Weleda: Natural Skin Care Products for Baby and You {Giveaway $130 value}


Weleda is a leading manufacturer of natural skincare products for babies and adults.

At Weleda they believe in using only natural ingredients like flowers and herbs, fruit extracts, clays, roots and minerals. They also believe in growing their own ingredients and supporting fair trade at the same time.

Something that is great about their products is that they are all very gentle and effective. They have several skincare lines that are great for sensitive skin, again skin, extremely dry skin and of course baby’s super delicate skin.

I received both their Calendula Weather Protection Cream for Baby and their Cold Cream for facial care for myself to try.

Calendula Weather Protection Cream for Baby

Weleda’s Calendula Weather Protection Cream is perfect for the harsh winter weather and it is designed to protect extra dry facial skin and lips.  One of the main ingredients is beeswax and I love that the cream is suitable for use from birth onwards.

I found that applying the cream on my little one’s face and lips right before leaving the house works great to protect his skin from the cold and wind. His skin is very sensitive and it can become red when exposed to the cold so having the cream protecting his skin works really well for us.  I have noticed his skin is soft and hydrated at all times now.

I also used the Weather Protection Cream when dealing with chapped/dry skin from drooling during my son’s teething and I recommend it to help sooth their skin.

Cold Cream for Dry and Very-Dry Skin for Me

I usually suffer from dry skin specially during the cold months. My face and neck areas are very sensitive to the wind and cold and I am constantly looking for natural solutions.  I applied Weleda’s Cold Cream on my face and neck areas every morning and night and I have noticed that my skin has been protected. I can feel the extra hydration and I love the sweet almond oil scent.

I am very happy to have found Weleda’s products.  I recommend them because they work and because I love supporting companies that care about our planet.  Weleda’s products are a great solution if you are wondering how to protect your child’s skin before participating in outdoor winter activities.

Weleda products are available at weleda.ca, Whole Foods, Planet Organic Market, Rexall Pharma Plus Stores and more.

Win it: One very lucky reader from US/CAN will win the entire Weleda Baby Skin Care Line! An approximate value of over $130!!!! Here is How: Simply write a comment sharing your favorite outdoor activity with your child (required).  Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

200 responses to “Weleda: Natural Skin Care Products for Baby and You {Giveaway $130 value}”

  1. We love taking walks to the local park and around our neighbourhood.

  2. we love taking walks in the park and playing with the dogs.

  3. I love taking my baby to the beach.
    Bigallfish (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Love swimming outdoors in the warm sunny weather.

  5. Our favourite outdoor activity right now is either me or my husband pulling our little guy in his sled in the snow.

  6. We love going to the park and my daughter especially loves the swings. In the summer we also love going swimming.

  7. It really is a tie between playing in rain puddles and rock collecting on the trails behind our house!

  8. Yoga in the park & watching the ducks

  9. We love hiking and all the fun things we can do on the trail…collecting leaves & pinecones, having picnics, climbing trees!

  10. I always loved to ride our bikes together.

  11. I love going for walks together. Everything she sees is amazing to her!

  12. We love going to the beach and playing in the sand

  13. We simply love talking walks

  14. I love going sledding with the kiddos!

  15. Our favorite activity is going to for long walks

  16. I love to play outside with my boys in the garden, and then we wash up in the swimming pool!

  17. We like to go for walks.

  18. I love just being outdoors and having fun!

  19. Depending on the season – the park is where we all meet as parents and children to have lots of fun.

  20. We love to take walks together since my two year old is full of energy and our 3 month old loves the stroller and falls asleep on our walks.

  21. We like to play road hockey in the driveway. We also like to go on walks to the playground.

  22. My favourite outdoor activity with my child is playing on the beach/wharf and out in the water at her grandma’s house in the summer.

  23. We love to go to the pond and swim the day away!

  24. I don’t have children of my own but I consider my nephew and nieces my part-time kids… does that count?! I love to take them to parks and explore all the trails 🙂

  25. Love swimming in the pool! or hanging out at the beach 🙂

  26. Playing outside on the playground with my kids and camping.

  27. I love to go shopping with my daughter and I like to play ‘stupid’ games with my son (What we call the xbox LOL)

  28. I love this brand! We enjoy walks and going to the beach… We are very blessed to live 5 minutes away from beautiful beaches.

  29. We like to take our pooch to the dog park. She runs with the dog.

  30. Walking together holding hands in the neighbourhood – destination Ice Cream shop!

  31. We love skiing as a family.

  32. We love walks!

  33. We love to play with our dogs!

  34. takingwalks with grand daughter

  35. We love to throw a ball back and forth!

  36. We love camping!

  37. My favorite activity is going for walks with the wagon and the cats and dogs joining us!

  38. going to the zoo!

