Potty Training Must Haves! {Gift Basket Giveaway}


Hoping to master the potty training process with your little one during the summer? The summer can one of the best times of the year to start potty training because diaper free time is easy during the warmer days. You can also do some of the training outdoors if you want to make things less messy at home or if you have a carpeted floor. I’ve had friends who did some of their child’s potty training in their private backyard while the kids played outside and experienced very few accidents inside. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

For tips on how to get started check out our Tips for Potty Training your Child post.  And here is a list of must haves for when you are ready to start the potty training process:

  • Potty Training Seat

The first thing you will need is a good potty training seat. You can always use the regular toilet seat but the “big” seats can be a bit scary and intimidating when starting the training. Surveys have also shown that children get used to the real toilet earlier if they start using a potty training seat first.

We opted for a Beco Potty Eco-Friendly Potty when potty training our son.

  • Potty on the Go

Because you will be going places and you will need something portable to use when you are out. No need to stay at home for a month to avoid accidents until your child is fully putty trained. Also, great when traveling and to keep in the car. I kept ours in the car all the time and used it multiple times when potty training our son.

Here’s the one we used and loved: My Carry Potty

  • Potty Training Pants/Underwear

It is important to transition from diapers to training pants/underwear when you decide to start potty training. I found that going from cloth diapers straight to underpants was the best thing for us but you can definitely try training pants to start with, some have an extra layer of absorbency to help when little ones have accidents.

training pants

  • Baby Wipes

Flushable baby wipes are super helpful when little ones are learning to master toilet training. They provide a better clean than toilet paper and rarely irritate their delicate skin. They are also convenient for travel and on the go when there is not toilet paper in public washrooms. We use Kandoo® Flushable Wipes and I love that they are biodegradable and the perfect size for little hands.


  •  Potty Training Books

Potty training books are a wonderful way to introduce the potty to your child. A fun way to make training interesting and explain all of the steps of the entire routine. There are many wonderful ones but our favourite was Sesame Street: Potty Time with Elmo.


  • Rewards Chart

Potty training reward charts are an excellent way to give positive reinforcement and for little ones to see their development and learning growth. Some children are specially driven to the rewards system so use it to give them a sense of achievement. You can find some free printable ones here.

Finally potty training shouldn’t be stressful for yourself or your child, explain the process to your little one, listen to what they have to say and give it some time if you believe it is too early, trust me, it is worth waiting if you are going to have a better experience at the end. Plus remember, patience is key! 

Kandoo also has a helpful potty training toolkit HERE where you can download a chart, a cute door hanger and a certificate when your child finishes potty training. They also have a new video featuring a mom going through the process now.

For those of you that have a potty trained child, any other must haves you can think of?



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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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  1. You just about covered it all. If potty training a boy, I highly recommend tossing some Cheerios in for target. Doesn’t work for everyone, but did the trick for my boy years ago.
    About to venture into potty training my baby girl. Although I’m not in a hurry for it to happen, I know I’m gonna need all the patience in the world for my stubborn sweetheart lol.

  2. We liked to do a star chart and my son would put the stickers on when they went.

  3. I think this list is pretty good if the child is ready to be potty trained. We don’t use anything else for it.

  4. Not really, you were spot on.

  5. A mop at the ready 😉

  6. Stickers and prizes and rewards (oh my lol) 😀

  7. Patience!

  8. We used stickers as rewards as well I would throw a cheerio in the toilet for target practice for my son, he loved going pee then lol

  9. For me I made sure to keep our out of the house visits short and to always carry extra clothes that’s what I’m doing now with the youngest

  10. Your list is pretty complete. We sometimes would have music playing and we’d have stickers, little toys ready!

  11. A Reward Chart To Set Goals/ Keep Track Of Progress.

  12. we gave him M&Ms each time he went. But the stickers/reward chart worked better afterwards, and it was good visual for him to see his own progress

  13. such an awesome read thank you! and love what other people are saying, we actually just started potty training my daughter today 🙂 but i have heard stickers are great to have as little rewards. i do a happy dance and sing and clap so she knows she did good 🙂

  14. I can’t think of anything you missed

  15. We tried forever and the only way they were potty trained was 3 days of daycare 🙂

  16. Definitely stickers and a chart!

  17. I’ve never potty trained so I wouldn’t have a clue what I’d need ! This would be a GREAT prize 🙂 I can imagine I’d need lots of patience & Lysol wipes 😉

  18. You pretty much got it..you must be a mom!

  19. I can’t think of anything else you pretty much nailed them all, other than lots of patience for the parents

  20. For boys extra towels, I find they spray everywhere

  21. You would need patience and understanding during this somewhat frustrating process of potty training!

  22. steam cleaner lol

  23. dang i live in usa delete all entries ty

  24. Don’t push and look for your child’s readiness cues.

  25. Stickers and patience

  26. This is good timing on this post, as I am just starting to introduce my youngest to the idea of potty training. My older daughter took to potty training before I even thought of introducing it – shortly after she turned 1 she showed interest and could not wait to use the toilet. We didn’t even use a potty seat, books etc, she just wanted to use the toilet and that was that. My youngest is 21 months and shows interest but then gets scared and refuses to try the toilet. I never even thought to get her a little potty to start with, since her sister didn’t need it. Now I know I need to get her one! I’ve got her a little potty book, and the next thing I will introduce when we are ready to really start training is the pullup training pants. I’m thinking she may need some sort of rewards system too – most likely in the form of food, as that seems to be her thing. 😉 Other than that I can’t think of anything else we will need, other than patience!

