Lost My Name Personalized Book: Holiday Gift Idea {Giveaway}

Lost My Name Personalized BookBy Jen Shragge

My house could easily be confused for a small library. I am a reader. My kids are readers. I love books. I have tried to greatly reduce the number of books we purchase these days and have taken full advantage of the excellent library system here in Toronto but there are still some books that I prefer to own. Mostly these are books for my kids. We spend a lot of time reading books with our kids and I love having lots of options to pick from and I adore seeing my daughter falling in love with the same books that my son loved over the past years.

We were sent a fantastic personalized book for each of my kids called The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home made by the company Lost My Name. I had heard a lot about Lost My Name over the past couple of years and all the things I had heard were rave reviews about their books. My son already had a couple of personalized books made by a different company so we hadn’t purchased any from Lost My Name. I can see why they get such rave reviews. The book itself is adorable and has an amazing little story (featuring your child of course) and mentions their name, where they live and even has a page featuring an aerial type image of your street and house! The rhyming prose is really catchy and both my kids (just about 2 and 7.5) have brought me their books over the past week a number of times asking to have them read.

DSC_0279Kids often ask their parents to tell them a story and usually want it to be about them. This book makes it easy for mom or dad to accommodate such a request without having to be incredibly creative late at night when creativity can be questionable at best. The Intergalactic Journey Home is a great bedtime story option and even comes with cute brochures which aim to make bedtime and reading even more fun. My son already flagged a few of the “clever ideas” to make at home.

I can see now that not all personalized children’s books are created equal. The quality of the story and illustrations in this book are second to none and even the cardstock that the book is printed on is thicker than the average soft covered book.  These books would make an excellent holiday gift this season for any child between approximately 2-8 (by my estimation) and retail for $38.99 CDN and include free shipping (shipping is free anywhere in the world). Plus, since it’s a personalized book, you don’t have to worry about whether or not they already have this one!


Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a personalized copy of “The Intergalactic Journey Home”. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good luck friends!



Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Lost my Name. A product sample has been received for this review and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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Jen Shragge is a yoga instructor and all around eco-diva. She now lives back in her hometown of Toronto after ten years in the Vancouver area. Jen’s days are filled by her seven year old son and husband plus her toddler who was crazy enough to make her arrival on Christmas Day. In her spare time, (do moms really have spare time!?) Jen is a stylist for Peekaboo Beans, a play-focused quality children's clothing line.

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26 responses to “Lost My Name Personalized Book: Holiday Gift Idea {Giveaway}”

  1. I would love to win because I know my daughter would love it! My kids love personalized stuff!

  2. Such a great book..would love to win and read to my step grand kids. I like collecting books to have here when they are over!

  3. I love personalised books for children and they do too. My grandson would really enjoy this book.

  4. omg.. I would loveeee to win this for my little future astronaut! Jennifer suggested it to me before but I totally forgooootttt!!!

  5. Would love to win this for my daughter! She loves storytime and would love this personalized book! ????❤️

  6. I would love to win this for my great-nephew.

  7. I would like to win this for my friend’s little boy.

  8. I’d love a copy of this book because I have a little Book Worm who would devour it!

  9. I would love to win this book because it is impossible to find my daughter’s on anything, so I know she would love a book with her own name in it!

  10. We love all things space in our family so this would be a great addition to our bookshelf.

  11. I would love to win this for my little cousins. Personalized stories feel extra special.

  12. I would love to win this book because I think it’s always exciting for kids to see their names in a book. My son would love it.

  13. We love to read and my son loves to see his name in the personalized books we have.

  14. I would love to win this book to give it to my son. He would love that his name is in the book!

  15. My nephew is just starting to ask questions about space!

  16. I love the idea of a personalized book, would so love to win!

  17. This would be a great book to gift to my grandson!

  18. My older children have their own books, but my youngest doesn’t yet!

  19. I would love to win this book for my son.

  20. Our daughter has a unique name so I love being able to get her personalize things especially books!

  21. My daughter would love to have a book personalized for her!

  22. My kids love personalized books that are about them.

  23. My son loves to read and when there are books with characters who share the same name, he love it so much!!

  24. my kids would love it

  25. I would love to give this to my little girl! Such a great idea!

  26. I have a reader here that can’t get enough to read. Having their name in it would take the cake!

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