Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Giveaway


I love celebrating Mother’s Day! Celebrating my own mom and also having my little ones celebrate the day with me is always fun. This year we are going to be celebrating Mother’s Day at Walt Disney World and my mom will be there too.  It should be an amazing experience for all! I can’t wait.

Are you still wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Below I am sharing some of my top gift ideas for Mother’s Day from Hallmark. So many cute choices. I personally love love love the fairy door decoration and figurines, so unique!

All of these must-haves are made especially for Mom with love.


  1. Mother’s Day Frame ($16.95)
  2. Love and Laughter Insulated Travel Mug ($12.95)
  3. Mom Pillow ($26.95)
  4. Fairy Figurines ($19.95 each)
  5. True Nature Fairy Door ($24.95)

Hallmark is also inviting you to share how extraordinary your mom/moms in your life are by showing your Hallmark Signature card style and sharing your stories on social media. Share your own story using #NoOrdinaryCard and #SignatureStyle.



Mother's Day Giveaway


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a Mini Disney chalkboard with chalk and Classic Mickey Mouse notebook from Hallmark. Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

(Giveaway open to CAN only – 18+ – prize may not be exactly as shown).

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60 responses to “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Giveaway”

  1. We are taking my mom, mother in law and grand mother in law out to brunch for mother’s day this year.

  2. I am doing a charity fundraiser , bake sale and BBQ ! Then for supper my family and I will go to my moms and have supper 😀 Cant wait !

  3. It will be the same as every year doing and getting nothing . Always is the same as any other day

  4. I just love being surrounded by family and having everyone with me to have a wonderful dinner in celebration of our total family and how happy we are!

  5. We’ll be going out for lunch and spoiling mom the whole day!

  6. I am hoping to follow tradition and have a lobster dinner at home with family.

  7. We will be camping this year for Mothers Day. So planning on having a relaxing day, a bbq and campfire!

  8. We always get together with family for a HUGE feast!

  9. Getting the whole family together, and making mom her favourite meal. And my mom absolutely adores Mickey Mouse- she would love this prize!

  10. I will be taking my mom out for a nice lunch or dinner

  11. I don’t expect to celebrate at all really. Its just another Sunday here. My youngest 3 will make me cards/gifts at school and that is probably the extent of it.

  12. My family is taking me out to lunch 🙂

  13. Our entire family always celebrates by having brunch at my sisters and depending on the weather we may go play mini golf.

  14. Myself and my siblings are taking our mom out to brunch.

  15. I will have my boys deliver flowers to my mom.

  16. I’m sure we’ll be heading to eat somewhere and the kids will be so polite that day and not argue and just love each other …. ha they’re teenagers who am i kidding 🙂

  17. we will go to brunch then maybee a movie family time

  18. I have my mother over for dinner, I give her my gifts and then we’re going to see a movie

  19. We plan on having A BBQ

  20. I’m planning to celebrate mothers day by visiting with my mom and my mother in law. I’ll drop of some treats for them to enjoy and maybe go for lunch with them.

  21. We are going to an authentic salmon bake!

  22. We are going to have a BBQ with the family.

  23. I plan on celebrating Mother’s Day by making a nice meal with the kids!

  24. My family is taking me to dinner.

  25. We will cook a lovely dinnerlove to celebrate Mother’s Day and enjoy it with those we love

  26. My daughter and I will be having lunch together.

  27. Plan on having dinner and going to a movie.

  28. I Plan on having supper with my mom and sister at my sister’s home.

  29. We’re planning to have Sunday brunch

  30. I’ve not heard yet but I presume that I’ll be invited upstairs to my son’s for a meal.

  31. We will do a family lunch.

  32. I’m taking my mom (and my own nkids) to the beach — then to a book sale, and then me and mom are going to dinner together and getting a pedicure (she’s never had one!)

  33. I will be going to her house and making her a nice dinner

  34. We will be spending the day at the lake then heading out for dinner

  35. My son and I will be spending the day at Centreville 🙂

    I just love that tea towel you have in the first picture! I am going to have to find a Hallmark to buy that!

  36. We will be going to have dinner with my mom and my kids plan to buy a cake for both my mom and me

  37. My family has reserved an area of a local park for a big mothers day BBQ lunch! Should be fun!!

  38. I have not been told of any plans, if there are any. I hope my husband and toddler make me some breakfast. And I would love a homemade Mother’s Day card.

  39. I plan on having lunch with my mother, sister and families 🙂

  40. I plan to visit my mom and sister and have a family lunch.

  41. My kids and husband make me breakfast in bed and then do all the chores for the day so I don’t have to.

  42. I am going to visit my mom and bring her a nice gift… I saw something I liked when browsing in store.

  43. I will have a family day with my husband and kids.

  44. Have to work this one but my girls have already spoiled me with audio books I wanted and a fantastic brunch when we were in town!

  45. We will probably have BBQ and family over or go out to dinner.

  46. I plan on celebrating mother’s day by taking my mom out for dinner, and to the spa after where she can be spoiled and pampered. She doesn’t like to spend money on herself or us to spend money on her but I already bought her a gift certificate to the spa so she can’t return it and has to go and enjoy a day of pampering, she deserves it. Happy Mother’s day to all the mums out there!

  47. My mom and I ordered Chinese and snuggled with my kids <3

  48. A quiet day at home since my girlfriend is pregnant with twins and is finding it harder to get around!

  49. My hubby took me to Halifax for the weekend.

  50. I spent Mother’s Day doing absolutely nothing but relaxing with my family!!

  51. I think I slept, I can’t even ttell you what we ate…

  52. We spent it together watching movies and eating snacks we made together.

  53. I got to see the new Avengers movie at the posh cinema.

  54. My boys are making me breakfast in bed again this year-also a foot spa is promised

  55. The kids went flower shopping with their step dad and bought flowers to plant in the garden with me.

  56. My mom lives far away so we had a nice Skyping experience

  57. We sent her some flowers and my kids made a home made card for her. We gave her some of her favorite nuts and dried fruit. We took her to her favorite habachi restaurant.

  58. A picnic at a park just outside the city.

  59. Spent it with family, had beautiful brunch, spent time outdoors

  60. Spent it with my mom and my children. Had a nice dinner and watched a movie

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