Personalized Photo Jewelry

PicturesOnGold specializes in creating beautiful personalized jewelry pieces. Photo jewelery makes a fantastic holiday gift for family and friends and their Sterling Silver Photo Heart Locket would make the perfect gift for loved ones.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out many of their personalized pieces and this time I received a gorgeous Sterling Silver Photo Heart Locket to review. Once again I was impressed with how fast the package was shipped to me after my order and how beautiful the final product looked like.

This time around I also had the opportunity to try their newly launched “Build Your Own Locket” application. This application allows you to customize the jewelry and SEE exactly what it will look like before purchasing.  You wouldn’t buy a piece of jewelry online if you didn’t know what it looks like right?

Here is a description of the simple step-by-step process:

  • First you select from 1000’s of front designs which range from decorative hearts, Nationality symbols, hobbies and more.
  • Then you upload your photos and resize them as you wish to fit perfectly inside the locket.
  • Next, comes a personalized engraving option which allows block or script writing, all being designed in front of your eyes.
  • Then you can preview the final product exactly as it will appear when it arrives to your home.
  • Easy!

I found the process very easy and I really enjoyed being able to add my own touch to ensure that the locket turned out the way I wanted.


PicturesOnGold’s jewelry also comes in nicely packaged boxes that make them easy to give as gifts. If you are thinking about the perfect holiday gift for family, friends and loved ones then consider getting them personalized jewelry pieces like the Sterling Silver Photo Heart Locket. You can visit to learn more.

Buy it: (valued at $249) You can purchase your own Photo Jewelry online HERE and stay up to date with PicturesOnGold’s news and promotions by visiting their Facebook page:, following them on Twitter:!/PicturesOnGold1 and visiting their Pinterest boards:

Discount Code: Use discount code ” MOM2013″ at check-out for 10% off your order before Nov 30, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide


Win it: One very lucky CAN/US reader will win a personalized Sterling Silver Photo Heart Locket, like the one I received ($249 value).  Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure:  I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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157 responses to “ Personalized Photo Jewelry”

  1. i would put a heart on it

  2. Those are beautiful.

  3. I would make it a nana locket

  4. I would have pictures of my kids in it

  5. Cool Christmas idea.

  6. A picture of my mom, I loss her when I was only 10. Thanks for the chance

  7. I would put a picture of my son in it

  8. Names of my two boys!

  9. I would monogram the front and inside I would put pictures of my kids inside.

  10. Picture of my family

  11. A picture of my husband, he works very far from home and I miss him dearly. Can’t wait to see him in Jan. I’d have a picture of him inside.

  12. Very nice locket. This would be a great Christmas gift!

  13. Picture of my kids and husband =)

  14. I love the fact it can be engraved.

  15. I would put a pic of the two loves of my life – my husband and son❤️

  16. The names of my babies 🙂

  17. I would have my 3 initials on the front, & pics of my Kids & Grandkids inside! Have wanted something from this place for sooo long, Thanks for the chance!

  18. I would put my family’s pictures inside my locket and have it engraved too!

  19. I would put pictures of my 3 kids in it

  20. I would put Mother on it

  21. I would put pictures of my girl’s in it.

  22. I would get my sons name engraved along with “mommy” and have photos of both of us inside. This would be awesome!

  23. I would put the date of my wedding anniversary and photo of Hubs and me!

  24. I would say ” To my mommy love Gage” and the date that he is going to be born on in Feb! I will be her first child and due to health problems will have to stay in hospital for sick kids for a bit so this would really help with the separation !

  25. I would put a monogram on the front and photos of my parents inside 🙂

  26. I would put my children’s birthdays on the back behind their pictures

  27. I would put a picture of my 2 kids in this locket, and the year.

  28. I would personalize it with a pic of my daughter.
    i always like to have her with me.

  29. For my lover… with our wedding Anniversary portrait within.

  30. Would love to win!

    • I would put a photo of each of my babies snd give it to my momma

  31. I would put a photo of both of my babies and give it to my momma

  32. I’d add a picture of me and my spouse, add an engraving with something meaningful and give it to her as a gift so that she can remember our special moments together. Thank you for the giveaway!

  33. Love Ya Lots

  34. I’d put my boys name on it.

  35. i would put pictures of my children in it on one side and put their hair from their first hair cut in the other side

  36. Not really sure how I would personalize it… But I know I would give it my 6 yr old niece. She lost er mom a month ago. I would put their pics inside for sure though.

  37. I would keep it simple with just a picture of my kids!

  38. I would make it a grandchild locket for my mom 🙂

  39. THis is beautiful

  40. I would add the grandkids to a locket for my mom. She would love it.

  41. with pics of my kids

  42. I’d love to choose this with my daughter.

  43. I’d put photos of my grandchildren inside. I like the fact it can be engraved, maybe with their initials or just a heart.

  44. I would put a picture of my kids in it and it would be a Christmas gift for grandma.

  45. Daughter on one side and baby on the way on the other.. Beautiful gift! (FB name Benchmark Irrigation)

  46. How neat to be able to personalize!

  47. Lockers are so precious to Women and girls

  48. I would allow my best friend to pick as it would be for her.

  49. picture of my children

  50. With my daughter’s initials.

  51. I’d put my grandkids’ names on it

  52. All our initials on it and a picture of our family inside.

  53. picture of my parents

  54. With a picture of my dog.

  55. I would put pictures of my kids and have Mom etched on the outside.

  56. I would put my initial on it and put a picture of my Mom and Dad inside.

  57. I would put a picture of my dad in it . He passed away when I was just a kid and I only have one picture of him. That way he’d always be with me.

