Father’s Day e-card & Giveaway!

Father's Day Prize Pack

Father’s Day is this Sunday and Oreo is celebrating this very special day by sharing a super cute e-card that is meant to bring a bit of wonder to dads everywhere.

I am e-mailing this fun e-card to my husband this weekend, he is a wonderful dad and we love him very much and appreciate all he does for us everyday. I am exited to make his day special and to celebrate it as a family!

You can also share this cute e-card below with your own dad, husband, partner or even your own siblings with children. Click below to go to the YouTube video or watch the video embedded below the e-card:

Win it: One very lucky US/CAN reader will receive a special OREO Father’s Day prize package including— OREO cookies, a #1 Dad glass and a grocery card for milk, so the special dad in their life will be able twist, lick and dunk his OREO cookies in style. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure: I received a free sample of a product and gift card to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

216 responses to “Father’s Day e-card & Giveaway!”

  1. My dad is a great grandfather. The kids enjoy his sense of humor.
    Ross Olson

  2. My dad is amazing – hes helpful and supportive and always has an open mind to the issues I have and although my father in law and I don’t speak the same language I adore the way he plays with m,y son. they have so much love.

  3. My dad is the greatest. He’s so kind and Loving. He can fix almost anything. He taught me to drive. He took me fishing, bowling, ice-skating and on picnics. My dad used to drive trains and I remember sitting with him on the drivers compartment when I was little.

  4. My dad is 80 years old and still loves to eat Oreo cookies!

  5. my dad loves oreo cookies .. and he is 60 yrs old

  6. My father was very hardworking, kind, generous and loving. I remember the first time we went to a carnival together. He loves balloons.. lol I just missed him…

  7. my dad is 88 years old and loves cookies…the only problem is he shares all his food, cookies included, with the dog…..

  8. My Dad was the greatest guy, everyone’s friend and a great father. My uncle is not my father figure and I love him lots.

  9. My dad is a closeted cookie eater. He thinks no one knows, but we’ve seen the crumbs!

  10. My husband is the best dad. He has done so much for this family to try to create a better future for our children. We have moved across the country to get a better job so that hopefully we can buy our own farm in the future. He works really hard, long hours, and stays in a man camp during the week so that we don’t have to be close to the chaos.

  11. The dad in my life is very special. I did not find him for 33 years, and the day the email came to confirm I had found him was the best day in my life.He is kind hearted and loving and even though we missed out on alot of things, he makes sure not to miss out on moments with his G.randkids.

  12. My husband is the best dad to our son! He puts him first and loves to spend all the time that he can with him. They are super close.

  13. My dad has truly supported our large family and been a great role model for us all 🙂

  14. My dad has an amazing sense of humor and I share his love of fishing.

  15. My Dad has never been there for me since I was 3yrs old,he never wanted a child.

  16. my dad is very helpful around the house he is 68 and is very active for his age and great with the grandchildren and loves to bug them with the cookies

  17. I see my Dad several times a week. He is awesome Grandpa.

  18. My dad is 93 & acts like he is 60, wonderful role model

  19. My dad has passed away but I remember him always encouraging me to go far in my studies & education.
    My husband, a dad to my 6 yr old son is so hardworking, supporting the family so I can be home with my son when he’s not in school. Can’t imagine what we’ll do without him!

  20. My husband is the hardest working man & most dedicated father I know.

  21. My dad was very funny and got along with everyone

  22. My husband is an amazing dad. The kids get so excited to see him after a long day at home. He always sets time aside for family time during his busy corporate workday. He’s very hands-on with the kids and he loves them so much!

  23. My dad passed when I was in Preschool and my Grandpa stepped in to become the dad in my life – he is the greatest
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  24. My dad is an awesome amazing wonderful hardworking man…
    And my husband is a lot like him…
    Love them both so much!!

