Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?

The brand new Disney Plus streaming service launched just yesterday. My social media feeds were inundated with people sharing about it and even my Smart TV knew it had launched, as a tiny message appeared in the corner of my T.V. inviting me to download the app.

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money? That’s the question in everyone’s mind today. I’ll share my thoughts below.

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?

As a Disney lover with two little boys obsessed with Disney and Star Wars, I ended up downloaded the app yesterday, and I signed up for their streaming service.

The monthly cost is $8.99 or $89.99/year, and you get a free week on Disney when you sign up. It took me just a few seconds to download the app on my  Smart TV; I was asked to enter my e-mail, my credit card details and I was in. Super easy to set up.

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?

Disney Plus is also available to stream on your computers, phone, both iPhone and Android, tablet, TVs and media boxes like Roku, PS4, Apple TV and more. Like many other streaming services, you can download movies and shows to watch offline later. Great when you travel with kids.

Now let’s talk about content. Right away, I was pleasantly surprised with the content available to stream. We love Disney movies and shows, and having all the classics available in one spot is magical, same with recent movies and shows.

Besides Disney classics and Disney channel shows, you can watch a selection of Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars content. Including the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, a series about what happens after the fall of the Empire. And you also get National Geographic content; we love nature and educational shows, so that’s exciting too. 

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?v

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?

Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?

Even though we already subscribe to Netflix and a couple of other streaming services, I am used to spending $5 every couple of weeks renting movies not available in those services, many of those being classic Disney movies. With Disney Plus I don’t have to rent them anymore. Also, new Disney movies won’t be going to Netflix anymore once they are out of theatres so Disney Plus will be the place to go to watch newer films. 

I decided to sign up for the year, and I personally find enough value in the subscription to say it is worth signing up. If you love Disney and Disney films and shows, and your children love Disney content, I say consider signing up. Also, if you are used to buying the Disney DVDs/Blu-rays you can save money as you can get all those films available to stream instead.

You can cancel your subscription at any time but be aware that if you sign up for the year and you cancel it right away, you won’t get a refund,  and it will be cancelled after the current membership ends. 

Happy Disney watching. I am super excited to watch Disney Christmas classics with the boys. Have you signed up? Are you considering it?

More detail here: Disney Plus


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39 responses to “Disney Plus Streaming Service, Is It Worth The Money?”

  1. Need to share this with my daughter and her family who are big time Disney fans!

  2. It looks good and the price is quite reasonable!

  3. Exciting! We love Disney movies, so am seriously considering this.

  4. My kids are so excited for this service to start up. From Star Wars to the classic Disney films, we would definitely find a lot of shows to watch. You have convinced me to sign up right away!

  5. We signed up today and I’m totally hooked!! Definitely worth subscribing.

  6. I could not believe how many people signed up today! Wow!

  7. We signed up as well, but I’m planning on cancelling. There’s no Malcolm in the Middle.

  8. ahhh I want this so bad!! i have been trying to convince hubby. Im pretty sure I can get him to budge. his marvel is over on disney now to so its a win win

  9. Honestly we need this in our home !!

  10. We will have to look into this

  11. We got this the day it came out. So far I’m pretty happy with the selection, but I would like to see more adult content. I’m most excited about the Marvel series.

  12. So I am hesitant at this moment to get it but once our cable is done on January 1st I will be getting it for sure. I hope the kids like it enough to make it worth it

  13. This would be something that my grandkids would love, cheaper than going to watch these movies at the cinema too. Personally I’d enjoy the National Geographic content the most I believe.

  14. This would have been great when my daughter was 2. Now that she is 26 we’ve decided to keep it for 1 month after the free trial.
    Doesn’t work on her Chromebook at all.

  15. My grown daughter is so happy about this, more then my granddaughter lol

  16. I don’t think I will sign up, I really don’t want to add more to my monthly entertainment bill.

  17. We just got this too! 🙂 Last night, I watched the new Dumbo and cried like a baby lol. Also watched the new Lady & the Tramp. I didn’t know they remade that one. Both were amazing! 😀
    I don’t know if it was my system or connection, but sometimes the movie would stop and go back 10 seconds. That was annoying 😛

  18. I am definitely thinking about it. The Disney Christmas classics might be the selling point for me because I love the nostalgia. Of course the family would enjoy them too!

  19. Thanks for the review! My family is a big Disney family — so they are thrilled with the new Disney streaming platform.

  20. It sounds like an awesome streaming service for the family! I love the selection of shows and movies… think of all the movie marathons the family can enjoy!

  21. There are so many services and I will wait a bit and then choose, but I love their selection.

  22. I really like it but our sons are too young to be into watching the movies. For now I think we will be fine with cable, Netflix and amazon prime. Someone really needs to just bundle them all together lol.

  23. So many streaming service to choose from! We still have cable as I like my TV shows, I have Netflix and Amazon prime! So will not be subscribing.

  24. Thank you for the information.

  25. It would be nice to have I love disney movies

  26. So many people I know have already signed up. Exciting for sure!

  27. Just was gifted Disney+ and loving it.

  28. This isn’t for me, I’m quite happy with Netflix, I don’t think that I’ll ever manage to see all I want to on that. 🙂

  29. I considered it & im super glad i did! I love disney movies, shows ect & this brings back the childhood memories 💕🙌

  30. I like all the selection that it offers. And the National Geographic is a big plus for us as well.

  31. We haven’t subscribed but we don’t have the best internet either. Thanks for the info. As much as I’d love to have this, I don’t think we’d get enough out of it. Our data caps are pretty low and if you want more, it’s very expensive.

  32. I’m going to sign up in January, great way to spend time as a family in the winter

  33. My grandson is a huge Disney fan, will look into this for him. Thx very much for the helpful information.

  34. I will definitely subscribe to Disney + at the moment it opens in France!

  35. We signed up a couple of weeks ago. I’m a bit torn because we had so many DVDs already or seen the movies before but I think overall it’s still worth it. There’s great stuff on National Geographic and The Mandalorian was awesome!

  36. we are re subscribing this week after our year is up. We absolutely love Disney plus still. Mandalorian fridays 😍

  37. I don’t have Disney+ but my daughter has it for her daughter, and they love it, my granddaughter asks me to put it on when she comes over, sorry I don’t have it, so it must be great to have!

  38. My subscription is about to expire, just not sure yet if I want to renew. So many other expenses at this time.

  39. So, I’m a late adoptee, but I’ve been thinking about getting Disney+ because my friend says its great.

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