Spring-Summer 2012 by La Vie en Rose {$50 Gift Card}

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Baby and Mom at the Beach

Who doesn’t love the transition from Spring to the warmth of the Summer time?   This wonderful change in seasons is slowly approaching (yay!) and it means that now is the perfect time to start looking into beach wear, swim wear and other summer accessories. Fun!

I am happy to be working with one of my favorite stores again: La Vie en Rose.  I recently got to try out a couple of pieces from their Spring-Summer 2012 line.

This time I visited their store in Metrotown, Burnaby (great costumer service by the way) and I found the perfect swim suit for the summer.  There were so many to choose from, trust me  it was very  hard to pick just one!

And here is the winner:

La vie En rose stripped bikini
The fit is super flattering and I love the bright red color with the white stripes.  I seriously can’t wait for the right weather to wear it to the beach!  It is also perfect for holidays, think this swim suit, Mexico, sun and mojitos, lovely!

Tunic La Vie en Rose also sent me one of their beach tunics and I love the style.  The perfect bikini cover-up! Great for walking around at the beach or by the pool.  I am not all about walking all over the place in my bikini so beach tunics are a must for me.

I love that the material is soft and light, I also like using tunics at the beach when the sun is too strong (around noon) to help protect my skin.

Visit La Vie en Rose online to check out all of their fun swimsuit designs, beach tunics and accessories to prepare  for the summer or your  next sunny holiday.

Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will receive a $50 La Vie en Rose Gift Card. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!


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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. BBQ’s – eating outside and enjoying the sunshine

  2. the ocean

  3. best part about summer is the heat! Tired of being cold lol

  4. weird…the form won’t open to let me enter

    • Katrina, it is working for me fine. Do you see the little round circle saying that it is opening? It usually takes a few seconds to open.

  5. My favorite thing about summertime is escaping on our sailboat for a week or two with my partner. This summer we will have our son to share it with 🙂

  6. I love walking the dogs in the off-leash dog park. My dog loves to “fetch” rocks thrown into the river. She never retrieves them though.

  7. My favorite thing about summer is the bbq’s and picnics

  8. Being outside quadding, hiking, camping with my family!

  9. I love being outside, hearing the birds sind, the freshness in the air and bbq’s on the deck 🙂

    • I like to hear the birds SING… I don’t know what sind is!!!

  10. I love the weather!

  11. No dealing with all the winter gear.

  12. I love the warm weather of summer and enjoying family BBQ’s.

  13. Relaxing in the pool!!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  14. I LOVE the heat and sun…I’m in less pain due to the heat so it becomes possible to DO things and SEE people…what could be better? I need to move to summerland 😉

  15. Evenings spent sitting in front of the campfire.

  16. the warm weather!!!!

  17. camping and hot weather

  18. rafflecopter wont let me enter. Boooooo 🙁 Good luck everyone else!

    • Is the widget not loading for you? if it is and you are having trouble entering be sure to delete your cookies and try again 🙂 Good Luck!

  19. BBQ’s

  20. The thing that I love most about the summertime is getting to spend alot of time doing fun things with my kids!

  21. All the sunshine!

  22. playing outside with the kids

    (Rafflecopter: Jacb)

  23. Spending time outside – camping, on the beach, at the park, etc.

  24. Watching my kids splash around in the water. Doesn’t matter if it’s a splashpad, the beach or in the kiddy pool — they’re over the moon happy about it.

  25. I love being able to enjoy my morning coffee outside in the yard with the sun coming up and the birds waking up.

  26. Playing outside with my daughter without it having to take 20 minutes to get ready to go out!
    Oh and camping!!

  27. Golf weather!

  28. Women in sexy bikinis… what could be better.

  29. I love the sun, and the warmth.

  30. having picnics at the beach with my grandkids; living on an island we have so many beaches to choose from!

  31. I love going camping in the summer!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  32. I love gardening and the birds singing in summer!

  33. I love the warm weather and spending time outdoors, especially in the evening because it is light out later.

  34. I most love swimming in my pool in summer.

  35. Everything! What is there not to love about summer? The warm weather, long sunny days, the scenery, barbecues, picnics, camping, the beach…just to name a few!

  36. Being able to go camping and hiking with the kids

  37. I love seeing the sunshine.

  38. A nice glass of wine on the patio!

  39. Hotter weather!! 🙂

  40. I love eating ice cream outside!

  41. How great it feels to be in the sunshine!

  42. The cottage!

  43. I love the birdsong and sunshine.

  44. outdoor picnics

  45. not having to wear coats

  46. picnics

  47. going to the beach

  48. The Weather!!

  49. The weather 🙂

  50. the fact that I can actually turn off the heat? LOL its may 4th and its so cold out cus of the two weeks of solid rain that my furnace is still going strong

  51. BBQs and beer !!!!!

  52. BBQs and beer !!!!

  53. I love spending time at the cottage!

  54. I love laying on the beach.

  55. My new pool!

  56. BBQ’s

  57. I love being able to wear shorts and sandals!! Feels so FREEEEEEE!!

  58. the sunshine and warmth

  59. Spending time outdoors in the garden and sunshine!!!

  60. Bare feet

  61. kids being out of school!!! seriously 🙂

  62. Sunshine, music and gardening

  63. I love a tasty steak BBQ with potato salad. Yum!

  64. I enjoy the sun and going for walks in the warmer weather and taking my son to the park to play.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  65. I love the warm weather and the sun

  66. I love being out of the classroom and in the sunshine exploring.

  67. I love spending time at the beach

  68. I love the long hours of daylight

  69. The beach and the sun!

  70. Love the beach, family time and friends!!;)

  71. The warm summer weather!

  72. My favourite thing is not having to wear a jacket! 🙂

  73. My favorite thing about the summer is when I get to pick out a new bikini and show it off for the first time on the beach.