  25. My Dad is such a wonderful man! He’s raised my sis and I on his own since we were 16 and 11 which was no easy feat. And he’s been a wonderful Granddad to our 3 daughters in total. I joke that he answers his phone EVERY time even though he has call display. He still works, at the same place after 50 years. They’ll be doing a newspaper article on him. A great work ethic all his life. He takes care of his Aunt as well. He just had his COUCH COUGH birthday, he’d kill me if I said the #…so happy belated birthday, Dad, and an even better Father’s day!! XO

  26. My husband LOVES Oreos. Would be the best Father’s Day present for him!

  27. My dad is the one who taught me math when I was first learning; the best dad in the world 🙂

  28. My dad is always thinking about others before himself. I love how he is so handy and can usually fix whatever has broken down.

  29. My dad is great. He makes my days. He gave me my first box of Oreo when I was 5 and now I would like to give him his last box of Oreo as he is very ill and he might not make the week. I love him very much <3

  30. My dad is my best friend, my teacher, my role model. He and I were not very close when I was younger (I was a rebel lol) but when I hit my 20s, I realised what an amazing man he was and regretted missing out on all the years I could’ve spent with him. Now we are inseperable…he lives miles away but we chat on Skype everyday. I can’t imagine my life without him!

  31. My kids LOVE fishing with their dad!

  32. my father was truly the best dad we kids could ever have had miss him dearly everyday!

  33. My husband is a great father and the nicest guy I know

  34. The special dad in my life always puts others ahead of himself.

  35. My Dad is amazing! He raised my sister and I pretty much alone since we were 11 & 12. He also stuck by my mothers side through out the toughest time of their lives. She had a brain aneurysm and has been in and out of hospitals and care homes ever since her accident in 2000. He still visits her everyday and brings her home every weekend. He truly is a wonderful man who stuck around when many others would have left.

  36. I remember sharing cookies and milk with my Dad. Sitting at the kitchen table just the 2 of us. Its one of my most favorite memories.

  37. My husband in such a hard working dad. And he loves dunking Oreos with our boys before bed.

  38. My husband is the world’s best Dad. He never really wanted kids, but now that our daughter is in our lives, he can’t imagine not being a Dad. Every night, he and my daughter have bathtime together and he always gets her ready for bed.

  39. My husband is a terrific Dad to our 3 kids, he gives each of them one on one time so he can really get to know what they are interested in. When we lost our daughter to brain cancer none of us would have made it through this most horrific time without the strength of this man…he is our hero and most times he neglects his own needs and wants. I cannot imagine life without him!!

  40. My Dad’s been gone for over 22 years now, but he always gave the BEST bear hugs; they’d take my breathe away!

  41. my dad can fix anything

  42. My hubby is a wonderful daddy. Although he has to work very hard, sometimes seven days a week for long hours at a time, he always manages to spend quality time with each of our four children as well as myself. We love him very much!

  43. My dad is awesome. He loved the Cowboys and me. Enough said.

  44. my dad is a great man to my mom, my brother and i,…and ANYONE else he meets

  45. My dad is a wonderful Poppa to his grandchildren and great grandchildren as well as a wonderful dad to his own children! 🙂 I love my dad!

  46. The special people who are Dads in my life are my husband and my son

  47. My dad taught me from how to bike, swim, drive, to how to be a good person in life

  48. My dad was always taking us camping and coming to our softball games. He is a great grandpa to my two kiddos.

  49. My husband is a great dad to our son. He enjoys spending time with him and they have lots of adventures together.

  50. My dad taught me to always do what i enjoy, life is short. Hes the best.

  51. My dad is great! Hes always there when I need him and my kids adore their Papa 😀

  52. The special dad in my life is my husband. My father passed away several years ago. My husband is such a caring father and still continues to be there for my daughters even though they are grown adults now. You never stop being a dad, and certainly has not!

