New Summer Infant Swaddles – Four Stages {Giveaway}


Summer Infant is committed to helping babies sleep safe and sound and they have put together a list of some essential guidelines to help create a safe sleep zone for your little one. They have also expanded their swaddle collection to help babies transition our of swaddles. Check out the list below and more info on their four swaddle stages after that:

  • Always place your baby to sleep on his or her back at nap and nighttime.
  • Use a wearable blanket or a sleeper instead of blankets.
  • Do not dress your baby too warmly for sleep.
  • Do not allow anyone to smoke near your baby.
  • Do not put your baby to sleep on any soft surface (sofa, chair, waterbed, quilt, blanket, sheepskin, etc).
  • Check your crib for safety and use a crib that meets current safety standards with a firm, tight-fitting mattress.

Summer Infant has added two new swaddling products to their trusted line – the SwaddleMe WrapSack and the ComfortMe wearable blanket – which extends the progression of stages of swaddling beyond the SwaddleMe. Here’s a breakdown of the different stages for you:

  • Stage 1: SwaddlePod (5-10 lbs) Recreate the comfort of the womb.
  • Stage 2: SwaddleMe® (7-20 lbs) Easiest way to Swaddle for safe and sound sleep.
  • Stage 3: SwaddleMe® WrapSack (7-20 lbs) Transitioning swaddle, arms in or out.
  • Stage 4: ComfortMe® (10-24 lbs) Keeps baby warm, and replaces loose blankets in crib.

Win it: One lucky US/CAN OneSmileyMonkey reader will receive a prize package giveaway (girl, boy or neutral patterns) of all four stages of Summer swaddling

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate  my review. No other compensation  was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my

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57 responses to “New Summer Infant Swaddles – Four Stages {Giveaway}”

  1. No but my daughters have.

  2. Nor yet, but I will! 🙂

  3. Love swaddling! I absolutely had to for my girl, even if she hated it 😉

  4. Not for my kids but have for the Grandchildren

  5. no but would <3 for grandkids

  6. Swaddling helped my son sleep betwe the first few months.

  7. No, my son didn’t enjoy being swaddled at all once he was a couple of days old

  8. No but my daughters do!

  9. No I didnt

  10. I didnt with my first. We tried, but it wasnt for him. Might need to with the next one.

  11. not yet, but have heard some babies really love them!

  12. Yes, I swaddled my newborns.

  13. I swaddled my baby’s all the time.

  14. No; not in the sense of today’s swaddlers. I used receiving blankets and wrapped my babies snugly in them, depending on their age and temperature and my babies liked to be thus warapped.

  15. Yes, I swaddled my first little one and with another on the way I’m looking forward to swaddling agina

  16. Love swaddles! And Asher totally needs a sleep sack for summer 🙂

  17. no i did not with my daughter but i heard how useful and helpful they are so i would like to try with my baby on the way

  18. Yes, I used a swaddle in the first few weeks and months.

  19. No I didnt know these existed when my kids were babies and I really wish that I did! Now I would like to win them for my bestie who is about to have a baby cause I know how much she would love them.

  20. This type of swaddle wasn’t available way back then. We used the standard receiving blanket to swaddle our children

  21. when my girls were little no I didn’t use a swaddle blanket, but my daughter received one when she had her baby and I must say I love them, and now my oldest is pregnant and I know she would fall in love with these!!

  22. neither of my daughters liked their arms swaddled, so we just do legs

  23. Only with a regular blanket..nothing made especially for it like this product.

  24. Yes, swaddling works like a charm for us!

  25. No, but I would.

  26. Swaddled with a muslin blanket

  27. yes we love swaddles

  28. I am expecting my first baby this August and definitely plan to swaddle him ~ I’ve heard so much about the incredible benefits of swaddling! Winning the Summer Infant Swaddle prize pack would be such a great help for us! Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. I used one for about the first three months of my second 2 babies but they grew out of it pretty quick. Someone gave it to me as a baby gift when my second was born. I used a giant receiving blanket to swaddle my first baby.

  30. My first little one is due in 4 weeks so I have no tried swaddling yet. I can’t wait to try it with her though!

    Thank you!

  31. We never did for our first one, but plan to for the second!

  32. My first child did not like to be swaddled at all, and still to this day doesn’t even like blankets (and half the time doesn’t wear pajamas either!), whereas my youngest loved to be swaddled and can only sleep if she is in her sleep sack. Even when we travel to hot destinations I have to bring muslin sleep sacks along – she loves to feel secure.

  33. I have swaddled all my babies and will do so with my newest one expected early next year.

  34. I tried many times but my son hated it!!

  35. Yes, I swaddled my son in the first 2 months

  36. Not for my kids but have for the Grandchildren…

  37. I love sleepsack swaddles!

  38. YESSSS a thousand times yes I have used them. I love them and we still use sleep sacks. Best things ever!

  39. I swaddled my daughter in a blanket when she was a baby.

  40. I did when my boys were new borns but as soon as they were even close to rolling a switched to a regular sleep sack

  41. We never did with our first, but would like to try when we have another!
    Thanks for the giveaway =)

  42. No I have never used one.

  43. yeah, we did!

  44. I don’t have children but my friends do! These are very handy.

  45. i am pregnant with my first…so not yet!

  46. yes!

  47. I haven’t, but my sister does and she’d love this!!

  48. No, but I will when my little one arrives 🙂

  49. No I haven’t, but now I want to!

  50. I swaddled both of my kids.

  51. nope, I haven’t

  52. Yes, my babies love swaddles.

  53. Both of my little ones were swaddled with blankets, but this looks like it would be so much easier!

  54. Yes, I swaddled my boys!

  55. Yes, he loves to be swaddled.

  56. yes with all of my kids I swaddled them for the first few months and I plan to with my 4th and last baby due at the end of the summer

  57. No, I have not but I probably will!

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