New Chuggington Wooden Railway Engines Review {Giveaway}

Chuggington Wooden Trains

Do you have little train lovers at home?   We have one and he loves his Chuggington Wooden Railway Engines.

I am so excited to introduce you to a few new friends to the Chuggington Wooden Railway line from TOMY! Meet their new engines: Decka, Piper and Skylar and their 2 new engine 2-packs Koko’s New Look and Brewster’s Booster.

We received a set of 5 of their wooden engines and our little one has been having a blast playing with them.

Chuggington Wooden Railway

What do we love about the Chuggington Engines we received?  We absolutely love how high-quality they are.  We are big fans of classic wooden toys and the wooden engines are wonderful,  they are really made to last!  They also have lots of little details that make each one unique and different.

He loves the engines so much that we are getting him a set of tracks and tunnels next. Can’t wait!

Buy it:  Starting at $5.99  per engine. Visit their website to purchase HERE.

Win it: One lucky reader from the US/CAN will win the same set of 5 Chuggington Wooden Railway Engines we received.  Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!
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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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187 responses to “New Chuggington Wooden Railway Engines Review {Giveaway}”

  1. Love hodge

  2. We love this show!!! what a great giveaway

  3. Love Dunbar!!

  4. It is a tie. One son loves Wilson and the other loves Action Chugger.

  5. Would love these for my 3 year old. He’s obsessed with trains!

  6. Dunbar….love his colors.

  7. Definitely Hodge!

  8. My son will love action chugger the best. He combines trains and rockets!!

  9. Chatworth

  10. Brewster has always been my favorite.

  11. My son loves Chuggington

  12. He loves Koko

  13. love the addition of skylar!

  14. I like Dunbar

  15. dinosaurs and camera cars

  16. I love Brewster because I grew up in a town named that. I also love the adorable safari cars.

  17. The 6 yr old likes Action Chugger and the 3 yr old likes Dunbar

  18. My son LOVES Chuggington & wants all the toys….lol :p

  19. We like Hodge

  20. My favorite is Brewster! My 3 year old son loves Chuggington 🙂

  21. my favorite chugger is Koko.

  22. We love Koko

  23. The Fuel Car (2-pack) is my favorite.

  24. I love Calley!

  25. Dunbar

  26. I like Harrison, my son’s favorite color is blue so I know he’d love it!

  27. oh she’d want dunbar

  28. My son loves Frostini – whop doesn’t love an ice cream train?

  29. Mtambo

  30. August 12-I like all the E ngines but Chatsworth is my favourite.-el03ro

  31. My daughter picked Mtambo.

  32. zephie!!

  33. Old Puffer Pete! 🙂

  34. We like Speedy McAlister.

  35. the kids will love these!!

  36. I love the koko

  37. Wilson is the cutest. I love the fact that they are wooden too 🙂

  38. I like Hodge the best since he comes from a hodge podge of parts.

  39. We like Dunbar.

  40. I like the Koko one!

  41. Brewster!

  42. I love Chatworth!

  43. Favorite engine is Brewster!

  44. Old Puffer Pete…The oldy but goody!!!

  45. Dunbar for me!

  46. We love Irving!

  47. I love Dunbar!

  48. My kids & I like Action Chugger!

  49. My son’s love Brewster. They just got a new DVD with him. They can’t wait to see it later!!

  50. My sons favorite is Action Chugger!

  51. I would have to say Brewster 🙂

    • I like Brewster also!

  52. We like Wilson!

  53. I really like brewster and harrison

  54. my son’s fav is Wilson

  55. Zephie is our favorite!

  56. koko

  57. Koko is my daughter’s favourite and I like Dunbar. They are all so cute for little Engines!

  58. we like brewster

  59. Koko

  60. I’d pick Frostini

  61. I like Old Puffer Pete!

  62. Old Puffer Pete!

  63. DUNBAR…he’s my fave.

  64. I like Calley!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  65. I love Action Chugger as does my son!

  66. My favorite is Brewster!

  67. we love wilson

  68. Wilson is my favourite.

  69. They are all so cute but “Fuel Car (2-pack)” would be my favorite

  70. Our favorite engine is Brewster.

  71. Safari cars

  72. musical car

  73. fuel car

  74. Brewster

  75. I’m liking Zephie, for its bright colours. Lime green + brown combo…

  76. It’s a tough call between Brewster and Harrison.

  77. Harrison is my favorite!

  78. I Liked Calley although they are all unique and fun!

  79. Hodge, named for his hodge podge parts lol

  80. i think my son likes koko the best!

