mother's day event

Friends, I am excited to tell you all about the upcoming Mom’s Week Event happening from May 2th-6th to help celebrate you. Hosted by a group of us bloggers and Sampler you don’t want to miss it!

Sampler allows you to send product samples to friends and family and by buddying up with friends you can ensure that YOU receive all the product samples as well.

To participate in the Mom’s Week event be sure to RSVP and sign up to get a calendar with times and dates for company sample launches. At the specified times go to the company’s Facebook page (links will be provided below) and follow the link to send samples to your friends and family. Get your friends to sign up as well and ask them to send you samples too!

When you RSVP you are also entered to win a grand prize. A gift basket full of prizes for one lucky fan!

Below you’ll find a list of products featured in this event. So many great brands!!!

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1. Solves Strips – Pediatic Electrolyte Strips: These new and easy to use strips dissolve quickly, taste great and contain no sugar or carbs. I love how portable they are and easy to carry in your bag!  Whenever my son is sick and I am worried about him being dehydrated I use the strips instead of the drinks he hates. No more complains!  EVENT LINK

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2. Apricot Power- Ground SuperFood Mix: This multi-functional, multi-purpose formula is the world’s first B17 infused superfood mix made from whole foods. This mix is perfect to add to smoothies, shakes, muesli, raw or fresh-baked meals, muffins, and more! The easy on-the-go snack pack sizes are wonderful and they are pesticide free, vegan and gluten free!  EVENT LINK

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3. Buddha Teas – Tumeric Ginger Tea: Looking for an organic, all natural tea? Buddha Teas has you covered! Their turmeric and ginger tea offers an exotic blend of tea with a deliciously dynamic taste that you can enjoy whenever you’re in the mood for something stimulating. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals and a natural source of antioxidants too! EVENT LINK

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4. Healthy Skoop – B-Strong Protein Shake: This plant based shake contains 20 grams of brown rice, pea, and hemp protein promote lean muscle and quick recovery, available in chocolate and vanilla flavours it provides phytonutrients and antioxidants. Great for after the gym! I have been drinking a cup a day after my morning workout and I love feeling energized and ready to start the day! EVENT LINK

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5. Greeniche – Greeniche Gold Standard Stevia Sachets: These Stevia Sachets are the all natural, no calorie sweetener you’ve been dreaming about! Stevia is a completely safe, all-natural sweetener extracted from the herb stevia rebaudiana. I have to admit that Stevia is an acquire taste but once you get used to the flavour it is so much better for you than sugar! I’ve been using Stevia when baking and I love that we are not eating a ton of sugar with our desserts! EVENT LINK

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6. DeVita – Revitalizing Eye Lift Creme: I have been trying out the Optimal Rejuvenation serum for my under eyes and I must say that I am loving what my skin feels and looks like after applying it.  The product is 100% Vegan, Paraban Free and never tested in animals! I love how this product is helping this sleep deprived mom look presentable in the mornings!  EVENT LINK


7. Kiju Organic – Kiju Organic Lemonade Juice Boxes: We rarely buy juice boxes for the boys, however the only brand we buy is Kiji Organic. These juices are delicious, the boys love them and they have no added sugar, they are certified organic and Non-GMO. We keep a couple of boxes in the fridge for family picnics and for playdates! EVENT LINK

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8. MyChelle – MyChelle Sun Shield Unscented SPF: I received some samples of MyChelle sunscreen products at the perfect time, with all the sunny days in Vancouver lately we have been needing sun  protection every day! I love that this line is free of Parabans, Non-GMO and free of artificial fragrances and colour! Plus non greasy! EVENT LINK

 photo IMG_2444_zpsxemw3rda.png9. FATCO-Baby Butta: Looking for a decadent moisturizer that your kids can use? My son has eczema and I love using Baby Butta to moisturize his delicate skin. Formulated specifically for babies and children in mind it doesn’t contain any essential oils or any other ingredients that may be harsh for kids’s skin but still moisturizes like crazy!  Paleo and Paraban free too! EVENT LINK


To RSVP and receive the calendar + enter to win the grand prize go HERE

Good Luck Everyone! Hope you enjoy all of the amazing samples available! Be sure to share with your friends as well so you can both receive all of the samples!

Disclosure: This has been a sponsored post/event, we also received free samples, however all views and opinions here are 100% our own.