How To Survive Cold & Flu Season {$150 Giveaway}

Tips to Survive Cold & Flu SeasonWith the beginning of flu season in Canada families everywhere are battling with colds and the flu.

Here are a few simple tips I put together to help you survive the cold & flu season. Prevention is the way to go!

1. Eat a Healthy Diet:  Eating a balanced and healthy diet will keep your immune system working and ready to fight off infections. Eat dark leafy greens and lots of Vitamin C filled fruits like kiwi, apple, orange and strawberries.

Remember the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the Dr. away”?  Well, it is true, healthy eating really makes a difference.

2. Wash Your Hands: Wash, wash and wash those hands. No need for antibacterial soap. Good old regular soap and lots of water, that’s all you need. Washing your hands and your little one’s hands frequently throughout the day is the best way to limit exposure to germs and potential colds and flu.

3. Get Enough Sleep: Lack of sleep is known for decreasing immune function and leaving you susceptible to catching colds and flus.  If your child is starting to sleep through the night then be sure to turn the lights off at a reasonable time to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Your body needs the down time to get ready to fight infections.  Same with your child, a stablished bed time routine will help them get the sleep they need.

 photo shoppers_zpsbwchte67.jpg4. Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine: Regular exercise is great for boosting your immune system and helping you stay healthy.  Schedule at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. It can be as simple as putting your child in a stroller or carrier and going for a walk together.

5. Get the Flu Shot: Get vaccinated! Did you know you can get your vaccination at your local Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy? We got ours for free this year and it took us only 10-15 minutes, with no appointment required!

Hope you and your family manage to stay healthy this season, remember it is all about eating well, frequent hand washing,  getting enough rest, staying fit and boosting your immune system!



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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, however all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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264 responses to “How To Survive Cold & Flu Season {$150 Giveaway}”

  1. When I am out shopping I touch stuff with my right hand and touch my face with my left that way I do not spread the germs from everything on to my face/nose

  2. I protect myself from colds and the flu by getting a flu shot, exercising, eating a healthy diet and washing my hands.

  3. I avoid contact with surfaces when out and wash my hands often.

  4. I get a flu shot (also avoiding a panic like last year) and wash my hands an awful lot. I also have a small bottle of sanitiser that I take with me wherever I go.

  5. we increase or vitamin intact, veggies, fruit. wash our hands & plenty of rest and exercise.

  6. Always washing with antibacterial soap (using Life brand right now) Taking vitamin c and regular multivitamins!

  7. Lots of handwashing, try to get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy, vitamins and flu shots.

  8. I try to wash my hands with soap and hot water after using the skytrain or elevator, stay warm to stave off a chill, and really watch how much I let my friends kids climb all over me. The little ones can’t help getting sick (and getting others sick, too!)

  9. I wash my hands often..arm the family with hand sanitizer and explain how important it is to wash hands and use the sanitizer

  10. I wash my hands often, dress properly for the colder weather and take vitamins.

  11. get the flu shot, drink lots of water, get plenty of rest, use hand sanitizer. drink tea and take vitamins

  12. eat well and lots of spices, try to get enough sleep, wash hands often

  13. I just stay away from crowds (and people) as much as I can. I wash my hands all the time and try to get enough sleep. I catch everything that goes around, so I am very careful.

  14. I try to keep my immune system strong by enjoying lots of hot and spicy soups, hot teas, honey, ginger, extra vitamin C & D, and as much rest as possible 🙂

  15. I drink lots of orange juice, take vitamins, keep washing hands and frequently touched areas such as door knobs, handles ect..

  16. We get the flu shot and we practice hand washing. We use disinfecting wipes for things like phones and fridge door handles.

  17. hand washing!

  18. I plan to drink this tea I bought that I think will help prevent colds and flues… has echinachea in it, but it also has elderberry in it. I have been reading about how people used to make elderberry syrup to fight colds and flues, so I think this tea is a good, time-trusted home remedy!

  19. I get the flu shot, get plenty of sleep and eat right.

  20. I take extra vit D and get lots of rest.

  21. We wash our hands more and drink more orange juice

  22. I usually get the flu shot, have vitamins, drink and eat lots of fruits, have a balanced diet

  23. I get the flu shot and lots of hand washing

  24. I get a flu shot, wash my hands often, eat well and drink plenty of liquids.

  25. I get myself the flu shot and wash my hands constantly

  26. I take vitamins and cold fx help a lot and wash my hands more often

  27. Good hand hygiene is my best defence

  28. Hand washing and using sanitizer

  29. I wash my hands frequently plus I get the flu shot.

  30. I load up on vitamin C, seems to work for me.

  31. Usually get homeopathic cold/flu remedy that works fantastic. Take vit C and D.
    Fresh veggies and fruits, wash hands,

  32. Wash hands alot, take vitamins and make sure we are getting enough sleep!

  33. Wash hands and surfaces regularly to reduce the risk of getting sick.

  34. I take a multivitamin, eat a balanced diet, stay active, wash my hands, and use hand sanitizer.

  35. I get my flu shot every year, I wash my hands and I try to stay away from sick people, eat healthy and drink lots of water!

