Pajameze {Product Review}

By Jen Shragge

I am a stickler for pajamas. Babies and kids spend so much of their lives sleeping that I feel like it is one area where I can be super aware and picky about their attire. I have always chosen 100% cotton and never the “non-flammable” options, as I am more concerned with what they are treated with (chemicals) than the risk of the clothing burning since the ones we have are very snug. In the winter I prefer footed versions as my kids are not keen on blankets and in the summer the standard two piece ones since it is quite warm here in Southern Ontario. The problem is, it can actually be tricky to find good quality options that don’t cost an arm and a leg!

Alberta, Canada-based Pajameze has set out to fill the gap in the market place with their innovative line of babies and kids pajamas. All their jammies are made in Canada (also a huge plus for us) and are made from rayon from bamboo. This means they are incredibly soft but also hypoallergenic and breathable. They wash amazingly well and are totally fine in the dryer. Bamboo can also be a much more sustainable crop versus cotton and can have a smaller ecological footprint.

Pajameze {Product Review}We were sent both the Original Pajameze and the Pajameze Top and Bottom set. Both fit true to size (we used the sizing chart on their site to be sure) and I think they have become our new favourites. What I really love about the Original Pajameze is that while they have snaps up the front, there is a zipper at the legs for easy and seamless diaper changes. This is ingenious and I have literally never seen this on a baby or toddler pajama before. Filed under, why didn’t somebody think of this before? I also appreciate that the feet on the footed version have quite a lot of tread on them so that she doesn’t constantly bail on our hardwood floors. Little Miss E seemed very comfortable in both options and has been sleeping in the footed version lately with a very light muslin sleep sac over top. If we were to use the short sleeve version I may up the sleep sac to fleece just to make sure she was warm enough as she tends to run on the cooler side.

Both options retail for $39.99 and given how nicely they washed and how excellent the quality of the design is, I think this is a fair price. Yes, more than you will pay at a major retailer, but those are likely to fade and end up in the landfill after one kid. I will absolutely be passing these on to a friend once E has out grown them as I know they will last.

Pajameze {Product Review}

Pajameze are available online or can be picked up in the local Calgary, Alberta area. If you are looking for some amazing baby, toddler or child pajamas, check these guys out.


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Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.