Kinderel Baby Gear: Bamboo Fabric {Giveaway}

Kinderel Bamboo

Kinderel is a Vancouver based company that specializes in organic baby sleepwear, clothes and accessories. They also offer high quality unbleached bamboo fabric, great for DIY projects.

Their super soft, fluffy and thirsty natural color bamboo fleece can be used as is, or dyed to your favorite color.

Bamboo rayon blended with organic cotton is extremely absorbent, and moisture wicking, and it is really easy to make your own cloth diaper inserts, or flats with it. It is also great for blankets, wipes, or, if you’re highly skilled, you can make your baby’s potty training pants, sweatshirts or hoodies.

Mamas can also use this fabric for nursing pads or mama cloths.

Bamboo fabric

Why bamboo?

The bamboo fabrics, well known for their extreme softness, cashmere like feeling, are far the best choice for cloth diapering:

  • Highly absorbent, “wicks” moisture away from the skin, keeping the body drier and comfortable;
  • Natural antibacterial, due to the “bamboo kun”, prevents bacterial growth and odor;
  • The round shape of the fiber makes it ideal when dealing with skin allergies, sensitive skin or eczema;
  • Thermal regulator: newborns have a hard time regulating body temperature; bamboo fabrics keeps baby warmer in cool weather, and a few degrees cooler in hot weather.

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win 3 yards of bamboo fleece fabric from Kinderel. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

3 yards will be sufficient to make:

  • 6 diaper flats or blankets, or
  • 48 double layered diaper inserts, or
  • 30 triple layered diaper inserts

Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  26. There are many benefits to organic clothing, first is that it is comfortable and safe, the second is that it promotes sustainability by modeling businesses to be conscious of being responsible to workers and the environment. I would encourage everyone to educate themselves on the benefits of organic clothing and social responsibilty. You get better made clothes and you actually feel good about it.

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