  36. we take a multi vitamin and constantly hand washing

  37. I wash my hands and use sanitizer when i can’t

  38. I make sure I keep my hands away from my mouth when I am in public places, sanitize often if there is no place to scrub hands, keep door knobs and faucets sanitized when at home

  39. Flu shots and clean hands ! 😀

  40. I wash my hands a lot

  41. I try to get enough rest drink plenty of fluid and bundle up!

  42. We protect ourself from colds and the flu by getting a flu shot,eating healthy,washing hands often and staying away from busy areas

  43. I use sanitizer like a psycho but my best tip for treating is Oil of Oregano! I dip a Qtip in and dab in my nose! Its amazing!

  44. We take vitamins, drink lots of water, get plenty of fresh air and avoid overly germ places (like indoor playgrounds!).

  45. I stay at home a lot, and I wash my hands a lot.

  46. I make sure I get my flu shot, have lots of clorox wipes on hand and wash my hands frequently

  47. To prevent colds and flu, I wash my hands a lot! 🙂

  48. Taking a Vitamin C supplement in the cold months

  49. We wash our hands thoroughly as soon as we come into the house and I carry antiseptic wipes in my purse, in case we eat on the road. We take vitamin C & D daily.

  50. I wash my hand often.

  51. I enforce lots of handwashing and we take lots of Vitamin C.

  52. What works the best is living all by yourself with minimal exposure to others. I only had a chance to do that for a few winter months but that is what works which is probably how humans lived a long time ago before we started to concentrate people into small sections of land and space.

  53. wash our hands and get plenty of sleep.

  54. Frequent hand washing and drinks plenty of fluids

  55. Constantly wash my hands!

  56. I Take Vitamin C and keep Zinc on hand if I feel a cold coming on, I also wipe off the handles on my shopping carts

  57. We just got our flu shots today and we wash our hands a lot and use lysol a lot.

  58. We wash our hands a lot and keep them away from our faces.

  59. I wash my hands frequently and make sure to get plenty of rest.

  60. we love to eat live healthy foods, stay hydrated with water and teas and keep moving. We also always wash our hands after coming in from going into town.

  61. good handwashing is the key and always covering your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing

  62. wash my hands alot

  63. I like to make sure that I wash my hands frequently, get lots of sunshine and eat well. Add in a good vitamin and lots of water and I can usually make it through the season flu free (knock on wood!!!)

  64. wash your hands!

  65. wash hands more fresh juice and i try to tell my son to always sneeze in his elbow

  66. dress for the weather (in layers) and continue to eat fresh produce all year

  67. I am careful to wash my hands often and take my vitamins daily

  68. Wash hands more often,sanitize surfaces more often,vitamins,eat healthy 🙂

  69. Lots of hand washing over here….

  70. We wash our hands frequently and eat healthy food.

  71. I have the flu shot, take vitamins and wash my hands a lot.

  72. I drink lots of water, eat healthy, and get the flu shot!

  73. I’m getting my flu shot tomorrow

  74. We try to eat well, stay active and take vitamins.

  75. Eat healthy, lots of water, and hand washing!

  76. Lots and LOTS of hand washing!

  77. When I feel it coming on, sleep, sleep, sleep.

  78. I wash my hands frequently & take vitamin c everyday 🙂

  79. We get the flu shot and have lots of antibacterial lotion around!

  80. The main thing I do to help prevent colds and the flu is to watch my hands a lot during the day.

  81. washing is the critical thing

  82. We use hand sanitizer and stock up on cold remedies and tissues!

  83. I wash my hands lots

  84. …I get my Flu Shot , Wash my Hands and Try to get Lots of Sleep…

  85. I make sure to take my Vitamin D…the sunshine vitamin! 🙂

  86. Lots of water / sleep / hand washing + keep hands away from face / mouth

  87. I take my vitamins!!

  88. wash hands and stay hydrated

  89. I take a multi-vitamin daily as well as additional Vitamin C to help build my immune system to prevent colds/flu.

  90. we get the flu shot

  91. I just try to eat healthy, get fresh air, exercise, enough sleep, vitamins, and drink lots of water.

  92. Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

  93. I try to avoid sick pople, I wash my hands a lot and drink lots of fluids.

  94. Lots of hand washing, vitamins, and i avoid sick ppl at work!

  95. I Purell like crazy whenever I use a shopping cart, and drink lots of water!

  96. I protect myself from dressing warmly, especially protecting the neck with scarves, and washing hands often.

  97. I generally try to stay in as much as possible haha.

  98. I try to wash my hands regularly especially when returning home. I try to remember to keep my hands away from my face…