  81. My son would love the dinosaur and camera cars set.

  82. So cute!

  83. We llike Brewster.

  84. Deffinitely the Brewster!

  85. my fave is calley

  86. My grandson would love these!!!!!

  87. Frostini is a favorite here!

  88. My favorite is WIlson

  89. Wilson

  90. We love Hodge!… And would love to win the 5-pack 🙂

  91. Brewster!

  92. My favorite is Speedy McAlllister, so adorable


  94. These wooden trains are just wonderful…..

  95. Brewster!

  96. We love Brewster
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  97. My all time favorite is Brewster

  98. i like the fuelcar 2 pk

  99. I Like Brewster and Koko.

  100. Wilson!

  101. We like Wilson

  102. Favourite engine is Calley

  103. Action Chugger is the favorite at our house.

  104. I like Frostini…super cute!

  105. I like Hodge 🙂

  106. Dinosaur and Camera Cars (2-pack)

  107. I like the “Action Chugger.”

  108. Koko is cute!!

  109. I like Calley.

  110. My favorite is Calley.

  111. I love Koko, the Dinosaur and Camera Cars, and Speedy McAllister!

  112. My favourite Chuggington Engines is Calley.

  113. Hodge IS super cute i love him

  114. Hard to pick just one, but I would have to say my favorite engine is Brewster.

  115. Brewster

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  116. I like Frostini.

  117. I like Frostini the passionate Italian Ice Cream Chugger.

  118. Calley 🙂

  119. My son’s favourite is Brewster.

  120. Brewster.

  121. Brewster

  122. Hodge is my favorite

  123. Dinosaur and camera

  124. Dunbar it is!

  125. Brewster in all his blue glory!
    Thanks for making this open to Canadians.
    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  126. I like Brewster

  127. I like Brewster! He is a cutie! 😀

  128. Action Chugger .

  129. My two grandsons like Brewster.

  130. I know some big fans of Chuggington. Thomas the Tank Engine — beware!

  131. Our favorite Chuggington train is Brewster.

  132. Frostini is the one my son loves 🙂

  133. i like the ‘brewster’ engine

    annae07 at aol dot com

  134. My son loves Koko. “Go Koko, go Koko!” lol

  135. Frostini is super cute.

  136. We LOVE Brewster!

  137. I like Koko.

  138. Brewster for sure!

  139. Brewster is a favorite at our house 🙂

  140. We love calley.

  141. We like Brewster!

  142. We love Brewster.

  143. I like speedy McAllester

  144. I like the Motambo engine.

  145. I like the musical car! And now I have the Chuggington theme song stuck in my head….:O

  146. i like frostini

  147. My son would love the Action Chugger Mobile Command Center!

  148. I like Hodge – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  149. Chatworth

  150. Koko

  151. My fav are the Safari Cars and the Monkey Cars 🙂

  152. Calley

  153. Brewster!!!

  154. Old Puffer Pete!

  155. i like mtambo engine

  156. WOOT WOOT

  157. We like Koko


  158. Dunbar

  159. fuel car

  160. Brewster!

  161. Would love to win this for my son. He LOVES trains!

  162. Brewster

  163. Harrison is my favorite.

  164. Emery

  165. My son likes Old Puffer Pete!

  166. My favorite is the Action Chugger Mobile Command Center!

  167. Love the safari

  168. My kids would love these!

  169. With 3 boys, my kids cannot get enough trains. Good entertainment that they can usually play together for quite awhile (the 2 girls like them too!).

    • I forgot to mention that I like the new Piper car.

  170. Safari cars

  171. Sitting with my daughter and she says Brewster is her favourite whilst I like Harrison 😉

  172. Our favorite is KoKo! My daughters love her, and can’t get enough!

  173. I love Old Puffer Pete and his “old school” look.

  174. Brewster, mainly for his colours , blue and yellow are my staple colours for this fall !

  175. My son would like the rescue cars and the monkey cars.

  176. Brewster!

  177. My kids love koko and Brewster.

  178. My son and I like Action Chugger

  179. Brewster=D

  180. Action Chugger

  181. Safari cars

  182. Brewster of course


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