Tips For Fixing Common Toilet Troubles {Giveaway}


As a plumber, founder of Small Jobs Plumbing – the first female owned and operated plumbing company in Nova Scotia – and mother to an eight-year-old boy, nobody knows clogs better than Tammy Buchanan! You can find some of her fabulous advice for fixing common toilet troubles here, including some helpful videos.

And while you might not always think of it, one of her top tips for avoiding plumbing problems is starting with a toilet paper that breaks down quickly in water. This is especially true if you have low-flow toilets or a septic system, own a cottage or RV or simply have a kid who can’t help but put a little too much in the bowl, right parents?

MAJESTA, the soft and green choice for household paper products, offers an innovative line of e•z flush bathroom tissue that provides the perfect balance of softness and flushability. MAJESTA e•z flush breaks down quickly in water, making it ideal for homes with low flow and dual flush toilets. You can learn more at

We had a chance to try the MAJESTA e•z flush shake test at home and the results were clear! MAJESTA breaks down quickly in the water. Way better and faster than the leading brand.  Here is a little video of our results:



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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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145 responses to “Tips For Fixing Common Toilet Troubles {Giveaway}”

  1. Had now issues so far!

  2. *knock on wood* not yet!

  3. just the occasional plugged one

  4. A few here and there, but thankfully they are all minor issues

  5. Knocking on wood…we haven’t had much of a plumbing issue yet.

  6. Not me personally, but I have a friend who had to deal with it and she was very strict on what you could put in the toilet

  7. Use less toilet paper to avoid flushing problems lol

  8. Yes, We have had a couple of plumbing issues.

  9. No issues so far!

  10. Yes!! alot of times, because we live in the country

  11. I have toddlers… So yes. They may never understand what “just a little bit” means.

  12. We have an ongoing problem with one of the toilets in our new house – it plugs often. Not sure if the previous owner had issues that got passed on to us, or if our toilet paper and the kid’s wet wipes are causing the issue. It is our main toilet that gets the most use, and it doesn’t happen often, but at least once a week I need to plunge it which is more than should be necessary! Might switch to this toilet paper and stop using the wet wipes, even though they say they’re flushable, to see if it makes a difference.

  13. We had our plumbing back up just a few weeks ago! Had to get the septic tank pumped out.

  14. Thankfully we have never had to deal with any with toilet related/plumbing issues in the past, ever.

  15. Yes, I have had to fix lots of issues.

  16. We have a septic system so more maintenance.

  17. yes! Theya re the worst!

  18. Yes! My boys have used too much TP several times and overflowed the toilet…what a mess!

  19. Yes I’m guessing most people have to deal with this difficulty

  20. Oh yes I did! Just two weeks ago, my son filled the toilet with a entire roll of TP and then flushed twice…

  21. I haven’t had any toilet issues since my sons were little and would dump toys in the toilet.

  22. I have not had any issues yet.

  23. We have a low flow toilet so sometimes the toilet paper doesn’t go down

  24. Once, and plumbers are expensive!

  25. No we have been lucky when it has come to the toilet, hope it stays that way!

  26. Only a couple incidents that required the plunger.

  27. We sure have…so much that we had to buy a new toilet.

  28. Yes I have and it totally sucks!

  29. I usually grab the plunger and get to work.

  30. seem like since we put in a new toliet if clogs real easy, my brother in law says they make them narrower now so they clog easy

  31. yes,I have,,and have today actually!!!!

  32. At a hotel last weekend, one of my little guys flushed wipes down the toilet without our knowledge. Needless to say, the toilet backed up and what came up was horrifying. Fortunately, my hubby managed to fix it before impending disaster struck!

  33. on occasion the kids have over used toilet paper and cause a few plug ups!

  34. I’ve had a few in my time along with a toilet that broke while I was sitting on it.

  35. Yep

  36. Yes, small issues.

  37. The kids have blocked it with to much toilet paper

  38. No thankfully

  39. yes, and i always call my hubby, mr. fix it!

  40. Yes! Terrible problem in our old house. Tree roots! Ugh!

  41. Issues are a common problem, especially with the trees and massive bowel movements.

  42. I’ve been very lucky and have never had a problem with a toilet anywhere in the world, except in Manitoba and that like for many was due to tree roots 🙂

  43. I’ve had some problems with my daughter jamming things down the toilet so I had to call a plumber.

  44. Yes ! it was embarrassing and took a long time to fix

  45. Yes, one time my toilet wouldn’t stop running all night and we had a huge mess.

  46. No too many issues yet’s surprising though the way my kids use T.P.

  47. No I have not but I am sure it will happen eventually!

  48. no issues so far I have tried this test showed it to a few guy friends they believe me now

  49. The occasional plugged one especially the toilette upstairs.

  50. Unfortunately yes – when we first moved in here…we found out the previous people liked to flush cat litter down the was horrific

  51. Not me… my hubby has had a problem or two before!

  52. my youngest likes to use a roll of tp… constant clogs

  53. No problems

  54. So far we’ve luckily had no issues that a plunger couldn’t solve.

  55. Yes, our kids seem to plug up the toilet a lot, and right now one of our toilets seems to run for a long time after being flushed.

  56. Absolutely- I have on daughter that could never use enough tp when she was younger…..

  57. yes

  58. Yes. I suppose one of the most innovative issues I ran into was one the former owners of my last house spliced a piece of garden hose into the pipe works.

