I started babywearing with my first son when he was a few months old. I tried multiple carriers and I learned a lot about safety, ergonomically correct babywearing and more. My preferred carrier with my son was the Boba Carrier 3G and using my Boba carrier I wore my son until he was about 2 years old.

boba carrier

Here wearing my first son (Boba 3g)

With our second baby (born last December) I knew I wanted to start babywearing from the very beginning. I believe in the positive benefits of having my child close to me and I appreciate having my hands free to be able to spend time with my toddler as well.

As an official Boba ambassador I had a chance to try out the new Boba Carrier 4G. I love that the carrier can be used from 7-45lbs and it comes with an integrated infant insert, perfect when you want to start babywearing from day one.

Boba 4g

Our first walk outside with the Boba 4G at 2 weeks old

boba 4g

Here wearing my second son at 3 weeks

The Boba Carrier 4G has an ergonomic design that is safe and comfortable for babies and toddlers and it is made with high quality materials. With the new 4G you don’t have to snap up the waist belt and switch the buckles for the newborn hold, instead you get a small insert that easily attaches to the carrier and becomes a little seat to keep your newborn high enough in the carrier and support their tiny legs.

With two positions the newborn insert grows with the child, simply snap it for younger babies and then unsnap   it to seat the child in a lower position later.  Something else that’s new is the hood that has been modified so it can be used to support the newborn’s head.

I absolutely love using the Boba Carrier 4G with my new baby. I like being able to easily comfort my son while I am carrying him and I love how comfortable we both are. He usually starts napping as soon as I start wearing him and I really appreciate knowing that he is safe and his position is ergonomically correct.

The 4G also features multiple pockets that are great to carry small items when going out for a walk with baby, etc. Just makes it easy to leave the house without carrying multiple bags at the same time.

I am really loving the upgraded 4G and I recommend you consider it if you are looking for a baby carrier that is ergonomic, safe for both mom and baby and can be used from newborn age to toddlerhood. Be sure to check out the Boba website for instructions on how to properly use the carrier, including super helpful videos that make it easy to learn how to easily and safely position your child.


  • Weight Range: 7-45lbs
  • Waist Belt: 25″-58″
  • Fits Adults: 5’0″-6’3″
  • Buckles Used: Duraflex
  • Zippers Used: YKK
  • Shoulder strap length: 20″ to 40″
  • Fabric 100% cotton for the Classic Collection
  • Height of the body of the carrier: 15.7″. Height of the waist belt: 5.1″
  • Width of the Seat of the Carrier: 13.5″
  • Weight of the carrier: 2lbs
  • Price: $128.00

Disclosure : I received a sample of a product to facilitate this review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% mine.