Twisti Scooter from Razor Jr. {Review & Giveaway}


We have been experiencing some really unexpectedly beautiful weather for February  so it is such a nice treat to be able to play outside.  My boys were excited to get outside with The Twisti from Razor Jr.  We headed out to our front drive to give the Twisti a good testing after a week of being cooped up indoors trying it up and down the hallway.  We had never tried anything from Razor before but I have heard good things about the quality of their products and the Razor Jr. line seemed like a great fit for my young boys.  (also see here to read Allison’s review of the Razor Jr. Kuties Unicorn Scooter)

All in all I would say that  photo P1070781_zpsqmhxlk75.jpgwe enjoyed the Twisti as a fun ride on toy.  The premise is very simple-Kids simply have a seat, rest their feet, and they’re off – moving the handlebars side to side to propel themselves.  The bug’s eyes are very cute as they move side to side with the handlebars movements.

Bonus points from this mama on how cute and bright the  bee pattern is and there is also a pink and yellow version.  I also appreciated how lightweight the Twisti is, I think if we take it to the park across the street I will be glad it weighs only 4.5 pounds.  It is ready to go right out of the box which is always a parent-friendly feature, especially when you have enthusiastic ‘helpers’ who love to get their giant heads in the way any time you need to build anything.

On the packaging the Twisti  is recommended for ages 18months+ and as you can see from the images my boys aged 6 and 3 were both able to use it.  Smashie at 3 had a hard time figuring it out to start and often needed a push to get him ‘going’.  I would say that if he were even younger that he would not be able to use the Twisti, but that may just be him.  I would also like to point out that it is hard f photo ed7b6c2a-c3c1-4924-8353-5e1dd4d57d3c_zpsi0l7khdr.jpgor little ones to get the Twisti moving at all on some surfaces.  Inside our house on the laminate flooring both boys can use the Twisti with ease.  Outside on our stamped concrete patio only Bug can get himself to start moving but neither boy could get the Twisti to work with out a push from myself on our driveway.  Once going Bug could keep himself going for several feet but eventually even he needed another push.  Lastly, it can be a bit tippy when little ones are getting on and off.  Smashie tipped it over a few times when he didn’t get his bum right on the seat, but all he did was tumble over from a seated position with no real harm or injury.  None of these would discourage me from using or recommending the Twisti.

We are going to try it over at the park next week as they have a very gently hill that both boys will have a blast rolling down.  The Twisti is light enough that Bug will be able to run it up the ‘hill’ himself again, and again and again.  (of course use common sense on the surfaces and proximately to traffic).


Is this something your little one would like trying?  Do you buy toys that help to promote and develop coordination?


Win it: One very lucky US/CAN reader will win a Twisti scooter (Blue or Pink – $65.95 value). Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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