Hey sugarSNAP Files Set: Organize your Diaper Bag with Style! {Giveaway}

sugarSNAP file set

How many things do you carry inside your diaper bag? We have a lot of stuff inside ours and it is hard work to keep everything organized. It can get really difficult to know where things actually are when you need them, very frustrating!

If you have experienced this issue and you are still looking for a solution then keep on reading, I am going to introduce you to a super cool product that has really changed the way things look inside my diaper bag.

The Files Set by sugarSNAP is a series of five small, organizational bags. They are made to fit inside of your diaper bag, purse or tote and they have tabs on the top that are labeled and super easy to identify.

sugarSNAP files

Using the sugarSNAP files set you can sort all of the items you carry in your bag and know exactly where they are when you are looking for them.  By using the files set to organize my diaper bag I have saved time and effort and it feels great to open my bag and actually see a super organized system that works.

I also love the way the files set looks, each bag looks modern and colorful and the design is lightweight and easy to use.  I specially love the gorgeous ring that allows you to snap all the files together, it has the words “Go Play” imprinted on it. Lovely reminder!

Something else I love about using the sugarSNAP Files Set is that I can switch diaper bags all the time and even use my own purses and totes without transferring each item individually. All I have to do is transfer the file system as a package from one bag to the other and I am ready to go, total time saver.

If you are tired of having to empty your entire diaper bag every time you are looking for something I recommend you visit sugarSNAP and consider one of their File Set systems (they sell for $44).  They are functional, stylish and they work -they are also Phthalate and PVC- free.


Each set comes with the following Files:

  • Shirts + Socks: keeps extra clothing as well as change of clean clothes within reach
  • Dipes + Wipes: holds everything you need for a quick change (it fits 2 cloth pocket diapers)
  • Snacks + Supplies: keeps items like snacks, spoons and bibs handy
  • Lotions + Potions: holds diaper cream, sunscreen and more
  • Me + Mine: last, but certainly not least, the mommy file is just for you! Holds everything from lip gloss to the emergency granola bar

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a sugarSNAP File Set system ($44 value). Enter to win below!
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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own. Special thanks to Rachel Florio-Urso Celebrity Baby Trend Expert for providing the product sample! 

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66 responses to “Hey sugarSNAP Files Set: Organize your Diaper Bag with Style! {Giveaway}”

  1. Oh wow- I thought mine was pretty organized but not this organized!!! That’s brilliant!

  2. I always start the day off organized but it always ends in ruin:) This would be a great help!!!

  3. I’m some what organized but I can always use more help!

  4. Depends on the day or the moment as to how organized my diaper bag is. Some days I could find what I need, but others not so much. If my husband has been looking for something in my diaper bag then I will definitely not be able to find anything after.

  5. I hate my diaper bag but it’s all we’ve got and being able to be organized would make it so much more tolerable! This system is genius.

  6. I’m about to have twins and this would be GREAT!

  7. haha – not THIS organized

  8. not organized enough.i have 3 kids!! LOL

  9. August 1-My purse is not truly organized-except for my cards.-el03ro

  10. organized to me 🙂 chaos to anyone else

  11. Mine is always very organized, it drives me crazy when I drop my daughter off at the nursery and her diaper bag is all out of order when I pick her up!

  12. Sometimes clean, sometimes chaotic…lol

  13. not at all!!

  14. Starts out organized! And then it gets used… And then.. Well it’s a mess 🙂

  15. My diaper bag quickly degenerates into a chaotic mess a lot of the time! I totally need something like this!

  16. Lol I’m the most disorganized person I know!! I can never find what I’m looking for!

  17. My diaper bag is sadly disorganized. This system looks perfect to me to make my diaper bag more user friendly. It’s ta terrible feeling when your child is fussing in public and you can’t find the item in your bag you need to calm them down. I’ve had that happen more than once…

  18. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i cant find anything

  19. Oh wow…now that is a dream to be that organized!

  20. My diaper bag has three main sections so I am able to keep things fairly separated but more general: clothers/diaps, food/supplies, mom section. I’d love to be able to separate my stuff even more to be able to get at each specific category easily

  21. Fairly organized – I need to be able to find things quick so keeping it neat is always good…

  22. since I’m always changing things up, it’s pretty organized but this is the mother of organization & I want it!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. My purse is practically empty, but this would be amazing for my diaper bag.