  39. I love going to the beach with my grandchildren!


  40. We love to simply go for a walk down by the river and talk.

  41. We love going swimming at the lake.

  42. going to the park (swings, etc) with niece and nephew

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  43. Obstacle courses! So much fun at our local trail with logs, braches, rocks, whatever we can find!

  44. My great nieces love walking the dogs with us.

  45. Our greatest adventures outside are making snow forts !

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    eva marie urban (EMU)

  46. We love going to the park

  47. Favourite outdoor activity is bike riding and swimming

  48. Bike riding in the summer and sledding in the winter!

  49. riding bikes

  50. Right now- not a whole heck of a lot, but in the summer we love the local water park/ playground with picnics!

    ps. I totally posted a link to a cranberries video on the part where it asks for my twitter name when following you. Sorry about that, but you know I follow you with ‘sachahammerer’. Also it’s a good song – you can listen to it if you want 😉

  51. Rescuing worms that have been washed up onto the road in spring showers!!!!

  52. going to the park/playground or the library, both about a block away from our home 😉

  53. We love going to the park together and the beach. Then, we get to play in the water and play with the sand.

  54. We enjoy camping.

  55. My favourite outdoor activites with my kids is walking in the parks and playing at the playgrounds

  56. I like hiking with my guys!

  57. we love going to the pool!

  58. We cannot wait for summer! Very exciting about our annual Mason + Mommy roadtrip as well as a week long camping trip at the beach.

  59. We love going to the pool together

  60. I love to take my girls to the beach and look for shells and cool rocks

  61. My favorite outdoor activity with my kid is going to the beach. He’s fascinated with the waves, and it makes a fun day.

  62. going down the slide and playing in pools

  63. Our favourite outdoor activity is playing soccer

  64. We like having a picnic at the water park!

  65. I love to go for nature walks with my son.

  66. weleeda products=greatness

  67. Walking in the woods … it’s magical

  68. My favorite activity to do with my child is reading stories. Not only am I able to teach her valuable life lessons, she is also getting conditioned to appreciate reading and learning.

  69. Having an outdoor picnic in our front yard.

  70. We love to go for walks around town and then stop at the park to play.

  71. having a backyard picnic.

  72. We love going on the trampoline.

  73. My favorite outdoor activity is skiing with my daughther

  74. we love nature walks

  75. going to the playground with her

  76. I have always enjoyed being the #1 fan for my kids’ sports activities.

  77. I love taking my little ones for a bike ride and go feedi the ducks.

  78. I love taking my little ones for a bike ride and go feed the ducks.

  79. going for walks in the park

  80. outdoor activity: going to the zoo.

  81. I love to play and splash in the puddles with my daughter. SO much fun!

  82. we enjoy going for nice walks, and the kids really love going to the waterpark in the summer time on days where its nice enough but not too hot (we are all very very fair and can’t be out if its too hot)

  83. my daughter loves swimming

  84. love exploring nature with all it’s wonders

  85. sledding

  86. Definitely going to the park.

  87. Nature walks and picnics in the park.

  88. I love going to the park with my little guy!

  89. we love cycling together

  90. We really enjoy going sledding together.

  91. We enjoy hiking

  92. We love sledding!!

    dalleykt at live dot ca

  93. I love taking my son to the pool in the summer! In the winter we’re mostly just happy to be able to go outside at all!

  94. love to go for a nice walk

  95. March 14-My favourite outdoor activity with my children when they were small was to haul them on a sled or make a snowman together. They loved making a snowman. -el03ro

  96. My favourite outdoor activity with my child is playing in the piles of leaves in the fall!

  97. playing in his sandbox!

  98. we like exploring looking for bugs and birds and the like

  99. We love going for walks together.

  100. I am looking forward to the sun to start shinning so I can take my little one to the beach!

  101. We love biking

  102. we love biking and using the swings : )

  103. Picnics at the playground.

  104. Walking, but when it gets warmer it will definitely be swimming 🙂

  105. Walking with the dog.

  106. We love blowing bubbles outside

  107. i love to go on walks with my 3 year old grandson

  108. Our favorite activity is to go to the local nature center and walk along the lakeshore – our son loves to play with all the pebbles, and ride on Daddy’s shoulders!

  109. My absolute favorite outdoor actifvity is to go snowshoeing. In the summer is biking, swimming or bush trail walks.

  110. swimming

  111. I love to go walking with my kids (and dogs). I try to get out almost every day.

  112. I love to hike with my daughter

  113. We love to hike the local trails in our neighborhood…I am trying to get into shape so this is really helping me.

  114. We love to go hiking up a mountain and see the world around us.

  115. We love going to the park. 🙂

  116. We love hiking in our back yard the North Shore Vancouver Mountains.

  117. Love going on nature walks with my son

  118. My favorite activity with the kids is swimming in the summer and snow boarding in the winter.

  119. we love to go to the park to climb, swing & run!