  58. Id love to put pics of my babies in here 🙂

  59. Daughters’ initials on the front, their picture inside

  60. Mommy is always here!

  61. I would put a picture of my goddaughter


  63. It would include photos of my 2 grandchildren

  64. I would put mine and my wife’s name on it and give it to her.

  65. I’d put picture of my grandma in there for my mom. My mom just lost her mom 🙁

  66. i would put my my grandmother’s picture in it she has long passed away she has always met a lot to me

  67. I would put the pictures of my two cats who are my babies inside!

  68. I would put my kids pictures in! Or my little brothers obituary

  69. Both my boys

  70. I’d give it to my mother so I’d put us kids and my father in it.

  71. I would put my granddaughter’s photo in it.

  72. “Be yourself there are enough other people” from magazine but I love it.

  73. I would get my fiancé and babies and my astrological symbols I’ve always wanted a real silver locket

  74. with my family photos

  75. I would put a picture of my family and give it to my mom!

  76. I’d put pictures of my 3 kids.

  77. put my Grandson’s pictures in it

  78. my daughter’s name

  79. I would put a picture of my new grandchild in it

  80. a picture of my daugther to give to my mother in law

  81. with my kids initials and their pictures

  82. I would put my parents picture on it!

  83. with my son’s name

  84. Give it to my daughter with pics of her grandparents in ti

  85. I would put a picture of my father in it. He died over 30yrs ago and I miss him a lot.

  86. I would add my babies names!!

  87. i would include my favourite pic of my little boy 🙂

  88. I would put my daughter’s picture and mine in till she has a baby,

  89. I would put a picture of my niece in it.

  90. I would personalize it with hearts.

  91. I would put a picture of my son in it

  92. I would put a picture of my daughter and my husband in the locket

  93. I’d put a picture of my niece in it, as well as her initials, and give it to my sister for Christmas 🙂

  94. Mother on it

  95. The date of my parents anniversary and gift it to my Mum.

  96. Would love to have a pic of my 2 beautiful babes on a locket, what a lovely keepsake idea!

  97. I would like to have it say “We Love You Grandma”

  98. id put a pic of my kids in it

  99. I would add photos of my two boys.

  100. I’d monogram it and then put a picture of my husband inside.

  101. A picture of my kids

  102. I would use a pic of my dd and ds on one side and the last sonogram we have of our baby girl before we lost her.

  103. I would have Fancy family written on in and then a picture of my kids in it

  104. I’d put a picture of my husband and his sisters in it for my mother in law!

  105. with the initials CEC

  106. I would put my husband in one side, and kids in the other side

  107. photo of my husband and I on our wedding day

  108. my kids names

  109. I would put my anniversary picture in it.

  110. My initials for my girlfriend

  111. I’d put my sons birthdate on it.

  112. I’d put me in it and give it to my honey 🙂

  113. I would put pictures of my 2 kids on the inside and monogram on the outside.

  114. I would put a picture of my daughter in the there and engrave her name on the outside.

  115. If i could i would put my boys names on it,or something to do with my boys

  116. I would give this to my Mother in law and put a picture of her grandson in it.

  117. I would inscribe it with my only grandchild’s name & put her 1 year old picture inside.

  118. I would put my daughters monogram on it!

  119. I’d put dog paw prints and pictures of my dog that passed away

  120. It would make an amazing Christmas gif for my cousin who just had a second baby!

  121. I would put a picture of my daughters in it.

  122. I’d put a picture of me and my mom in it.

  123. I would put a picture of my kids/

  124. i would give it to my mom she would love it.

  125. I would put an heart on it and a picture of my grand daughter.

  126. I’d get pictures of my grandkids. They’re 5 and 7, and I’ve never even met them!

  127. I’d give it to my lovely wife with a picture of our little boy inside.

  128. With our children’s photos!

  129. I would put a picture of my beautiful baby girl

  130. I would have my boys pictures on it, with the words “I love my boys”

  131. I would have engraved with my daughters initials on it.

  132. Pic of my boys

  133. picture of my family, and both my girls initals

  134. I don’t know! I would have to think about it!

  135. I’d place a heart with Mom in the middle of it for my Mom

  136. I would put pictures of my Mom & Dad in it and on the outside of the heart I would put Mom & Dad

  137. My son’s name

  138. Of course pics of my two little monkeys.

  139. I am waiting for the birth of my 2nd grandchild in april I would have my 2 grandchildren inside. Grammy’s babies. I want to be called grammy, because these 2 little ones are my “grammy” awards lol

  140. Picture of my kids

  141. pic of my beautiful daughter

  142. I would put a picture of myself and my youngest daughter in it and give it to her for xmas. I bought her a locket quite some time ago and while visiting her dad’s her little brother broke it on her and her father was supposed to replace it and never did. It would be awesome to win this because she would never expect me to replace it for her. Thanks for the chance. These lockets are beautiful.

  143. I would have pics of my grandkids and monogrammed

  144. I would put my youngest daughter’s initials on it

  145. Pic of my daughter

  146. I would turn it into a graduation one and put Class 2013 for my duaghterm

  147. I’d use old photos of my parents.

  148. I would put our anniversary date on it.

  149. i would put pictures of the kids in it

  150. I’d put a photo of my daughter inside.

  151. I would put my son’s name on it for him to give to his Grandma

  152. With my favorite photo of my husband and daughter

  153. I would use a photo of my three kids togther

  154. i would put a photo of me and my wife’s two sons inside with their initials on the back

  155. I would have a picture of my husband and my son

  156. Such a beautiful keepsake 🙂 Perfect gift for anyone!

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