Swoop Bag: The Ultimate Toy Bag and Play-Mat {Giveaway}

Swoop BagI have stepped on wooden blocks, LEGO and many other small toys over and over again while my son played with them on the floor (ouch!). Since he became mobile his small toys have been scattered everywhere and our living room became a total mess.

After looking for a way to keep all of his small toys contained to just one area  I found a fantastic solution that I am excited to share with you today.

We have been using the amazing Swoop Bag for a few weeks and I love being able to swoop it all up into the super handy storage bag for easy and fast clean up.

Swoop Bags were designed by graphic designer and mother of two, Sarah Kirk.  The Swoop Bag’s design was handed down by her grandmother to her mother  to keep LEGO bricks organized and Sarah redesigned  it and made it available to parents everywhere. (Thank you for that!)

The Swoop Bags are durable, modern super colorful and fun! They are made from high quality cotton canvas and nylon cording and they open up to make a fantastic play mat.  Then when playtime is over they become an easy to carry storage bag.

His small toys are now usually contained to just one area and it means I can walk freely without stepping on LEGO pieces all the time.

Swoop Bag

The Swoop Bags are perfect for small toys like LEGOs, wooden blocks, stuffed animals, puzzle pieces and more.

I love being able to clean up all his building blocks and small toys at the same time and not having to pick them up one by one, plus the bag can be hanged on a door or stored virtually anywhere to keep things tidy.

Door Swoop bag

The Swoop Bags are machine washable and you can also tumble dry them so they are very easy to care for.

These bags are a must have if you have little ones and want easy and fast clean-up of small toys, they are also a wonderful gift idea and they are shipped worldwide.

Buy it: It is your lucky day my friends! They have a wonderful sale happening now! Get 30% off your bag using promo code: oneyear30 – expires 5/19/12.

Win it: One lucky reader from US/CAN will win a Swoop Bag (color of choice).  Enter to win it below via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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133 responses to “Swoop Bag: The Ultimate Toy Bag and Play-Mat {Giveaway}”

  1. Bubble Gum

  2. I love the Star Dust Blue.

  3. I like the Mud Pie 🙂

  4. I love Jungle!

  5. My favorite color is the Mud Pie.

  6. I love the Mud Pie!

  7. Great Idea!

  8. It’s a toss between Orange Crush and Grape Jelly.

  9. I like the Tractor Red! 🙂

  10. Tough to choose, I like them all! Tractor Red is especially nice.

  11. I really like Bubblegum.. but I think I would choose tractor red or orange crush.. hmm.. or maybe I would choose bubblegum after all.. tough call!

  12. My fav is Aquarium.

  13. star dust blue!

  14. I think Star Dust or Tank

  15. what a great idea love the star dust blue

  16. mud pie!

  17. So hard to choose, but I’m really loving the LIME!

  18. orange crush

  19. My favorite is Grape Jelly!

  20. Love Jungle!

  21. My favorite is Jungle Green!

  22. Oh my! My boys would love Tractor Red-the name and the color!

  23. Thanks for the chance to win! I love the mud pie!

  24. I like the orange crush, but I could use about 5 different colors for all the different types of little toys we have!

