Ultimate Mom Survival Pack Giveaway {$466 value!}

Fun fact! Did you know that September is known as the most popular month for baby births? I didn’t! 
With September just around the corner and to help new moms out we have put together an amazing Mom Survival Pack giveaway to help ease them into their new role.
We are giving away the ultimate city living stroller, a diaper bag, a baby wrap to keep baby close to mom, the market leader in the treatment of diaper rash, disposable purified cleansing wipes and lots more.
Ultimate Mom Survival Pack Giveaway {$466 value!}
We’ve got a lucky new mom totally covered.
The giveaway includes:
♥ Diono Flexa Stroller ($299) 
♥ Flow Baby Wrap ($79.99)
♥ Diono Stow ‘N’ Go  ($9.99)
Sudocrem (125g tub & 30g tube – $8.99 & $4.99)
♥ Tiny Eyes Wipes  ($15.00)  
Total Value: $465.93
Amazing, isn’t it? 
Canadians, enter to WIN this amazing giveaway below via Rafflecopter.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone! 
Disclosure: This giveaway in partnership with Swerve PR. All prizes will be mailed/provided by Swerve PR.

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116 responses to “Ultimate Mom Survival Pack Giveaway {$466 value!}”

  1. I would keep the stroller for myself since I’m still using a stroller from my first born which was 7 years ago! The rest would go various baby showers I have coming up! Great prize package!

  2. I would definitely keep most of it for myself as it’s all greatly needed but I believe sharing is caring so I’d love to help another mother out thanks for the awesome opportunity cheers

  3. I would love to gift this to my cousin. She is 40 and pregnant with her first baby. I am beyond excited for her. This would be such an amazing gift to get her started.

  4. I have a friend who is expecting her first and would love the items on this list!

  5. My daughter is expecting a baby girl, due on Nov 21. She’ll be a young single mom. Anything we don’t have to save for or get second hand would be amazing. I won’t be much help as I am struggling with fibromyalgia and am not currently working.

  6. I would love to win to gift it to my cousin who is gonna be a first time mom!! Thanks!

  7. would love to gift it to my friend who’s having her first baby

  8. I would keep it for me and my little girl! This is a wonderful giveaway and very generous!

  9. I would give it to my son who will be soon planning to have a baby.

  10. Our daughter-in-law is going to be a new Mom in February so this will be going to her.

  11. I would love to win this for our next baby!

  12. I would love to win these products! I have A 3 week old and could use all these products

  13. Having a new wee one now making me a mama of 3 I certainly realize the importance of good quality and products and items for my baby that make my life easier! I would use most of these products as I need them but the carrier for example I would gift to my cousin who is expecting. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  14. I would give it as a present

  15. I have 3 nieces expecting babies this fall and so I would love to give this to them. It is a first baby for one so I know she would love this.

  16. I think most of the items I’d be passing on to the soon-to-be mamas in my life!

  17. This would be amazing to win!! I’ve got a baby at home and the items would really come in handy! Babies are expensive 😉

  18. I’m a new mom so I would keep it for myself! So many items that look very handy that I don’t have.

  19. I would love to win this awesome prize pack for my niece, she’s expecting her first baby next month.

  20. I would love to win this as an uncle who is a caregiver for my niece and nephews. Then to have it for the day when a I have kids of my own.

  21. I would love a compact stroller for travel and would gift some other items to mom friends.

  22. I have a one-year-old and we are soon going to start trying for a second child – we could certainly use these items! What an amazing giveaway – thanks so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  23. I would give this to a frend who is expecting this fall

  24. I would love to win because there are a few things I would like to keep for myself and the rest I would love to gift to a friend.

  25. I would be so thrilled to be able to gift it to my niece who just welcomed a sweet baby girl & also has a darling 2 year old daughter. The Survival Pack would be just what this young family needs.

  26. I would love to win! There’s a couple of items I could use, myself, and I have nieces with young families that could really use these lovely items.

