The boys have owned Nintendo DS consoles for years, and they were super excited when we upgraded them to Nintendo Switch Lite consoles earlier this year. The update ended up being great timing as their Lite consoles have gotten a lot of use these last couple of months. 

We were recently sent the Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch to review and the boys were looking forward to playing the game. They are Super Mario fans already, so this was a great new game to try.

Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch Review + Giveaway

All we have to say is, if you are a Super Mario fan, this game is a must-have for your game library.  Mario Odyssey is super entertaining, with new game mechanics the kids are loving, creative and challenging levels, plus lovable characters. The game’s colourful and playful graphics are amazing, and the soundtrack is super catchy. The game controls also allow for super fluid character movement as you play.  

Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch Review + Giveaway

The storyline features Mario, in a battle against Bowser, as Princess Peach has been kidnapped by King Koopa to marry her. Fortunately, Mario has a new friend, Cappy the hat, helping him as he goes on a globe-trotting adventure to rescue the princess. We love the many surprises in the game and the beautiful locales. The New Donk C ity skyscrapers are the boy’s favourite, so many details, you can see the cars, people, and the buildings.

Thanks to Cappy, Mario can capture and control objects, animals, enemies, and more. He can transform and possess certain objects or enemies, and their abilities, including transforming into a T-Rex, yup, the transformation is so amazing! The boys sure loved it!

Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch Review + Giveaway

Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch Review + Giveaway

Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch Review + Giveaway

You can also get rewards if you go exploring and get creative; you can find moons everywhere! You need to collect a certain amount of moons to power your Odyssey (your ship) so can go to a different land. But I love that you are not feeling rushed to move to the next level, as it is fun to go around exploring each level and looking for all the moons.

We don’t have a Nintendo Switch so we can’t do two players, but I can imagine the two-player play would be super fun as well. Player 1 would be able to control Mario, while Player 2 controls Cappy. 

This game is suitable for the whole family. The boys, and I, have been enjoying playing it, and we play it together sometimes as well. We love the freedom of being able to really explore all the levels and find all the moons, and we enjoy the beautiful and inviting graphics. It is very entertaining—a must-have game.

Both the boys rate this game a 10 out of 10 stars.


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