  120. Our favorite outdoor activity is playing in the sand box!

  121. long walks and swimming

  122. Our favorite activity is going for walks in the large park by our house.

  123. I love going to e park or amusement parks. =) I love spending time with my baby. going to the beach is so special and refreshing.

  124. Nature Walk

  125. My baby is due in august but, I think I will love taking her for walks and going swimming.

  126. we love going for hikes and quad rides on the trails

  127. we live near the beach, so i enjoy walking with my kids down by the water when the sun is setting and life just seems so relaxed

  128. We love going to outdoor playgrounds.

  129. Hiking in the Sandia mountains near Albuquerque is a favorite past time – particularly in the Winter or Fall when it is beautiful and snowy as you get farther away. Like a little paradise.

  130. My fave outdoor activity with my two kiddos is just tooling around in our yard, or gardening in our veggie patch. We are lucky to have a big yard and the kids spend most of any day that they are at home outside.

  131. We love to walk. He is mesmerized by the tree branches!

  132. we take a walkoutside

  133. My favorite outdoor activity with my little one is going to the park.

  134. We like to go to the playground. 🙂

  135. My favourite outdoor activity with my children is taking a walk in the park.

  136. I love taking my baby to the beach!

  137. Taking the dogs for walks!

  138. Baby is still pretty young so we go for walks with our dogs.

  139. Favorite outdoor activity is playing in the water table with my son

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  142. I follow on Google+ as Jessica Bleasdale

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)
    sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

  143. Subscribed to email: jessicableasdale at gmail dot com

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)
    sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

  144. i love going to the park or the beach!

  145. Playing with the sand and going for a big walk in his stroller

  146. Going to the park!

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  147. We like to fly kites.

  148. I follow on Twitter as BleasdaleFamily and tweeted

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)
    sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com


  149. My baby is only 4 months, so mainly it’s just walking in the stroller for now.

  150. I love to take my kiddos outside to play on their swing set, tag, trampoline and anything else we come up with!!! Thank you for the giveaway!! 🙂

    Michelle Mikolaszuk

  151. Perfect for my daughter’s eczema!

  152. I love taking my daughter to Disneyland and watching he face light up!

  153. A favorite outdoor activity is picking blackberries when they are in season.


  154. Favourite outdoor activity – chalk drawings!

  155. My son LOVES the beach and being in the water. So in the summer our fave outdoor activity is going to the beach, swimming & camping

  156. Playing on the slides

  157. We live hiking !!

  158. We love swimming at my mom’s pool!

  159. we like to play ball outside

  160. this time of year was the egg hunt, by summer riding are bikes at the park

  161. I enjoy bike riding with my son

  162. My little one is pretty little yet, but we like to go for long walks together, with him either in the stroller or being worn by me. He went on the swings for the first time last week, but isn’t too interested in that yet!

  163. I love camping with my son in the summertime!! We usually try to get away for 2 or 3 weekend trips a summer and then do a longer well during hubbys vacation. It’s always a blast for all of us.

  164. we love swimming together and gardening

  165. Tag.

  166. we love to swing

  167. we love riding bikes

  168. We love rollerblading.

  169. We like swimming

  170. My son and I every December drive out to Harrison River to watch for the eagles. We walk along the beaches and try to find the biggest one.

  171. In the Summer, my son and I like to sit out on our deck and watch the squirrels running around our back yard.

  172. we love to play at the park 😉

  173. I simply love taking my daughter to the park. She is young so she loves it!

  174. water play whenever the sun is out

  175. we love playing badmitton

  176. I love taking my daughter for walks. We try to get outside almost every day depending on the weather.

  177. we love to garden

  178. Love swinging on the outdoor swing-set! 🙂

  179. I love going for walks on the lake with my son.

  180. We love camping and hiking.

  181. hmmm…..I like walking and taking pictures with my daughter….she like the beach and playing in the water!

  182. I love going on bike rides or just playing catch with my son.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  183. We just sitting outside on a beautiful sunny day, and just chatting, getting caught up on news.

  184. My daughter and I like taking pictures 🙂

  185. We like to blow bubbles and chase butterflies

  186. We love to go swimming.

  187. We love swimming in the little pool in the yard.

  188. We love to garden 🙂

  189. my favourite activity is swinging him on the swing at the park… he is only nine months..

  190. Nice giveaway!

  191. Our favorite thing to do outside is to garden actually.

  192. I like to do yoga

  193. We like to play t ball outside

  194. We love to swim in the summer.

  195. We love to swim!

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  198. This is a really nice giveway.We love to plant flowers and Bulbs in the garden and Pick berries.

  199. Love any activity with our children. Bike rides and walking are best.


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