  27. I would love to give this prize to my niece. She is having her first baby in September

  28. I would keep this for our baby. We love the sudocream, stuff really works!

  29. My kids are not babies anymore but my nephew and his gf just welcomed their first. I’m sure these amazing items would come in handy for them.

  30. I would definitely keep this prize pack! I have a 6 month old daughter and all of these things would be so helpful!

  31. I would share the bundle with my cousin whom just welcomed a little girl into the world this week 💕

  32. I would love to give it to a friend who is expecting! This is an awesome giveaway!!!

  33. I would love to have this prize! My son is 3 weeks old and all of these items would be amazing!!

  34. I would gift it to a new mom in my life!

  35. My friend and co-worker is a new mom & she is always travelling to Disneyland and fun places where this survival pack would do her a world of good!

  36. I would gift this prize to my good friends who I just delivered a baby for as their surrogate! <3 xx

  37. I have a few friends expecting and would love to gift them something nice!

  38. I want to win this because my cousin is pregnant and I would give them to her.

  39. I’m going to be second time mom this November! I could use a few new things.

  40. I would give this to my new grandson.

  41. This would be amazing for my close friend who is expecting her first baby! I love Diono products.

  42. I would give it away to my brother

  43. I have two close friends who will be new moms in the fall – I would love to gift these items to these gals! It would really help with costs !

  44. I would keep some items and gift the others to my first time mom friends!

  45. I would love to win as we are expectimg baby #3 in September, and we got rid of most our baby stuff many years ago. With two very busy boys I have had a hard time buying new things for baby (no time for researching, waiting for sales, etc.) so this prize would ve a lifesaver! ❤

  46. Well, I work as a nanny, and the family I work for, they have a neighbour whose a single mom, expecting another….I know she is really struggling, so I’d give this to her. Thank you for the chance.

  47. My cousin Rebecca is pregnant with her first child, a little girl that will named Emerlee 💞 she is a young mom, with very little support from her family. Her dad passed away when she was 13, life for her has been such a struggle, but she is still so kind, genuine and positive.
    On September 29th I’ll be hosting for her a small baby shower as the baby is due in December. I know this would be a major blessing to her. Thank you so much for the chance at this amazing giveaway.

  48. I would love to give it to my sister for her first baby.

  49. My wife would love this.

  50. I would gift this to my son as they are expecting their 1st bundle.

  51. I would gift this to our niece for her new baby

  52. I would give this to my daughter…. a first time mom! Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. I would like to win this for my younger sister; she is expecting her first child (she had a miscarriage last year and is finally pregnant again). I think she would be super-grateful for this collection of items. Thank you!

  54. I would give this to a friend.

  55. i would love to give to my sister who is expecting!

  56. Would love to win this for my friend

  57. I would love to win this awesome new mom survival pack for my niece who just had baby 6 days ago.

  58. I would keep it, I’m preparing to have a baby!

  59. My girlfriend’s baby is a week old and I would love to gift this to her as a first time mom.

  60. I would love to win this for my niece – she is a mom of three. This would come in handy for their recent new baby.

  61. I would share it with a few moms

  62. I would give this to a frend who is expecting this fall

  63. I’d love to give it to my bff who is expecting her first in October!

  64. I would keep some of them, but I would gift anything my daughter has outgrown to a friend who’s a new mom.

  65. The prizes are all such useful items for parents, so this would be wonderful to win. I would keep some items, and also share with a friend who has a baby younger than mine.

  66. I have a 7 month old and these items would make life easier, as well as help for future babies.

  67. One of my sons will be married soon. I would love to gift them this whole package. They will be so excited to have these awesome products for their little one to be.

  68. I would love this for my little girl. The stroller looks like it would be great for on the go!

  69. What a wonderful giveaway! My daughter is having a Christmas Baby – it would be a wonderful Christmas present for her.