  25. jungle is the best

  26. I love the lime!

  27. orange crush

  28. From Swoop Bag, I like the jungle color.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  29. Star Dust Blue!

  30. I like grape jelly 🙂

  31. bubble gum

  32. I like Star Dust Blue

  33. I love the Gray Wolf!

  34. I would like either orange crush or aquarium

  35. I love the Aquarium color!

  36. Wow what an awesome idea!! Star dust for me

  37. May-I visited ‘Swoop Bag’ and I love the Aquarium colour.-el03ro

  38. Orange Crush

  39. I really like Tractor Red and Aquarium!

  40. Grape Jelly is my favourite.

  41. I love the New colour – Gray Wolf.

  42. Star Dust Blue is my favorite!

  43. My favorite color is Star Dust Blue.

  44. Love Jungle

  45. I like Aquarium & Mud Pie.

  46. grape jelly is my favorite i think

  47. star dust blue

  48. tractor red

  49. I like star dust blue and mud pie

  50. Brilliant idea (I love organization!). I’d pick orange or tank. Thanks for the chance.

  51. i like mud pie or tractor red

  52. My favourite is Lime

  53. love the bubble gum color

  54. I like the Stardust Blue bag

  55. Lime and Aquarium

  56. star dust blue

  57. Love Jungle! 🙂

  58. I love the Jungle color!

  59. My favorite is the Tractor Red!

  60. grape jelly

  61. mud pie is my fav color

  62. Wow, never heard of this product before! Very cool! I honestly love all the colors, particularly like the blues though 🙂

  63. aquamarine

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  64. lime

  65. Lime

  66. tank

  67. Love the lime or tractor red!

  68. I love the Aquarium. Thanks!

  69. Oooh toss up between Aquarium and Lime

  70. I love Grape Jelly!

  71. I like the Mud Pie color.

  72. I’m really flavoring the tank color, perfect for boys who would like that. Thanks sewitupjulie@gmail.com

  73. love two colors..both mud pie and grape jelly

  74. Sweet bag!

  75. What a fantastic idea. Sure hope I win.

  76. Grape jelly!

  77. aquarium color

  78. Grape jelly

  79. Grape Jelly or Acquarium (can’t decide)… I also like the FIRST one (no name was listed – it just said “out of stock” – a deep red). THANKS

  80. All are great but I guess for my nephew I would pick Aquarium. Would be great for my parents as they are getting old & really shouldn’t be looking after their grandson full time.

  81. I like the Bubble Gum color.

  82. star dust blue

  83. My son love the lime color

  84. tank

  85. I like aquarium.

  86. My favorite is the Orange Crush color

  87. I like the gray one, but it’s out of stock so I don’t know what the colour is actually called. 🙂

  88. I think it’s a brilliant item with a brilliant design. I’d be happy with one in any colour!

  89. All the colors are great but I really like the lime!

  90. I really like the bubble gum and orange colors.

  91. Grape Jelly!

  92. Orange Crush is perfect!
    rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  93. Aquarium. Thanks.

  94. i would love the bubble gum color!

  95. love the bubble gum color

  96. my favorite is the pink one.

  97. I like theGrape Jelly or Orange Crush

  98. Star dust blue

  99. i like mud pie

  100. I like the Grape Jelly and Bubble Gum

  101. I love several but particularly orange crush and aquarium!

  102. Favourite colour is the red one (don’t see the colour name since it says currently out of stock), also love the orange crush

  103. aquarium

  104. I like Star Dust Blue the best!

  105. i like orange crush

  106. I like the color aquarium

  107. Bubble gum is my favourite! So pink, so girly 🙂

  108. My favourite is Lime!

  109. What a terrific idea. Bubble gum is the perfect color for my granddaughter.

  110. Orange Crush 🙂

  111. Bubble Gum is my favorite color

  112. Bubble gum.

  113. orange crush

  114. I love tank and mud can’t decide 😉

  115. I like the Orange Crush

  116. i love the ‘tank’ color

    annae07 at aol dot com

  117. Definitly orange crush!

  118. i like orange crush the best !

  119. There all nice colours!! I like lime or mud pie best.

  120. My favorite is the Lime

  121. I like aquarium! Such a beautiful color

  122. i love this in orange crush

  123. I love the bubblegum color!

  124. I love the bubblegum color to!

  125. I love so many of the colours, but my favourites are orange crush and bubblegum! So bright and cheerful!

  126. The gray one is my favorite!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. i like the bubble gum

  128. I love the bubble gum.

  129. I like lime

  130. My pick would be Orange Crush

  131. The gray one is my favorite! This is great!

  132. I like Orange Crush!

  133. Starbust!

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