  99. I try to wash my hands often.

  100. Healthy eating and proper hand washing seems to protect me from colds and flu.

  101. Lots of rest. Lots of water

  102. I wash my hands and drink plenty of fluids and finally I get a flu shot

  103. Take vitamins, wash hands all the time! Drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep (if I can)!

  104. Sleeping and the flu shot.

  105. I always make ginger tea! Also keep disinfectant wipes in the purse!

  106. I will hibernate the entire Winter, that should work

  107. I get a flu shot

  108. I take lots of vitamin C

  109. I wash my hands as soon as I can back from the store and take vitamin D daily!

  110. I take vitamin C and try to avoid people with colds but it never seems to be enough

  111. wash our hands often

  112. We all wash our hands a lot, use sanitizer and try to eat healthy and drink lots of water.

  113. hand washing is a must every time we enter the house

  114. Lots of hand washing, sanitizing and flu shots for the whole family!

  115. Take vitamins, wash hands and eat healthy

  116. I hide inside my house!! Oh ya and use disinfectant wipes and wash my hand lots!! 🙂

  117. I gte the flu shot every year

  118. we wash our hands more often and I keep a hand sanitizer in my purse for when neeeded

  119. Get plenty of rest,and try to eat healthy. I also always have hand sanitizer on hand!

  120. We wash hands often, cough & sneeze into elbows, get rest…

  121. First sight of onset of a cold/flu – first sniffle – automatically stock up on Ginger Root – and a hot Tea with 2 slices of Ginger Root – eliminates it everytime.

  122. I wash my hands a lot and use sanitizing wipes all over the house

  123. wash hands often

  124. I get the flu shot and try to wash my hands frequently.

  125. I get the flu shot and wash up and do not touch doorknobs or taps after washing in public washrooms.

  126. Aside from healthy hygiene habits like hand washing after using the toilet or blowing your nose, I also take care of my body. The body defends you from getting sick. If you are already sick, it’s still the body that fights off the invaders to help you recover. By giving the body what it needs to be in tip-top shape, the cold and flu viruses don’t last long with me. I make it a point to eat vegetables, fish, and drink herbal teas, on a daily basis. I also soak in the tub with Life Brand’s eucalyptus oil to help me sleep as I get congested now and then due to allergies. Before I go bed, I give myself a head or facial massage and press the areas to clear congestion. It somehow helps me to fall asleep and when you’re well rested, you feel better and chances of getting sick are lessened with strong defenses. When I do feel that something is coming, I take elderberry syrup to ward it off and give my body (if I’m tired) more time to rest to restore/enable my recovery.

  127. We eat healthy, wash our hands frequently, if we are ill stay home!

  128. I wash my hands a lot, get a flu shot, try to eat well and get lots of sleep, and try not to share any cups, utensils etc with anyone so as not to catch their germs. My answer to “Can I have a sip?” is always “No!” unless I am willing to give up the whole drink! 🙂

  129. Get adequate sleep, vitamin C

  130. I remind my kids to wash their hands and be careful when they cough or sneeze.

  131. wash hands alot and taking vitamins

  132. I use a nasal salt rinse each morning and wash/sanitize my hands frequently.

  133. Washing hands is so important. Best way of keeping germs away.

  134. We all get the flu shot in our house, and are always washing our hands. When someone does come down with a cold, all the light switches and door knobs get Lysoled multiple times a day!

  135. We do a ton of handwashing / antibacterial hand sanitizer this time of year, plus we take vitamins & get our flu shots.

  136. seriously i dont do anything

  137. Frequently wash hands.

  138. Stay warm, lots of fluids and rest.

  139. I wash my hands often and take my vitamins.

  140. I wash my hands often and use sanitizer when I can’t wash. I also disinfect all common contact surfaces monthly, like doorknobs, remote controls, cell phones, etc.

  141. i wash my hands as soon as i get home; i carry hand sanitizer in my purse, and use it often; i drink lots of water.

