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I had a moment of inner mama conflict when scrolling through all the amazing shirts from The Talking Shirt. With so many great inspirational statements on for kids shirt I could easily choose one for my boys but I kept going back to the ladies shirts.  The statement I ended up loving really spoke to my heart and I felt like it was something I wanted to be reminded of more often in my life….and I chose something for myself and I love it.  I’ll show you what I chose in a moment but first I need you to see all the cute, sweet, uplifting shirts for boys and girls….

nice matters

Sometimes as I am prepping to write a review and I read up on a company I am inspired.  It doesn’t happen often but this is one of those times.  Rachel the creator of The Talking Shirt took a very real moment and turned it into her ‘big idea’ for a company.

“My latest big idea struck me on a summer night in 2013. We had just gotten home from a shopping trip to my favorite big box store. We went to pick up some summer play clothes for our girls. We returned empty handed. Not even ONE t-shirt in the entire store did I deem appropriate for my girls to wear. They were all crude, rude and ugly! That’s when I had my lightbulb moment.

T-shirts. Postive T-shirts. I just so happen to be married to a graphic designer, so my big idea fell into place rather quickly. My husband designed up our first tee after extracting it from my brain. Poor guy. I think it took us at least 2 hours to agree on a simple design. But it ROCKED. The tee was a play on the word “beautiful” and it simply said “beYOUtiful”. I knew this big idea was THE big idea. I just had a feeling.”

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Faith is obviously a big part of their lives and as is beautifully shown in their faith based line of shirts for all members of the whole family.  I appreciate that they are able to work that important aspect of their lives into their creations.

I however was looking for something a little different when I found the “Kindness is Always In Style” raglan style shirt.  The statement really spoke to me because I felt like it was something that I could work on.  LOL that makes me sound like I am an unkind person—which I am not!  I think it can be very easy to let our minds and our hearts be swayed by negativity and the little reminder to be kind couldn’t hurt one bit!


I was worried when I ordered the shirt that it would be too short on my long ferret-like torso.  I tried it on and it fit perfectly, but I knew the test would be how it washed. The plan was to wash it and then hang it to dry but plans often go awry, and it ended up in the dryer. Thankfully the fabric didn’t shrink but a little, unlike cheaper quality shirts which often shrivel up and leave my midriff hanging out.

Do you have a favourite uplifting quote you would put on a shirt?


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