At home I use a wrap with my little one for carrying him around the house and he loves it.  It really helps me get my work done those days he needs the extra cuddles because he doesn’t feel 100% or just because he wants to be close to me. Babywearing is fantastic and I am very grateful to have started it with my son from very early on.


For outdoor exploring and going out I am unable to take the wrap with me because he is close to 25lbs and it gets difficult walking long distances while wearing him in the front now.  Thanks to Kokopax and their amazing Eco-Classic back carrier I am able to continue babywearing my son outside while out for longer walks or exploring and I am as comfortable as ever.
I received the “Road Trip” print and I love it so much. It is SO adorable! I also really like that the carrier is made with green textiles so it is safe for my child.

When I first heard about the Kokopax carrier I was shocked to find out the carrier only weights about 3lbs. Trust me it looks big and heavy but it is not! If I wear it without carrying my son I barely feel any weight is on my shoulders and while carrying my son I feel like I am wearing a light backpack.

My favorite feature is the kick stand that allows me to sit my son in the carrier and prepare him basically anywhere we are to be able to wear him. I can use it anywhere there is a flat surface (ground surface as you must avoid higher surfaces like tables or chairs to avoid accidents). 

My son loves how he is positioned at eye-level and gets a new view of the world around him. A bit different from his experiences in the wrap and other back carriers.
We air travel a lot with our little one and this carrier is fantastic because it fits in an airplane’s overhead bin! Perfect to take with you instead of the bulky strollers!  The carry bag that it comes with is easy to transport (you can just fold it) and you are good to go. 
The carrier also has a back pocket with magnetic closure that is great to keys, cellphones, papers and other things you would usually carry in your bag.

You can use the Kokopax carrier from 6 months up to 2 years  or when your child reaches 35lbs, I personally foresee the Kokopax and I having a long term relationship for many more months to come!  Now I can see why the Kokopax carrier was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show for Mother’s Day, it really rocks!

You can visit their website here to find a couple of other carrier lines, beautiful tote bags for mom, gorgeous organic hats for baby and more adorable accessories.

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