I have always been an encyclopedia lover. I remember as a little kid reading and re-reading the encyclopedias we had at home and loving all the beautiful and colourful images and all of the amazing information they contained. I am a total book worm and I even love the way new books SMELL, yup, you’ll catch me smelling new books anytime I get one.

This month I focused on picking up some amazing encyclopedias and colourful, magical books for the boy’s home library from DK Books. I have to say that I was super excited to receive the package myself and I ended up sitting with the boys flipping through these with them. You can spend hours going through beautiful books, learning something new on every page.

Here are the great books we picked.

Our February DK Books Picks


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Ten thousand stunning photographs and illustrations catalogue the wonders of history, space, the natural world, and more in this ultimate resource for kids ages 9-12. Bringing together an amazing array of images to explain every topic under the sun-and beyond-this book has a mini-encyclopedia on every page.

Picturepedia contains chapters on science and technology, nature, geography, culture, sports and hobbies, history, insects, musical instruments, spacecraft, world maps, famous discoveries, prehistoric life, and more. Every double-page spread contains a wealth of information on a given topic, with galleries, lists, sequences, facts, timelines, and much more, while every topic is illustrated with up to 100 photos, graphics, and illustrations.

Perfect for gift-giving, or adding to any home or school library, Picturepedia is a stimulating quick-reference that kids will come back to time and time again.

All I have to say about this one is, a must-have for a home library. I love all the amazing eye-catching, colourful images and the boys spend hours flipping through its pages.

Our February DK Books Picks


Science as you’ve never seen it before.

Illustrated with the latest CGI technology, this children’s encyclopedia brings a groundbreaking new visual approach to the world of science. Crystal-clear computer-generated artworks pack the pages to reveal and explain spectacular aspects of the scientific world. Bursting with astonishing 3-D images, Science! reveals core science in stunning detail, from nanoparticles and elemental forces to the phenomenal wonders of the universe.

Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution, this book is packed with essential information and quirky facts that will appeal to both curious kids and interested adults. Easy-to-read, informative text encourages reading, and families will find fun, new science facts on every page.

This book is filled with facts and lots and lots of information that is easy to digest and easy to read. Another home library must-have.

Our February DK Books Picks
Exploratorium of Science
Watch as mixtures merge and matter changes state. Discover how some chemical changes can be reversed, yet others can’t, and why some reactions happen with a bang! See bacteria at work in the world around us, and even inside the human digestive system. Understand the tricks that light plays, and unlock the secrets of electricity to find out how it powers the bulbs in your home. Whether it’s elements, evolution, or energy, the world of science is brought to life by stunning photographic explanations that answer the biggest and smallest questions about our universe.
This is an amazing science encyclopedia for little ones. It illustrates and explains how chemistry, physics, and biology work, with amazing photography. My youngest loves it!
What’s The Point of Math
Incredible historical and contemporary stories explore the often surprising origins of the math we use today, from number sequences to trigonometry. Crazy facts, magic tricks, and mathematical brainteasers will amuse and entertain even the most reluctant math students. Find out why an hour has 60 rather than 100 minutes and how prime numbers keep the internet working. Colourful and uncluttered illustrations make mathematical explanations easy to grasp in seconds and make this user-friendly book simple to navigate and a joy to browse and read.
Have you ever had your child ask you “Mom, what’s the point of math?” Your answer should be in the “What’s the Point of Math” book. This book contains a lot of fun facts from info on the origins of math and why you use it every single day. Fun and user-friendly, a great one for older children and children who don’t necessarily love math, as it may help change their minds.
Children’s Book of Magic 
Magic has always captivated and amazed children, but learning the secrets behind this mysterious art has never been easy – until now. Introducing Children’s Book of Magic, an introduction to the world’s most amazing illusionists, magic tricks and magicians.
Both my boys are obsessed with magic and this one was a fun one to get for them. Filled with fun tricks they can do themselves, a bit of magic history and more, this book would make a great gift to any little magic lover.

Our February DK Books Picks

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with DK Books Canada. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.