  24. mine doesn’t even try to be organized.

  25. My purse stays organized about 1 week after buying it. Then it is a nightmare to find anything.

  26. It could be better!

  27. My diaper bag is a total nightmare. No matter how many times I organize it, it becomes messy soon.

  28. I need a pocket for everything in order to keep it organized! This might just do the trick 🙂

  29. Not organized at all.

  30. Not in the least bit organized which is ridiculous considering how anal I am about EVERYTHING else. Maybe I should go clean it 🙂

  31. my diaper bag and purse are pretty organized. i usually clean them out after every trip right now. but i’m sure that is going to change very soon with having 3 kids and one being a newborn. i’m actually in search of a new diaper bag. i have yet to find one that i’m in love with that doesn’t cost a small fortune!

  32. My purse is ridiculously unorganized. I bought an awesome canvas and sequin bag from The Gap that I love and get tons of compliments on, yet it has one tiny pocket, so everything else just gets thrown in there! But I won’t give up my purse, so dig I must.

  33. organized???? NOT!

  34. My diaper bag is semi organized. My purse however is not at all organized!

  35. haha this is Pretty Organized if ya ask me :p

  36. My purse isn’t too bad. I just throw everything in it, but I clean it out regularily.

  37. Honestly not very organized. I try to clean them up every few weeks but things stock up and most of the time i can’t find anything in there! 🙂 this is why i need this sugarsnap files set!!! 🙂 Thank you

  38. It’s not organized at all. It’s a big bag basically where I’m just dumping stuff inside. I really want and need to win this!!!

  39. My purse?? Actually, surprisingly, organized. Anytime I have to wait or si at an appt – I go through it, clean it, etc. I do not have a cell so I’m out of the ordinary I guess.

  40. it is a horrible mess

  41. my purse is not organized at all… it all just get’s thrown in and then I have to dig for whatever I’m looking for.

  42. haha little mess

  43. my diaper bag and purse a both a mess most of the time

  44. Definitely not organized enough, I find myself digging through my purse quite often to find my car keys or cell phone.

  45. I’m not not organized at all and this would help me greatly!

  46. Fairly organized, we make sure we have everything we need in the bag use. This diaper bag would definitely
    be better especially with twin boys.

  47. Not as organized as I’d like. These are AMAZING!

  48. Actually, mostly organized, I’m a little OCD- so I like being organized, probably bring way more than I need, and I’m obsessed with the color green…

  49. Both my diaper and purse are black holes. Not organized well at all.

  50. The diaper bag is pretty organized, my purse is a disaster!!

  51. My diaper bag is always organized!

  52. my diaper bag is semi organized. i have set places for everything but it doesn’t stay in place too long

  53. I would say some what organized!! Sometimes things get tossed in thou!!

  54. Totally unorganized.

  55. Depends on if you are asking before or after we go out! Before it is super organized. By the time we get home it looks like tiny gremlins went in a threw a huge party – so I need this!

  56. Ugh…my diaper bag is AWFUL. I always have to sort through everything to find what I’m looking for!

  57. Never! And it drives me nuts!

  58. NOT organized at all..totally need this!

  59. it always in a semi organized state which is tolerable – – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  60. Mine is a mess! A system to keep it all organized would be great!

  61. Totally unorganised!

  62. Ugh!! My purse is a bit chaotic/disorganised!!!

  63. It is a complete disaster!

  64. mine is not too bad till i have to take something out!

  65. It’s a mess in there!

  66. I am not an organized person at all. These bags would help me out a lot!

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