  70. Great giveaway ! Would love to win this as I am expecting in september. All of these items would be so appreciated!

  71. Love love love this!!! Our stroller broke on a flight this summer so I would love to win and keep the stroller, but I would share the rest with my sister and bestie.

  72. I would give it to my cousin who just had a baby. It would be great for them because they don’t have a lot of stuff yet.

  73. My great niece is due in September. This would be nice to give to her.

  74. That stroller is amazing!!!!! When our little one’s born i would use it all the time to go walking!!!! Fresh air for mom and baby!

  75. Gift it to my sister

  76. i would donate it, as my family already has kiddos that are older

  77. My niece is expecting soon and i would love to gift this to her and her her husband

  78. This would be a wonderful gift to give my daughter who will be a first time Mom!

  79. We had to get rid of our stroller because it was so old it broke down. We could use the Diono stroller.

  80. Great prize pack. Thank you

  81. I have a niece expecting aoon and this would be perfect for her

  82. I have anew nephew this would be great for

  83. So many new and expectant Moms in my life…great shower presents!

  84. Wow! Awesome giveaway! I’d love to win it for my sister! 😀

  85. Would be great to surprise our friends who are having a baby

  86. I would give this to my nephew who is expecting his 2nd child

  87. My best friend is having her first child and I would love to be able to win this for her.

  88. I would gift it to my daughter, who is a new mom.

  89. I would love to gift it to my sister.

  90. my sister in law

  91. A friend at work has just found out that she is unexpectedly, but excitedly pregnant. I would like to win this prize for her.

  92. This would be for my daughter and son in law with a toddler and new baby at home. With the added expenses this would be an amazing help to new young parents.

  93. Would be a nice gift for a friends that will have a baby

  94. This would be gifted. I want to win as I can not help financially to get the stuff for my friend and they have minimal options also so this would be received in major blessings and gratitude.

  95. I’d gift this to my sister un law. Her and my brother just had their first baby in August 6!

  96. I’ll give it to my grand niece. Thank you for a chance

  97. I would love to gift it to a pregnant mom at the local shelter. She would appreciate it

  98. What a great prize! I’d love to win!

  99. My twin daughter in Austin is having a baby girl in February and would appreciate the stroller, Stow ‘N Go, Stroller Buddy for the Stroller, and the baby wrap. It all looks so practical at making life easier with a little one.

  100. I am hoping to gift it to a friend who is expecting.

  101. I’d love to have a new stroller, mine has been through 4 kids. It would be such a help with getting back and forth with the little one while I take the kids to school.

  102. Amazing giveaway!! The prizes are exactly what a new parent would need! Thank you so much!

  103. What a cool prize ! 😀 I would give it to my daughter who has a little girl, my first grandchild 😀 Good luck to all ! Bonne chance à tous !

  104. wow

  105. I just had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago, this would be absolutely amazing and I could definitely use these items!

  106. This is one amazing prize package. If I won, I would gift it to one of my best friends. She would be over the moon.

  107. I would love to bring this prize pack home because we recently welcomed baby #2 into our lives. I would definitely keep this for my self and my tiniest human.

  108. I would love to win this for my niece who is expecting.

  109. I would give it to my sister-in-law, who just had a baby girl and is a first-time mom!

  110. A a mother to two toddlers this wild be perfect for helping get everything together so we can leave the house remotely on time.

  111. I would love to gift it to my frd as she expecting next month!

  112. I would give it to a friend

  113. I would love to win this and help out a wonderful organization that help mammas in need.

  114. If I won, I would be giving all of this to a newly single mom to be ( any day now)
    She would be so great full to have all this as this was a sudden brake up of a relationship of two people that wanted this precious little girl.
    I am trying to help her as much as I but I am a one income house with 4 of my own and 4 nephews that live with us.

  115. My sister is expecting her first child next week! This would be such an amazing prize for her!

  116. Congratulations Pat, I’ll bet that you’re a happy camper having won this fantastic giveaway. 🙂

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