  53. My dad taught me how to fish, hunt, and shoot…..and how to appreciate nature!

  54. my dad needs to be a dad

  55. My dad is sensitive and caring and gives the best hugs that really mean it.

  56. My father and I share a love of reading and we can trade books back and forth. This is something I will pass down to my children.

  57. My husband is the best dad/grandpa ever! He was so involved with our daughters (his/mine/ours) and has never raised his voice to any of us.

  58. My dad Danny was a wonderful friend to many & an amazing dad ~ he died in 1987 at age 46 — he was drunk driving & a semi hit him head-on .. it was the saddest day of my life. I miss my dad every day .. I would give this prize to my Uncle Eric who is also an amazing father & grand-father .. thanks for the chance to win!

  59. My Dad was a wonderful man.. Had a heart of gold and would do whatever it took to give you what you needed. Was always there when you needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend…Heaven is now a special place because they have my Dad… Miss him everyday……..

  60. My dad is helping to teach my teenagers how to drive lol, he has way more patience that me with it and he is a great grandpa to them

  61. always there when needed

  62. a sweet prize for a sweet man.

  63. He’s kind and patient.

  64. My Dad is one of the closest people in my life.. I really look up to him.

  65. My dad is the most honest and trustworthy person I know.

  66. My Dad is the special Father in my life. He’s such a inspiration to my brother and his family and to my family. He is kind and always supportive. He’s always helping others and is a true gentleman. He’s a wonderful Dad, Grandfather and friend.

  67. My dad was great and did everything for me!

  68. He tells the best jokes and always makes us feel good!

  69. I’ve got two special dads in my life.. my own father, who never let physical distance keep us apart growing up (he’d write us a letter each month, I have them all saved!), and my husband- who is a fantastic father to our little boy.

  70. What a cool prize. I think Dad will share some of his Oreos with me if I win this for him. 😉

  71. He spent a lot of time making sure I try to excel at everything I do.

  72. My real dad passed away 7 years ago in november, I never really had the opportunity to know him very well. But on the other hand my step-father I also called Dad was the greatest man I ever knew. The last thing I wanted to do for him was on fathers day 2010 because we were gradually losing him to dementia. I brought my dog Shiloa over to the house for a visit and it absolutely made my dad’s day and mine.. Just the look in his eyes and the smile on his face said it all.

  73. My dad is amazing. He can always make me smile no matter how down or stressed I may be

  74. My dad is now in a nursing home. He has Alzheimers and has no idea who I am anymore. He’s also non verbal now that the disease has progressed. So sad, he was such a vibrant, energetic man.

  75. he sure knows a lot about wine & cheese

  76. My Dad is a strong figure in my life, strict and generous. He works hard and cooks all the time for us.

  77. My dad loves oreo cookies,eats them all the time 🙂

  78. My Dad/Grampa always attends my boys sports games to cheer them on. My husband/Daddy is always their to cheer them on as well.

  79. My dad is a military veteran and I thank him for his service.

  80. my mate loves to make up songs on his guitar for our girl

  81. I am lucky to have three special ‘Dad’s’ in my life, my husband, my dad and my father-in-law. Without them all I would not be where I am in life today, their love and support is unconditional.

  82. My husband is a super special Dad because he always makes time to do special things with our child.

  83. making waffles with my dad every sunday

  84. My dad is incredibly generous – he does so much for friends, family, organizations etc. He has said to me since I was a little girl: “do things out of the goodness of your heart, honey.” And he practices what he preaches!

  85. My dad always treated me like his little princess. I missed him so much.

  86. My dad is awesome. He always made sure we had what we needed growing up. He worked so hard to make that happen. He is a shy guy, but has the biggest heart and loves his kids to death. Miss him, we live across the country from each other but we talk once or twice a month.

  87. My father is gone but the dad I would like to comment on is my husband. He has no children of his own but loves my two and helped me raise them and is now helping me with our grandchildren. He is a wonderful man and I am truly blessed and he loves Oreo’s. LOLJJ Caraway

  88. My dad loves cookies. All types. Especially Oreos!

  89. My dad is gone now and I really don’t have any good memories of him. He wasn’t in my life that much. I wish I had great memories like all of you guy’s.