  142. Vitamin D & plenty of rest.

  143. We get the flu shot and wash hands regularly.

  144. I get my flu shot and try to protect myself when I see signs of flu around me like people coughing, I will try to wash my hands as much as possible after interacting with them per example

  145. I try to get more sleep – some days it actually works!

  146. Wash hands. Wash hands. Wash hands!

  147. Lots of GARLIC

  148. Washing hands frequently, using antibacterial hand sanitizer and cleaning products are ways I use to fight the flu and colds from invading our homes and bodies

  149. WASHING HANDS LIKE CRAZY and we got out flu shots!

  150. I get the flu shot every year and make sure I also get enough vitamin C. Other than that, I just try and stay away from sick people.

  151. Dress warmly, wash hands frequently, drink lots of water and get a good night of rest.

  152. I recently learned that moisturizing is an important step because germs have a harder time sticking to soft skin, so on top of regular hand-washing one should always moisturize! 🙂

  153. I get the flu shot and try to eat really healthy and take vitamins!

  154. I take lots of vitamins and stay hydrated!

  155. I try to make sure I get enough sleep and don’t push myself too hard

  156. We have more fruits and veggies, sanitize and exercise.

  157. lots of fruits and veggies, Vitamin C, lots of sleep and water

  158. I practise good hand washing and I get the flu shot.

  159. I try not to let myself get too run down and make sure I get a decent nights sleep

  160. It is a very nice giveaway. Thank-you.

  161. I handwash constantly.

  162. I practice all of the above, and I hardly get sick. I work at the Health field, and I constantly come to contact with ill people. By practicing healthy eating, exercise, good sleeping habits, constant hand washing/sanitizing, getting the yearly flu shot, and just plain common sense, I protect myself and the folks around me.

  163. I would like to win this prize from Shopper’s Drug Mart.

  164. I avoid contact with surfaces when out and wash my hands often.and get the flu shot yearly.


  165. I drink lots of tea.

  166. I try to eat healthy & always wash my hands well

  167. I drink lots of water

  168. I was my hands frequently and take vitamins.

  169. Lots of handwashing!

  170. I get a flu shot.

  171. I stay away from very sick people. I use the basic hand washing with soap and water or purell. I eat well.

  172. I get a flu shot, wash my hands regularly when I am out, vacuum my mattress, etc.

  173. Washing hands and take a lot of water.

  174. I drink lots of water

  175. I wash my hands frequently and take vitamin c and oregano oil drops.

  176. We try to eat properly & we wash our hands as often as we can.

  177. lots of water , sanitizer on hand when there is no water , we practice gratitude for our health as well

  178. I try to get a good nights’ sleep, wash my hands often and drink lots of orange juice.

  179. I wash my hands regularly and drink vitamin water.

  180. I wash my hands frequently in warm, soapy water!

  181. I wash my hands frequently and use hand sanitizer if I can not wash at that time.

  182. My family always gets flu shots and make sure to follow hand washing procedures. We also take Vitamins C and D each day!

  183. I wash my hands frequently, clean with Lysol, take my vitamins.

  184. Get plenty of sleep and exercise daily.

  185. always try to wash my hands frequently after being out in public and take extra vitamins C and D each day!

  186. I actually avoid crowded places as I get sick really easily. I try to eat healthily and take vitamins as well.

  187. wash my hands with antibacterial soap and sleep at least for 7 hours to boost my immune system (:

  188. I get a flu shot every year.

  189. I carry hand sanitizer at all times and use it. I also shop early in the mornings when there are less people shopping. Eating healthy and getting a good nights sleep are on my agenda all the time as this helps a lot.

  190. I add more lemon juice with honey in warm water to drink. I think it works !

  191. Get lots of sleep and wash my hands often.

  192. I got the flu shot this year and when I’m sick I stay home from work

  193. Lots of rest and fluids. Vitamins and tea with honey is awesome too.

  194. Just wash hands with soap and cough into sleave

  195. Flu shot, wash hands frequently, eat right and get plenty of sleep.

  196. My husband needs this kit. He gets colds every winter.

  197. avoid contact with surfaces when out and wash my hands often….

  198. Flu shot and wash hands frequently

  199. wash my hands tons

  200. OMG, eats lots of oranges & rest. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me

  201. lots of vitamin C and hearty homemade soups for the family

  202. I make sure everyone in my family washes their hands often, uses hand sanitizer and eats chicken noodle soup and drinks plenty of orange juice!