  59. In the last 3 years I have had nothing but problems with my toilet. Flood after flood and am now on our 3rd toilet. One year it happened at Christmas time. I rent so luckily I did not have to pay but the hassle and the days without a toilet were nightmares in itself.

  60. I would LOVE to win this prize pack!! Fingers crossed!

  61. Nothing major

  62. I just had to have the plumber in because the chain in the toilet tank had broken. He had to come in and replace it.

  63. We have had plumbing issues but that was because someone dropped something that was definitely NOT toilet paper down there

  64. Yep. Just last month my husband backed up the toilet and flooded the bathroom. No fun.

  65. No real problems..plugs up once in a while…our fault…

  66. One word HUSBAND!!!! lol I call my hubby ever time

  67. i get my husband to take care of it lol

  68. no problems here

  69. No, I’ve been fortunate.

  70. I am not sure exactly,if this one applies? However,you need to be extra careful,about the amount of Toilet Paper,that is going down the Toilet,because,sometimes it gets clogged!

  71. We put in a new plumbing drainage system

  72. No serious plumbing issues. Our toilet doesn’t flush with much power, so we try not to use a lot of paper.

  73. A plunger usually does the trick!

  74. No, never any toilet of plumbing issues!

  75. So far so good, no problems!

  76. We haven’t recently.

  77. Thankfully i have not.

  78. My husband looks after these things! ;))

  79. Our toilet used to plug occasionally

  80. We look to youtube or google for a solution

  81. Nope, all clear here so far

  82. My daughter flushed baby wipes down the toliet and they clogged up the system

  83. A few issues in the past, but nothing recently.

  84. we are on septic at the cottage so we run into toilet issues ALL the time

  85. We have had a couple of plumbing issues in the past!

  86. I do not remember having any issues in about 20 years.

  87. Most of our problems with plumbing have just been the typical kids-use-too-much-tp problems but once we had an issue with a chunk of pumpkin getting flushed. My hubby bought an auger and fixed it himself

  88. Heureusement ça ne m’aie jamais arrivé.

  89. Yes almost every 2-3 days.

  90. yes we have had lots of problems

  91. Unfortunately yes. My toilet sometimes refuses to flush all together. Oddly I only have to tap the tank for now and it gets running again. I think a replacement toilet is overdue.

  92. Oh yes, as soon as we moved into our new house. Pipes backed right up in the basement-very gross.

  93. No issues so far

  94. For years now you have to hold the handle down to get the toilet paper down.

  95. Yes our septic system needed an emergency pump out.

  96. if we have had issues, very calmly and with lots of cleaner!

  97. Not recently but let’s not jinx it!

  98. Yes I have had to deal with this.

  99. The handle on our toilet broke twice within a year

  100. haven’t had any issues yet

  101. I have always been very lucky. No plumbing problems here

  102. i’ve had to bust out the plunger a time or two

  103. Yes I have. The plunger came in handy.

  104. I call my husband…and hopefully he can figure it out.

  105. Not really, and fortunately we are in an apartment so if there ever is an issue… I can call someone to deal with it lol

  106. I would assume that everyone should be answering Yes to this trick question…lol Of Course!

  107. I call the plumber.

  108. I have had many problems with our toilets. It can be a very frustrating problem and I would love to have some tips for less problems!

  109. Yes, we’ve had some plumbing issues. We had to replace the toilets we were having problems with and now have low flow ones with fewer issues.

  110. No, luckily I have not dealt with toilet related/plumbing issues.

  111. No I have not had toilet problems

  112. Yup! Living in an overpriced small apartment last year! Good luck to all

  113. We live in an older building with old plumbing and have definitely have some problems with it!

  114. I have not dealt with that in years.

  115. The only issue is we had new toilets installed and in two of the rooms the contractor put the counter right on top…can’t lift the lid if we need to get in without tearing out the counter! Sooo hopefully no plumbing issues in the future!

  116. all the time when the kids were small but not the past few years

  117. I have dealt with toilet related/plumbing issues in the past but it was a quick fix & all was back in working order!

  118. With two boys in the house growing up, plunging was a must.

  119. We have, unfortunately, a entire roll of TP down the loo at once -not a pretty tale to tell!

  120. oh, yes, my kids tried to flush toothpaste and it got stuck

  121. Yes, but not recently thank goodness!

  122. None yet…crossing fingers it stays that way!

  123. LOVE TO WIN

  124. No, I haven’t.

  125. Nope, we’ve been lucky, I guess.

  126. No issues recently

  127. constantly our toilet keeps plugging

  128. nothing major here so far.

  129. Had no issues

  130. I’ve spent my fair share of time ‘in the tank’… lol
    I loathe plumbing.

  131. thankfully no

  132. No problems. We’ve been lucky

  133. Fortunately, we have not had any major plumbing issues.

  134. Thankfully never!

  135. The only thing we’ve had to deal with was the toilet leaking at the base in our old house and recently we had to replace the flusher at our new house.

  136. Yes we have !

  137. not exactly. my husband deals with plumbing problems but there have been times the toilet has overflowed

  138. Ugh, we have a toilet that runs. Real fun when it got clogged

  139. My old house had so many problems with the toilets/plumbing. I had to call in plumbers often.

  140. Once in a while a clog , not very often 🙂

  141. Yes, our toilet over flowed and we had to get a snake to clear the drain.

  142. No issues yet

  143. I hate plugged toilets and would love to win this!

  144. Yes. Lots of plugged toilets with 6 people & only one bathroom

  145. Great tips for easy toilet fixes. Plumbers can be so expensive so we try to do a lot of our home repairs ourselves.

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