MyMayu Rain Boots For Children {Review & Giveaway}


We live in Vancouver and it usually rains a lot here during the fall and winter. This year the summer has been exceptionally dry but we are used to living in a place where it rains lots, even in the summer. Both boys own rubber boots and even though the rubber boots keep their feet from being soaked I am not a big fan. Rubber boots are pretty heavy and clunky and both kids are constantly tripping while wearing them; plus water and mud usually splashes inside their boots.

Enter the amazing Muddy Munchkins waterproof boots and Explorer boots from MyMayu. Designed by parents and created out of necessity, these are the best rain boots we have ever tried. They stay on my children’s feet and are comfortable and lightweigh. They boys can actually RUN and go enjoy the outdoors without the fear of tripping, and their feet and socks are protected as water stays out, even when splashing in puddles!

The adjustable toggles on the knee and ankle are brilliant because the boots fit snugly to keep water out and the waterproof upper material (nylon) is breathable and super easy to clean. The flexible rubber sole is also what allows them to walk and run comfortably.


MyMayu offers a wide variety of unique colours and design that are both stylish and fun and that little ones will love. They have boots for toddlers and children from 1-8 years old.  They also offer Helios Liners that are made to fit their Explorer and Play Boot Collections to keep little toes warm.

One amazing feature that I love about these is that they have a collapsible upper, they are super easy to store and to travel with. I have never packed rubber rain boots with me before when traveling with the children because they are so heavy and take a lot of space, not anymore! These would be great for camping and any outdoor travel as well.


We love our MyMayu boots and we are excited to play outdoors more when the rain comes. I love not having to worry about muddy pants or soggy wet socks and feet when the children are playing outside. I highly recommend you invest in a pair of these for your little ones. The toddler boots retail for $45.95 and the big kid boots for $74.95.



  • Constructed of Waterproof Materials
  • Three-season suited when layered up or down with Muddy Munchkins fleece Liners
  • Upper made of durable, 100% waterproof, breathable coated nylon
  • Flexible, lightweight, TPR rubber sole
  • Dual toggle system: enclosed elastic at top with toggle to prevent water ingress and enclosed elastic with toggle closure at ankle for a customizable fit
  • Designed to fit just below the knee for maximum coverage
  • Quick drying
  • Collapsible – folds up easily to fit in your bag or pocket
  • BPA free sole
  • Ultra-lightweight for developing feet
  • Brush clean when dry or hand wash- do not put in dryer
  • Made in North America
  • Vegan


Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a pair of MyMayu boots with liners- winner’s choice based on available stock. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below (approx. value $90)

I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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Angela V

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  1. I love that they fold up so small.

  2. I like that they are collapsible and have a flexible sole.

  3. I like that they are collapsible …

  4. I love how small the can collapse down too. And the toggle to keep them closed at the top.

  5. I like that they are collapsible and won’t take up as much room in the closet as traditional rainboots

  6. I like that they are collapsible and lightweight.

  7. light

  8. These are incredible. I have never seen boots like these! My son is a puddle jumper which means sometimes he ends up with a boot full of water!! These would be great! I love how high these are. Great feature.

  9. Love that the are collapsible and lightweight – would make them very easy to pack!

  10. I LOVE the collapsable upper part. Boots are so clunky to store. They take up way too much space in the closet. I also like that these would be easy to pack to take with us because they become so compact. Its a great design

  11. I like that’ it’s 100% waterproof, which is exactly what we need during rainy season in Vancouver!

  12. I like that these are lightweight with flexible sole.. they’d be easy to move around in

  13. I love that they are 100% waterproof and collapsible.

  14. I love that the are Collapsible to fold and fit in your bag

  15. The fact that they can be compacted down to just a simple shoe sized boot is awesome – makes it so much easier for bringing to and from the farm, pumpkin patch, school etc. Often my daughter will just leave her boots at school instead of bringing them home because they are too bulky to carry (if it stops raining by the end of the day), and then we are stuck without boots at home when we need them! I think she would be more willing to bring them with her and have them when needed if she could more easily fit them in her bag.

  16. I appreciate that they’re quick drying. It’s such a pain when boots stay wet for ages.

  17. I like that they are quick drying and fold for storage

  18. I love that they fold up easily and have cute prints on them!

  19. They seem pretty fool proof in terms of rain protection!

  20. I like how cute these are!

  21. Love that they are collapsible. Curious how they are for wading in puddles as opposed to splashing.

  22. Collapsible!

  23. That they’re lightweight. Great to carry around.

  24. I love that they are collapsible.

  25. I love how high up the reach on the kid’s knees. They’d do a much better job at keeping pants dry than the standard model.

  26. I love the toggles that help keep water out!

  27. I like that they are collapsible. I love the way they look. They are so cute and functional.

  28. I think it’s great that they collapse. Awesome for when we are biking or hiking and then want to switch into boots for our little guy!

  29. I love how compact they can be when not in use! They can be kept in the car for those days when the sky decides to open up on the way to and from school!

  30. I have a pair for my younger son. There were excellent for an early walker who loves being outside in mud, especially with a flexible sole for foot development.

  31. i like that they are 100% waterproof and collapsible. Great boots to keep the feet dry!

  32. I love the colours! they’re bright and cheery and perfect for brightening up a rainy day.

  33. I love that they are great for travelling and fit nicely in the closet!

  34. I love how comfortable they look and keep your feet dry. The collapse right down for storage and they are cute.

  35. Love how they fit over the pant to keep everything clean and dry!

  36. I most love the enclosed elastic at top with toggle to prevent water ingress and enclosed elastic with toggle closure at ankle for a customizable fit.

  37. I love the cute prints and that they are so easy o fold up

  38. They look like they will keep your feet dry!

  39. i love how tall they are!

  40. Love that they are waterproof and lightweight.

  41. They look like they offer great protection!

  42. these have many things I love! collapsible and coming with fleece liners top the list.

  43. They fold up compact and are great for travelling!

  44. Oh my goodness, I NEED these boots for my toddler! I love that they cinch at the top and are tall – a must for new walkers who still fall down a bit!

  45. I love love love all the cute, fun designs!!

  46. I like that they are collapsible

  47. I like that they are lightweight.

  48. Love the coverage and quickdrying!

  49. I love that they cinch at the knee. Cold, wet socks are no good. It’s also nice how small and light these are. Perfect for packing.

  50. I love how small they can collapse!

  51. Love the water proof upper and the togglrs at the knees. These would be great in the rain as we walk everywhere so on those days thus would be much better than rubber boots .

  52. I like that they are collapsible and flexible.

  53. I like the dual toggle system.

  54. I love that the sole is rubber.

  55. I love the double toggle to stop water from getting in!

  56. What I love the most about the MyMayu boots is the knee toggle.

  57. These will be so perfect for the Forest School my son goes to in calgary!!

  58. Yessssssss. These look perfect.

  59. I love the dual toggle system, anything that helps keep the wet out is a good thing!

  60. I love that they are 100% waterproof and collapsible

  61. I like that they go right up to the knees! Keeps those pants nice and clean.

  62. marvellous, I’ve never heard of collapsible boots before, what a great idea. That would save a lot of space in the shoe cupboard 🙂

  63. nice and high

  64. I love that they come up so high and have the toggle so they won’t fall down. Dry feet = Happy kid.

    Besos Sarah

  65. I like that they are nice and high for covering up pants!

  66. I tested this boots and the feet of my sons get wet. I read all the reviews and In fact this boots arent waterproof at all. The cheap rainboots does the job better. I would like to love them because we are always trekking and biking outside but they just dont protect the little feet.

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