Dana Obleman

For the first seven months of my son’s life I was waking up twice or three times every night to nurse him back to sleep or to give him his pacifier.  The sleepless nights for several months were extremely difficult and after reading many books and trying different methods I was feeling powerless.

It was at a mommy group meeting that one of my friends suggested trying the Sleep Sense Program. She had started the program a week before with her little boy (roughly the same age as my son) and she was already seeing great results. He was sleeping in his own room and starting to sleep through the night.

Thanks to my friend’s recommendation I visited Dana Obleman’s website and after finding out she was in British Columbia I was lucky enough to get in touch with her directly.  Dana has been working with children and parents since 1998 and has a B.A. in Psychology and her sleep sense program has received a lot of positive testimonials.

After speaking on the phone with her I received a copy of her Sleep Sense book and a questionnaire with some questions specific to our bed time routine and situation.  We filled out the information and sent it back to her the same day. By that afternoon we received a personalized sleep plan with specific recommendations and suggestions to improve our son’s sleeping.

After reading her book and personalized plan we did everything she suggested.  Even though a couple of things were a bit difficult at the beginning (like getting rid of his pacifier or waiting 5 minutes before going in the room when he started crying),  I can say 100% that it was worth it and that her plan really works.

Not only did I stop night time feedings but I also got my needed night time rest.  After 3 days of starting her program our son was already sleeping in his own room from 7:00pm until 6:00am. And what I love the most: If he woke up HE went back to sleep on his own without me going in his room.  The key was having him learn to do so

We really can’t thank Dana enough! She was extremely helpful and available to respond to all of our questions and concerns and she always responded to us in a timely manner. Very professional and friendly.

There are still a few days when he has a harder time going to bed and specially fighting his nap times but with her help and following her book’s suggestions we have definitively gone a long way.  I love the freedom of having the evenings for myself after he goes to bed and to know that I can actually get a full night’s sleep.

We are continuing her plan and I will recommend it to anybody that needs help with their baby’s sleep habits.  If you truly follow the plan and stay strong those first couple of nights it will all be worth it at the end. Your baby will get the rest he/she needs and you will get your night’s sleep.

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