  74. I love sitting in the sun on the deck at my cottage reading a book and listening to the radio!

  75. I love the warm weather! and spending time outside with friends or just relaxing with the family!

  76. Warm weather and sun for the win!

  77. The warmth, greenery, and relaxing outdoors!

  78. BBQs and the beach with the kids…love, love, love, summer!

  79. Favourite thing is the warm weather and pretty much living outside. We have a huge deck so we spend most of our time outside. The best is sitting on the porch when the rain is falling down hard and playing cards with family

  80. Warm weather

  81. I really like the extra time with our kids. By the end of Aug. they are getting a little restless, but overall, I try my best to enjoy the days with my kids – I don’t ever want to say – It went by so fast and I wish I would have spent more time with them when they were little.

  82. I love eating supper outdoors 🙂

  83. May 7- I like the heat, the chance to dry my clothes outside, to work in my flower beds, the heat, the visitors, walking in the fresh warm air, the showers, the heat, weddings. Every thing!

  84. What I love most about the summer-time is seeing everything growing and blooming.. I can actually watch the Trees and see inches of growth and it is absolutely miraculous to me. I can watch all the birds, bees, insects and lots of other wildlife feeding off the earth and prospering. It is an amazing time.

  85. I love the warm weather, long days and spending time at the beach

  86. I love the heat, the beach and going for bike rides…

  87. Love sitting on the front porch with friends and a cold drink!

  88. I love being able to go swimming!

  89. Spending time in the sun!

  90. Playing games and BBQs

  91. There is actually nothing I like about summer! I hate summer. It’s hot, it’s buggy, too many tourists, etc. I am a winter person, through and through!

  92. I love cold drinks with hot days at the beach…

  93. I love going for evening walks in the summer and fish and chips at the beach!

  94. i love layin on my hammock reading my book in the suN!

  95. I love the hot weather and sunny blue skies.

  96. BBQing, long summer evenings and bare feet/sandals. 🙂

  97. I would have to say the weather

  98. Oh its sooo hard to pick one thing about summer so my few favourite would have to be, spending time with family and friends, gardening and camping.

  99. I love sitting outside and readiing books.

  100. I love the cottage and the beach. These suits are adorable!


  101. I love warm weather

  102. I love spending time at the lake with my family! Thanks.

  103. Relaxing by the pool!!!

  104. I love not having to pile on the clothing. You can just step outside.

  105. I love the sun!

  106. Spending time with my family!

  107. gardening, and making a home outside in the sun

  108. I love the warm weather and going for bike rides with the kids – we also love going to the beach and the splash pads!

  109. I love not having to wear a coat.

  110. I love going barefoot.

  111. I love the beach during summer.

  112. I love how everyone spends more time together… your weekends are always filled with fun, friends and family.

  113. Love gardening and love relaxing on the deck with family

  114. Loved the Bananna Bread recipe

  115. I love the beach and bbq’s in the summer

  116. Going to the beach and BBQ gatherings.

  117. I love the beach! There’s lots of them where I live 🙂

  118. have a ball on the beach

  119. The nice weather

  120. The thing that I love most about summertime is spending time with my kids! We play outside and go for walks as much as we possibly can 😀

  121. The great weather 🙂

  122. I love being able to get outside with my boy without having to bundle up. And it’s great for him to run off all his energy!

  123. Camping! 🙂

  124. I love all the pretty clothes and shoes I can wear in the summer! And it’s warm!

  125. The things I love most about summer is the ability for me to enjoy the outdoors. While I have lived in Canada my whole life I have never been a winter person. I love my flip flops. I love my garden. I love sunny warm days.

  126. the sun

  127. i love swiming

  128. Biking everywhere, fliip-flops, going to the beach, summer jazz festival, outdoor concerts!

  129. i love getting outside with my son and my girlfriends, its nice sittingat splash pad with good friends

  130. I love going to the beach in summertime!

  131. That you dont have to carry around a jacket or an umbrella!

  132. Being outdoors!

  133. love being in the sun and soaking up all that glorious vitamin d!

  134. I love the nice weather, being on vacation, going for picnics or going to the beach. I love everything about summer!

  135. love summer for the heat… and camping!!

  136. I love flipflops!

  137. I love all the summer festivals & fairs!!!

  138. Being at the lake when it’s hot!

  139. Thanks for contest!!


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