Tints of Nature: Paraben-Free Hair Color with Certified Organic Ingredients {Giveaway}


Did you know that most permanent hair color kits contain aggressive chemicals like ammonia, parabens and resorcinol?

If you color your hair once every few months it means you are exposing yourself to those chemicals multiple times every year and that can’t be good for your hair or your health.

I luckily got a chance to try Tints of Nature’s permanent hair color.  Their hair color is free from harsh chemicals and it contains natural and certified organic ingredients.  It means there is less hair damage after coloring and  the entire process is safe.

I wanted to see how effective the results were after using Tints of Nature and I was pleasantly surprised,  there is no need to use strong chemicals to obtain good results and beautiful color. I absolutely loved the end result as my hair was shiny, healthy looking and ultra soft.

Tints of Nature

The kit I received contained everything needed for application including gloves and a developing cap, it also had a clarifying shampoo to use before coloring, I didn’t love the smell of the clarifying shampoo {just personal preference} but I had no issues with the smell of the color and the conditioner {very mild}. I decided to go for “black” color and I loved the results.

During and After Hair Color

During and After Hair Color

I barely have time to go to the salon to get my hair done so being able to do it all from the comfort of my own bathroom in just 30 minutes is wonderful, plus knowing that the products I am using are all safe and have not been tested on animals is a big plus. My hair is shiny and I love the final color, it looks natural and it feels extra soft!  Thank you Tints of Nature!


Win it: One lucky reader from US/CAN will receive their choice of permanent or semi-permanent Tints of Nature color.  Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

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72 responses to “Tints of Nature: Paraben-Free Hair Color with Certified Organic Ingredients {Giveaway}”

  1. The last time I coloured my hair was before I got married, in April of 2011.

  2. The last time I colored my hair was a month ago. I colored it medium brown, which is close to my natural hair color.

  3. about 9 months ago, i went red for the fun of it

  4. I completely stopped chimical hair coloring 5 month ago

  5. I did a root touch up 4-5 weeks ago and i use medium auburn

  6. Last time my hair was coloured was about nine months ago.

  7. I colored my hair blonde to cover up my gray.

  8. The last time I colored my hair was a couple of months ago , it was cheap hair color from the 99 cent store and I will never buy it again , the bottle of solution wasn’t full so the color didn’t cover all of my hair , the shade of color was auburn.

  9. About a year ago, auburn

  10. I colored my hair last week.. red.. I tried it is now two perhaps three shades of red/brown/black.. Disaster

  11. The last time must have been about 4 years ago when i was going from a dark blonde to a lighter shade

  12. my hair seems to be dye resistant so it’s been years since I tried colouring it just because it lasts two weeks and is completely gone. Not worth the money to keep spending to have it done at a salon when it never lasts.

  13. The last time I colored was about a tear ago – I had highlights put in.

  14. The last time that I colored my hair was in august for my brothers wedding. I dyed it a nice brown color. Unfortunately it was only demi permanent and all that color is gone now and its back to a roan read at the bottem and my natural roots at the top… its awful lol

  15. The last time i colored my hair was over a year ago and it was a dark brown. I have been thinking about doing it again because i do have some grays coming in (at 35 ) and i really dont like alot of chemicals in my hair because it makes it dry and brittle. Would love to win and try this coloring out. Thanks so much for the chance

  16. Th last time I dyed my hair was before I got pregnant with my now 6 month old. maybe december of 2010… i don’t even remember. I have used tints of nature once before though. It worked very well.

  17. I don’t know the last time I coloured my hair!! Been years and years!! I went blonde for sure and then maybe I went back to brown before the blonde grew out. Just can’t remember! LOL 🙂

  18. I just did it last week for the first time in about 2 yrs, It is a light brown with blondish highlights

  19. I colored my hair last summer (July 2011) right before I got pregnant….needless to say I really need to dye it again but with concerns during pregnancy and breastfeeding I haven’t. Glad to know theres a safer product out there. 🙂

  20. I usually get blond highlights for the summer, havent done it in a couple of years!

  21. When was the last time you colored your hair? What colour? Before christmas — brown

  22. I haven’t dyed my hair in almost 2 years… I dyed it black .

  23. The last time I coloured my hair was Jan 2007 just before I found out I was prego with my daughter. I have been considering doing my hair lately. I think it was a shade of brown.

  24. I coloured my hair a month ago. I used light brown.

  25. I last did my hair about a month ago and I am as I have always been,blonde.

  26. I haven’t coloured my hair for a few years but I’ve been wanting a change as of late.

  27. Blond a few months ago. Long overdue.

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  28. would love this..i often buy semi-permanent hair dyes, however, a dye better for my hair sounds good!

  29. 4 months ago, med brown

  30. Super Blond, approx 1 mth ago 🙂
    Would LOVE to try out TINTS OF NATURE!
    Good Luck everybody!!!

  31. I last colored my hair 2 years ago. I dyed it a light auburn

  32. I have never coloured my hair – but I’m getting up there now so this could be a time to start.

  33. The Friday before Easter. I colored it a dark golden blonde!

  34. Hey – never coloured my hair but I can feel the greys coming in as my kids increase my stress level!

  35. I can not remember the last time I coloured my hair if I had to gues I would say 1 and a half or 2 years ago. I usually go for an aubrun colour.

  36. got an overall colour to match up with my roots and some bright red peek a boo highlights back in november… im due for something haha

  37. I last colored my hair in 2006 a golden brown color.

  38. yesterday and medium dark brown

  39. Last time i colored my hair i went pretty safe and tried a darker brown than i had. It was pretty good! i really liked the change, it makes you feel like a different person (:

  40. I colored my hair about 5 weeks ago a medium brown

  41. i colored my hair about 2 months ago with a medium brown.

  42. I colored 3 weeks ago and the gray is back again. I use a medium brown.

  43. I colored it about 3 months ago, dark brown.

  44. I coloured my hair about 2 months ago. Medium brown.

  45. 3 years ago, strawberry blonde

  46. I would love to color my hair without the chemicals!

  47. i colored my hair last night …light brown.

  48. It’s been years since I dyed my hair. Last time I just lightened it to a dark blonde. 🙂

  49. i dyed mine a few months ago, dark brown

  50. i coloured my hair blonde two weeks ago. Did NOT turn out right!

  51. About 6 months ago – med. brown.

  52. About 2-3 months ago–I’m a natural blond and color a slightly darker blonde.

  53. About 6 weeks ago. Caramel Brown!

  54. One year ago! blonde! I need to lighten up again for summer

  55. About 1 month ago and it was medium brown

  56. I have never dyed my hair because I am scared of all the chemicals that is in the dyes! Would love to try though!!

  57. 3 years ago. Deep red.


  58. About two months ago- light brown

  59. About three months ago dark brown.

  60. I have never colored my hair!

  61. about 6 months ago, light blonde

  62. 2 or 3 months ago, blonde

  63. It was around six weeks ago….I colored it medium brown…always wanted to have dark hair. 🙂 Thank you.

  64. The last time I colored my hair was over 2 and a half months ago before I broke my hand. I colored it light brown.

  65. I just colored my hair 2 days ago. a new brand, and it came out too dark. =(

  66. I colored my hair a couple of weeks ago – medium blond.

  67. A couple of years ago I had some blonde highlights put in

  68. 4 weeks ago, dark brown.

  69. About 8 months ago blonde highlights

  70. I dyed mine light brown about 3 months ago!

  71. I coloured my hair for about 20 yrs to cover the grey that unfortunately arrived very early. Now I’ve reached an age where I can respectable have grey hair so I no longer bother as it was getting to be every two weeks to cover the roots.


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