  90. My Dad always believed in standing up for people’s rights and sometimes he wasn’t always popular with some company policy makers, he brought in some amazing changes that apply throughout Canada 🙂

  91. My dad is my step-dad. He stepped up when he didn’t have to. He’s a real dad!

  92. my dad is great and always drives me around!

  93. My dad taught me when you do something do it right the first time.

  94. My dad has been gone six years, but a wonderful dad in my life is my husband who is a wonderful father to our children.

  95. My dad is the best father I could of ever asked for , he is also an amazing grandfather to my two children 🙂

  96. My dad is the kindest man – who would do anything for anyone in good faith and he is the greatest example of a Christian man dedicated to God. He has taught me so much, without even saying a word.

  97. My husband is a kind and supportive daddy to our kids!

  98. My husband is a hardworking loving man. He will do anything for his family and friends 🙂

  99. My dad always has great advice and is willing to help.

  100. one thing I love about my husband is that he’s musical and shares that with the kids. I have no talent when it comes to music so I love that it’s something they’ll still get to grow up with all because of him.

  101. My father and I are not close so I will tell you about myself as a dad. As a dad I provide food, shelter, love, attention, money, guidance, discipline, morals, compassion, caring, spirit, smiles, giggles, laughs, jokes, movies, sports, groundings, Coca Colas, junk food, healthy food, clothing, toothpaste, toothbrush, rides and affection to all 3 of my kids. Although this is not all I do, it comes at the forefront of my main duties with my children as they grow up and find themselves in this world.

  102. my husband is the greatest dad! I did not have a dad growing up, but he is exactly the kind of dad i dreamed of having for myself. I’m so elated my husband is that dad to our children he puts us above everything!

  103. My dad can fix anything!

  104. Alway there for me!

  105. my dad is quiet, but always there when you need him.

  106. I love my dad and am very thankful for every fathers day I have with him since he has been so sick for so many years. He is an amazing fighter and I will always look up to him.

  107. dunkin’ oreos could only improve his disposition

  108. my dad has the biggest sweet tooth 😉

  109. when my husband was away, a bird became trapped in a vent in my house. i called my dad and, as usual, he came over immediately to help me!

  110. My husband is incredible… he sets an example for the kids, but can also be a kid when he needs to be!

  111. My fiance is a great father to both of our children!!! he goes above and beyond to make us all happy and works really hard everyday!!!

  112. My husband is a great Dad.

  113. My dad is the best because he lets me be creative, make my own choices and backs me up in an argument. Plus he’s an awesome chef!

  114. Dad is sweet, gentle, and very much loved. I am so thankful for him.

  115. My best friend is an awesome dad. He is raising two teenagers by himself.

  116. My hubby has always been their for our boys and would do anything for them. Now he would also do anything for our two grandsons.

  117. My daddy is a good father. Me and my sister love him.

  118. My dad will never order his own dessert out yet asks for “bites” (huge mouthfuls) from anyone who does!!

  119. Great contest!

  120. i’m a dad to 2 awesome boys

  121. My dad passed away, but he taught me to be hard-working, honest and loyal. He never failed to provide, even giving up his dream of driving a truck to make sure we had what we needed. I miss him every day.

  122. My dad is the best! He has always stood by me even when he didn’t agree with my decision! Now that he’s semi-retired, he is keeping our dd the 3 days a week he’s not working this summer. Dd LOVES spending time with him. I love that he is teaching her how to play all the games we grew up playing! 🙂 Oh and he always takes us on awesome vacations! My dh and dd got to fly for the 1st time this past December thanks to my daddy!

  123. My brother is the greatest dad I know. He is all about his kids and so devoted – they make him really happy.

  124. Comment sharing something about the special Dad in your life!

    watching golf this weekend…thats it!

