41. I’d love to win, so that I can share my love of Barbie with my little granddaughter!

  42. I would love to win for my daughters

  43. My daughter loves barbie and would really enjoy this trip

  44. My granddaughters LOVE Barbie & would love this!

  45. A trip to LA would be fantastic

  46. My girl loves barbie and this trip would be a dream come true!!

  47. …because my nieces are huge fans!

  48. I want to offer my children as many rewarding, unique experiences that I can!

  49. Entered. Would love to win so I can take my niece on the trip of a lifetime

  50. I would love to win because I think the trip would be awesome

  51. I would like to win the trip to have a fun girls trip with my daughter.

  52. My daughter loves Barbie and she would love it if I won the trip or this contest

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