Tomtom Giveaway

I have been trying out the TomTom Nav App for Apple/Android devices for over a month now and I am ready to share my experiences with this app with all of you.

The TomTom Nav App features TomTom Traffic. TomTom Traffic offers the most accurate and comprehensive traffic information available, delivering updates every two minutes so you can easily re-route to an alternative when there is construction, an accident or anything else that may slow you down. I find that I am now able to plan ahead and get to my appointments on time without rushing thanks to the app.

TomTom Giveaway

Here are some of my favourite features:

Daily Map Changes (free):  These updates from the Map Share community are super helpful and they include changes like blocked roads and construction. I really love knowing what’s happening right away to be able to re-route and avoid detours and delays!

Offline Maps: Something that I really like about the TomTom Nav app is the fact that all TomTom offline maps are stored on my smartphone. I don’t need to have a signal, roaming or WiFi to access the maps, I can plan a new route, re-route and they are always available offline!

Departure Reminders: I found the reminders super helpful when I wanted to arrive somewhere on time. Planning trips and adding them to my calendar with a reminder to leave on time,  just what any busy parent needs!

Apple maps compatibility:  I use Apple maps on my phone all the time and I found it was great that the TomTom app was compatible with it. I simply select TomTom as the routing app from Apple maps to get TomTom to guide me to my destinations.

Music control: I use my phone to play music when I drive and I love that the TomTom app fades out the volume of the music to give me turn instructions and then fades it back up when it’s done. I don’t ever have to worry about missing something while I play my favourite music!

Spoken street names: I like hearing the street names when using a GPS. I am not a fan of “turn right or left” with no street name and I was glad to see that the TomTom Nav app uses street names.

Emergency menu:  You can easily find hospitals information in the area, roadside assistance and more with a simple touch of the screen. I love having all that information available in case of an emergency.

In general I really like the convenience of having the TomTom Nav App on my phone and not having to bring my big GPS device with me, besides I love not worrying about having a signal, WiFi or data for it to work properly.

Do you want to try out the TomTom Nav App for yourself? You can download it on your iPhone, iPad or Android  device and get more information HERE.

Disclosure: I received a free code and a gift card to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.