  125. My special dad is my husband. He takes such amazing care of the kids and myself. We adore him:)

  126. At the age of 78, OREO is still his favourite cookie 🙂

  127. my dad does nice things when you least expect it

  128. I love oreo cookies !

  129. He’s always been there when I needed him.

  130. My husband and I have six wonderful children and he loves OREO’s. Would love to win this for him.

  131. My Dad taught me how to be self sufficient and how to bust through the gender stereotypes in the work force.

  132. My dad taught me to be happy in life

  133. my dad is awesome

  134. I have 2 special dads. My dad a memory with him would be when we use to watch movies together and at the end where the credits come on he would get up and dance all silly 😀

    Then there is my husband and he is a great father to my daughters 😀

  135. My dad is so great. He is always there when I need him and has loved me no matter what. Even when I acted like a spoiled brat during my teenage years.

  136. My husband is a great dad, because he will do whatever it takes to take care of us.

  137. My dad is the funniest man I know. He always cheers me up whenever I feel down, you can’t help but laugh and feel good about yourself when he is around.

  138. My dad was a great hard working man who made my childhood a great one!

  139. my dad is the best! he’s always been there for me!

  140. My Dad is wonderful, he’s always been there to talk to if I need someone. And he’s always been encouraging, no matter what.

  141. My dad really enjoys his grandsons.

  142. no matter how tired my husband is when he gets home from work he always takes time to stop and love our kids and show them he misses them.

  143. My husband is the special dad…always a good father to our kids.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  144. My Dad was a kind, funny and smart guy who worked very hard to take care of his kids. He taught us that hard work was not a crime and to always do a good job.

  145. He is just the sweetest guy ever and works hard to support his family.

  146. My Dad is great! He raised my brother and I as a single parent. He took care of everything. I appreciate him so much!

  147. my dad taught me how to do everything.

  148. My dad has past, but the memories I have with him have not. I remember his screaming like a little boy on one those kids roller coasters! As big and strong as he was, I will never forget that. It always brings a smile to my face. 🙂

  149. My Dad is more than my father he is my absolute best male friend. He has always been there for me, even times when it was difficult to be my parent. I was a bit of a screw up when I was a teenager but Dad always had faith in me and believed it was just a phase I was going through. Thank heavens he was right because I got my act together, went on to uni and have had a wonderful life. We get together to play golf and I always think of how lucky I am to have him as my Dad.

  150. My hubby is such a special dad to our sons. He can always make them laugh!

  151. My Dad was always there for me and we loved going to football games together.

  152. The dad I want to talk about is my husband. He is such a great father to my girl.

  153. Both my Dad and my husband are my favorite Fathers 🙂

  154. My husband is the best dad I could ever wish for my kids. Loving, kind, generous, and patient.

  155. My dad worked so hard for my family to immigrate to Canada, so we can have a better life and education here. I’m grateful for my dad!

  156. My Dad is very caring and helps everyone he can.

  157. I talk to my dad daily, he’s great with my daughter!

  158. My step father is very special to me. He’s only been a part of our family for a couple of years, we are adult children. He’s been very supportive and doing all he can for me/my children, our entire family. He lost a lot of time at work when my grandson was born ill, and more when the baby passed away 10 months later. He’s been a rock of support and pillar of strength to all of us.

  159. We like to do outdoor activities together such as hunting and golfing.

  160. My boyfriend’s father is a wonderful dad and friend!

  161. My father is the most amazing man and great at carpentry. He surprised me with a homemade keepsake treasure box he made for Christmas this year.

  162. My dad turns the tv on & then naps & when he’s caught he pretends he’s watching tv … how cute is that?

  163. My dad is soft spoken and wise.

  164. he loves oreos and milk

  165. He’s always been there and we share a love for sports!

  166. My dad taught me to always enjoy life. He’s the greatest.
    Thanks for the chance!

  167. My father is the most intelligent man I have ever known. 🙂 Thank you.

  168. My husband is a great man.He works full time and then comes home to help take care of me and our 4 children.I have lots of health issues and some days can not even walk.He will work all day and then come home to clean and do the laundry(he is not a good cook though lol).