  27. A cute potty book that you can read with your child to get them interested in potty training.

  28. I think I would keep extra pants or shorts on hand in case of accidents!

  29. Your list is pretty complete. I can’t think of anything other than lots of patiance

  30. can’t think of anything else but then I have only ever helped when visiting

  31. Lots & Lots of praise & patience 🙂

  32. patience

  33. your list was great

  34. insetead of a little potty we used a potty seat … it worked better for our family, as we would easily take the potty seat with us, and it cut out the need for another transition (it from the little potty to the big potty .) though DD still uses the seat at home, she is now confident using ‘big people’ toilets when we are out 🙂

  35. stickers!

  36. This would be great

  37. Something to wipe up the floor! (towel, mop) ha ha ha!

  38. A potty chart with the smiley face stickers

  39. Definitely patience. This time is coming up for us in the next couple of months too..

  40. What you have listed as well as others have pretty much covered the whole gambit of ideas. I have to say that the Cheerios trick worked very well.

  41. I see someone else wrote my other thing…It’s not a product but….PATIENCE! Lots of potty training books. I like the Little Critters one.

  42. Colourful stickers!

  43. cheerios for target practice for the little boys…and a favorite book to read to them for the long sits.

  44. I think the list is very good and I don’t have anything else to add

  45. Need lots of patience…

  46. very small treats(1 teddy cookie, half a jelly bean, 1 fruit snack, dried fruit, dried banana or apple chip.)

  47. Thanks for th great tips for when I start my little one potty training. I’ll definitely need to be patient.

  48. The whole patience thing.Thanks for chance.CHEERS

  49. lots of patience

  50. stickers for rewarding successful potty usage! ;0)

  51. Their foaming hand soap is great to get kids to remember to wash their hands! Its so much fun and it smells great too 😀

  52. For us, it is definitely the potty seat, and thinking about doing a reward chart.

  53. Reward stickers!

  54. I think you got everything covered 🙂

  55. Everything posted might be useful. But the best advice is to follow your child’s readiness about potty training. Pushing it doesn’t work

  56. With my oldest (a long time ago) I followed the advice of a book How to Toilet Train your Toddler in One Day…lots of fluids, treats, trapped in the kitchen with a potty chair…lots of frustration all the way around! With the rest of my kids I just waited until they decided they wanted to use the toilet. Worked like a charm even though they might have been in diapers a little longer than they might have been.

  57. We totally have that Elmo book 🙂

    I think you got it.. maybe small rewards, like a smartie or a dollar store toy.

  58. We used a reward system with my boys so stickers were really handy!

  59. I think a spare set of clothes at the ready and lots of patience are also very useful for potty training.

  60. Stickers work for sure

  61. Sticker rewards!

  62. a potty that makes a flushing noise

  63. sticker chart worked for my kids

  64. PAaaaatience! And an enthusiastic learner. I found out with my first son that starting too soon just doesn’t work, child 2 waited until he was ready and he practically trained himself!

  65. No, I think you covered everything!

  66. Looks great

  67. Stickers 🙂

  68. Stickers for rewards.

  69. you must know the potty dance

  70. Patience and encouragement

  71. smarties

  72. Stickers are definitely a must-have!

  73. I will use stickers for my granddaughter.

  74. Easy access to laundry facilities is a must while potty training!

  75. I used a timer to know when to send my son to the bathroom on a timely basis when potty training

  76. Just lots and lots of wipes!

  77. stickers 🙂

  78. Bribery lmao…like cookies

  79. Stickers and books were useful for my kids

  80. I think you cover it all! I would had patience.

  81. patience and little rewards

  82. I make some sticker charts , they really love that

  83. Perfect , now just add patience and it will be over soon !

  84. I totally agree with the regular underwear. I haven’t really started seriously training my daughter, but she does have some big girl panties and is desperate to wear them!

  85. Patience.. oh wait, that’s not buyable

  86. patience!

  87. Right now it’s taking a lot of patience and stuff to keep her busy and to sit on the potty!

  88. You’ve covered it.

  89. You’ve covered everything.

  90. Maybe little rewards/treats, for a job well done!!

  91. I think this pretty much covers it but a little bit of patience will also help!

  92. we use lots of stickers

  93. stickers

  94. Pull-Ups are good too!

  95. Stickers are always great.

  96. My son likes to read books while he on the potty!

  97. Books to look in while they sit and stickers if they are successful

  98. I think I’ll need a smaller toilet seat!

  99. You covered pretty much everything!

  100. we use a potty seat that magnets to the regular seat , it is great. It doesn’t get in the way for guest and never gets lost 🙂

  101. A lot of patience and treats for mommy too! 🙂 I bought plastic shower curtains at the Dollar Store and covered all our mattresses as an extra precaution. It saved one mattress!

  102. I think this covers everything you would need!

  103. This about covers it and more!

  104. For sure a sticker chart

  105. I have used sticker charts and I would give the child a nice story book to read while sitting and learning to do their business

  106. Cheerios…to help with aim for little boys

  107. Absolutely need patience. Lots of it.

  108. It’s not a product but you need a lot of patience and a good sense of humor!

  109. Maybe some juice for my son to drink so he has to pee more 😉

  110. books or some small prize for going

  111. Patiences lots of it

  112. I haven’t been through potty training yet (this is my first) so to me these products all look great!

  113. lots of patiences

  114. I used a star chart as well as kept a few little (washable) books by the potty.

  115. Patience and consistency

  116. je pense que la patience est la seule chose indispensable pour aider nos enfants.

  117. I can’t think of anything else. I think your list covers it.

  118. I had gummy bears as an incentive for mine, works:)

  119. It has been too long and my girls were easy! My friend just has a first grandchild so I am sure the help would be appreciated!

  120. Just patience!

  121. Lots and lots of patience :). But definitely rewards…stickers.

  122. Excellent basket. It covers it all. My only suggestion is be patient and if he/she is not ready, back off and try again later. No extra pressured is needed.

  123. Lots of patience!

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