  203. We wash our hands constantly to protect ourselves!

  204. Drink lots of fluids and eat your veggies!

  205. Tea tree oil hand wash, I don’t touch surfaces with my hands. I keep my hands away from my face. I stock a cupboard with honey ginger tea with lemon. Oregano Oil I take everyday as a prevention to colds and viruses.

  206. drink lots of liquids, lots of vitamin c and exercise

  207. I wash my hands frequently and use antibacterial lotion when I can’t

  208. Flu shot…every year.

  209. I wash my hands frequently and drink lots of fluids.

  210. To protect myself I get the flu shot, am forever washing my hands and try to keep them away from my face too,

  211. Frequent handwashing, avoid other people with the flu, stay home if we have the flu, take vitamins and get the flu shot.

  212. I wash my hands frequently and keep them away from my face.

  213. I got the flu shot and have just begun taking daily oregano oil. Haven’t had a cold in years.

  214. I ensure everyone washes their hands, keeps their hands away from their face and out of their mouth, dress warm when outside and take their vitamins.

  215. I drink emergen-c, get a flu shot, drink lots of water, exercise and eat healthy. I try to make sure I get enough rest too but I sometimes neglect that one especially around the holidays.

  216. I like to load up on vitamin C and get as much rest as I can. Good hand washing is also king in our house too 🙂

  217. I try not to touch banisters or counters when I am out. I also try to stay away from people who obviously have a cold.

  218. The most notable thing I do to protect myself from colds and flu is that I constantly wash my hands.

  219. Constantly washing hands!

  220. Wash hands and limit the time in public areas as much as possible.

  221. Taking my vitamins, and washing hands frequently.

  222. I wash my hands frequently, carry hand sanitizer for times when I’m out and about, take vitamins, eat healthy and get plenty of rest.

  223. Wash my hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.

  224. Thanks for all tips, it’s very practical and helpful.

  225. drink vitamins and sleep lots

  226. I drink lots of echinacea

  227. I wash my hands often

  228. Lots of hand washing!

  229. I try to stay away from sick people and wash my hands with soap and water after being in public.

  230. I avoid contact with surfaces when out and wash my hands often….

  231. I take my vitamins and I was my hands a lot. After I lotion up as germs like to stick to dry skin.

  232. Lots of hand washing,keeping the house clean and door knobs disinfected.

  233. We all get the flu shot in our house and get extra sleep.

  234. i hibernate indoors in my home alot more in winter. it is not a fully positive thing but it seems to help me get sick less.

  235. getting my flu shot and lots of hand washing to keep myself safe as possible

  236. I drink lots of water and wash my hands often.

  237. I eat lots of Fruits & Veggies, wash my hands frequently and drink lots of water.

  238. eat healthy and dress warmly when its cold outside!

  239. Drink lots of water, wash my hands often, and take vitamen C.

  240. I wash my hands regularly during flu season!

  241. just in time for the flu season!!

  242. I wash my hands and wipe down the door knobs and phones with disinfectant.

  243. Cleaning and proper hand washing

  244. loads of vitamin C

  245. I wash my hands several times a day to keep bacteria and flus at bay!

  246. Wash hands and anti bacterial cream

  247. I try to eat healthy home made meals most of the time.

  248. I try to exercise and eat healthy.

  249. We avoid sugar to keep our immune systems strong and take vitamin D all winter long.

  250. We drink a lot of water and cook food at home (and include a lot of vegetables).

  251. I make sure we have hand sanitizer for the times we can’t wash our hands

  252. washing my hands a lot and consuming citrus.

  253. I protect myself from colds and the flu by getting a flu shot, exercising with long walks
    eating a healthy diet and
    washing my hands often!
    I also like to use disinfecting wipes on my phones and keyboards,etc.

  254. Wash my hands verrrry often!

  255. well i dress appropriately with the days weather and i get my flu shot every year

  256. I make bone broth soup

  257. I continue to wash my hands with soap and hot water!

  258. I always wash my hands with soap and warm water upon returning home and before eating or cooking. I limit my contact with people that have a cold. I eat healthy.

  259. We are constantly using hand sanitizer when we are out and always wash our hands as soon as we get home.

  260. My boost your immune system twitter entry,sorry i made an error

  261. We wash our hands lots, eat healthy and I have forgotten this year to get some but I usually make sure that my kids have vitamin D and I take it too.

  262. I protect myself by proper hanwashing,flu shots and eating healthy.

  263. Always wash my hands when I get home and before eating. I also carry around a hand sanitizer with me. Vitamin C and D are taken on a daily basis as well.

  264. I drink plenty of fluids, take my vitamins and wash my hands.

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