With summer break coming up in less than a month now, and just in time for the school break, we received a great selection of STEM titles from DK Canada. The boys were super excited to receive the books and I have to say that these are all great books to help keep learning time fun!

STEM Books from DK Canada {Giveaway}

Details on each one of the books we received below:

Amazing Visual Math

This book is seriously AMAZING! Perfect for visual little learners who love hands-on activities. Covering the essential math concepts learned in the first years of school, Amazing Visual Math brings a whole new dimension to learning.

Amazing Visual Math is an interactive hands-on experience that makes math fun. Key curriculum subjects including shapes, patterns, telling time, lines of symmetry, addition, subtraction, measurement and more are explained through over 50 interactive elements throughout the book including pop-ups, flaps, and pull the tab elements, making an otherwise tedious subject entertaining.

This book has kept our 6-year-old entertained for hours and he is practicing what he is learning at school as well.

STEM Books from DK Canada {Giveaway}

STEM Books from DK Canada {Giveaway}

How Machines Work: Zoo Break!

The boys have both really enjoyed reading this book and learning about machines while lifting flaps, learning from pop-ups and building their own lever. Complete with a unique jacket with an interactive compound machine incorporating several of the simple mechanisms featured in the book, How Machines Work: Zoo Break! uses models and illustrations to demonstrate the technology of six simple machines: levers, pulleys, screws, inclined planes, wedges, and wheels.

Follow the mad antics of Sloth and his sidekick Sengi as they try to find their way out of the zoo with the help of machines. Their efforts are brought to life through novelty elements including pop-ups, pull-outs, and lift-the-flaps, allowing readers to explore in greater depth how and why machines work. Spreads highlight the use of simple machines in everyday objects, such as scissors and clocks, mixers and whisks, bikes and brakes, while the story contains clear and simple text to engage the reader.

STEM Books from DK Canada {Giveaway}

The Skeleton Book

This book is full of incredible computer-generated 3-D images, little ones can explore the bones of the body in great detail. Find out how the skeleton is flexible enough to make the body agile but provides support and strength to the body. Bones are stronger than steel, gram for gram, but are five times lighter and ten times more elastic.

Both my three and six-year-old love sitting on the couch with me to read through the pages of this book, lots of info with great images. The five-foot skeleton poster that comes inside the book is now on my eldest’s wall in his room, he loves it!Β The Skeleton Book gives perspective for kids to study a life-size version of the human skeleton.

STEM Books from DK Canada {Giveaway}

My Amazing Body Machine

This book is a unique and exciting visual guide to the human body. A great way to explain to little ones how their body works. From the intricately wired brain and structured skeleton to the relentlessly pumping heart and rising and falling lungs, each part of the amazing human body is explored through the incredible paper-crafted artworks of Owen Gildersleeve, making My Amazing Body Machine an appropriate and engaging experience for children.

With clear text and fascinating bite-size facts, this visual guide makes learning about the human body fun, and real-life examples show how the parts of the body work together in immediate and ingenious ways.

If you want to get some fun books for your little ones to read during the summer break then I highly recommend all of the above. These will provide hours and hours of fun learning for them.


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Disclosure: This is a partnered post with DK Canada. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.