  169. he is kind and generous and always there for me!

  170. my husband took off from getting his degree so that I could finish school with a new born baby

  171. Fishing and boating with my grandfather 🙂

  172. My Dad never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself.

  173. My Dad was a good man, hard-working, and taught me a lot about life.

  174. My dad has taught me to live life to the fullest and to enjoy it!! I cherish every day that I have with him!

  175. my dad loves fishing with me

  176. My dad is an amazing man. He has always allowed me to explore whatever education I chose and supported me emotionally along the way.

  177. My dad would enjoy these cookies =)

  178. My father taught me how to do math, how to drive, how to be a handy woman around the house. He is the best 🙂

  179. My dad is always there for me and he is always making a joke. It showed me to not take life to seriously

  180. My husband is the best Dad. I recently started a new job with long hours, so he stepped up and is being Dad and Mom. He is wonderful!

  181. My boyfriend is the greatest dad ever to our little man <3


  182. my dad denny is a great dad.always caring and always smiling

  183. My Dad is great. He is the reason I even graduated from High School

  184. My husband is a great dad and grandfather. He also loves oreo cookies!

  185. My dad has always been there for me even when no one else was standing behind me cheering me on

  186. my dad is loving and is my biggest supporter

  187. my dad adopted me and my younger brother when we were in our late teens and is now 90 years old

  188. I have been fortunate enough to travel with my father. I think that he has traveled individually with each of his 7 children. He is now 85 and would still like to travel with this wife and children and grandchildren.

  189. My dad always puts a smile on my face when I’m feeling down, and gives the best advice!

  190. My dad is a hard worker and a great supporter of me and my children.

  191. It’s been amusing to see my huband, a strict dad, turn into Mr. Mellow with his granddaughters.

  192. My dad has a really big heart.

  193. my son is the best dad that i know! he spends every extra minute enjoying his children

  194. My Father educated me on the love and magic of baseball!

  195. my hubby would be that and he loves to play basketball with our son 🙂

  196. My dad was an amazing man. He showed me what it was to love, care for others and work hard.

  197. My dad is a grandfather of 4 and a great grandfather of two.

  198. My dad is the hardest working guy I know

  199. My step-dad is the most amazing father, he accepted all 4 of us into his life and loves us just like we are his own.

  200. Love this!!

  201. my dad is my go to handyman – he always fixes stuff around the house and builds me things 🙂

  202. My dad and my fiancé, my daughter’s father, both love their sweets! I would love to share this with them.

  203. Even though we don’t catch much (if anything), my dad still takes us fishing!

  204. Cool contest:)

  205. He taught me at a very young age the importance of being kind to all animals. I would always see him rescuing strays and clipping all the plastics on soda cans.

  206. He’s very hard working.

  207. The most special dad is my husband is is always there for the kids and me. He gives everyone the quality time they need.

  208. My dad is funny ,loving,kind and giving.He’s not a rich man but I have seen him give ,whatever he can give to whomever he could give to.It might be food ,or money or whatever in the quietest manner ever and to anyone; even strangers.He has earned my love and respect in so many ways.I have great memories of being with him.

  209. My dad was a great inspiration to me. His honesty and integrity identified who he was.

  210. he is always full of wisdom, and my best friend

  211. My dad is recovering from having his knee replaced ~10 days ago.

  212. My Dad is a southern gentleman and never met a stranger!

  213. My dad fought in Vietnam, retired from his job a few years ago, he enjoys going to the movies, and loves cookies.

  214. My husband is a special dad to our children and works hard to provide for us.

  215. He is my stepdad, but raise me like one of his own!

  216. My husband is an awesome father– the kids love him so much

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