Stokke Crusi with Sibling Seat

We recently had the chance to test drive a Stokke Crusi with a Sibling Seat kit and we were very keen to explore its capabilities. We were already big fans of Stokke products and the Stokke Crusi did not disappoint.

The Stokke Crusi is a multi-featured “connection” stroller with optional sibling seat. A “connection stroller” is a type of stroller that is designed to place the the child much closer to the parent than a normal stroller would. This helps to stimulate bonding and development as well as an increased sense of security and comfort for the child.

The Stokke Crusi grows with your child, the stroller can be used from birth up to 15kg (single seat) and up to 20kg (duo). It allows baby to face the parent or to face out and it features 5 seat positions from resting to upright high chair position.

Video of the Stokke Crusi in action


I found that setting up the stroller was extremely easy. I am almost 6 months pregnant and I assembled the single seat and then the sibling seat option on my own without having any issues, just following the manual and clear instructions/graphics. After opening the box the only assembly I had to do was attach the wheels to the chasis. This was dead easy and only took a minute or so to do, they just click into place.

Then the single seat clicks into place as well and you are ready to go! I love that after locking the seat into place you can take a look at the side for a green indicator that lets you know if the seat is attached to the chassis correctly. It is a small detail but it does give me peace of mind to know that it is connected safely.

The Stokke Crusi chassis can be folded flat and easily stored. It then slides open smoothly but I did notice that there is no storage locking mechanism to keep it locked in this position. The handle of the stroller is fully adjustable and it can be stored (retracted) by sliding it into the frame with a simple push of the white button on the centre of the handle. I like that it is easy to extend so both my husband and I can find a comfortable position relative to our different heights.

With the single seat your baby can face towards or away from you. The seat features three positions when facing you (sleep, rest and active) and two positions when facing out (rest and active). Both the top seat and the Sibling Seat feature a five point safety harness to keep your baby optimally secured in their seats.

The Stokke Crusi comes with a rain cover and a mosquito net that are super easy to install when needed.

Rain Cover and mosquito net Stokke Crusi

Sibling Seat Installation

Installing the Sibling Seat was relatively easy. I like that there is no need to use a screwdriver and the kit comes with easy to follow instructions (pictures only though). The kit comes with 2 plastic seat adaptors that should attach to the middle of the chassis and a footrest for the sibling seat that attaches to the bottom of the chassis. The footrest was a bit tricky to install because the screws and the sockets are at an angle and it can be a bit difficult to align on first try.

Sibling Seat Kit Stokke

Sibling Seat Use

The Stokke Crusi Sibling Seat has a fixed recline position. I was interested to see my son’s reaction to trying out the bottom seat. He was very happy to go on the top seat and loved it but being older I had a feeling he might be uncomfortable in a reclined position on the bottom. I was surprised to discover that he seemed quite content and comfortable down there!

Because of the fixed recline position, I don’t see the Sibling Seat as a permanent option for our older son to be always sitting at the bottom. It is instead something that we can use when our toddler gets tired from walking or needs a break. It’s just nice to have that option. When I go out with my toddler he usually spends lots of time out of the stroller and goes in the stroller only once he is tired, so this design solution by Stokke works for us.

I wouldn’t really sit my newborn in the Sibling Seat because it’s hard to see the child’s face when they are in the bottom seat. You have to actually peer round and down to be able to see them while you are walking, besides at such a young age they really benefit from the connection of being able to see your face at all times. Maybe once baby is older and he is taking a nap he would be able to sleep on the Sibling Seat while my toddler sits on the top seat.

I did find my toddler was able to easily climb in and out of the Sibling Seat with my help, when the top seat was installed. Without the top seat he was able to do it on his own without any problem.

It’s worth noting that the Sibling Seat adaptor fits over the seat recline button of the top seat for safety and you can’t change the recline position of the seat while the Sibling Seat is in place.

Sibling Seat Use Stokke Crusi


I absolutely love how smooth and easy to push the Stokke Crusi is. It feels well balanced and safe and it provides a very comfortable ride for the child. I love the size of the wheels and that the stroller is so easy to maneuver. A pleasure to push!

I also really like that the brake is bright coloured and easy to find, it’s also easy to use and keeps the stroller firmly locked in place. The front wheels can also be easily locked by sliding a button on the front.

The Stokke Crusi has a huge basket that’s easy to access and has ample storage room. I love having that extra space at the bottom. Note that when using the Sibling Seat the basket is not easy to access as there is no space for storage then.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really like the Stokke Crusi. The way that it is higher than other stroller and allows me to connect with my child by being able to see his face at all times is a great design. It has a sleek modern and well engineered look and it is the type of stroller that turns heads when we are out.

I find that for our situation this is a great stroller because our toddler likes walking independently most of the time but he needs breaks and having the option of a Sibling Seat when we are out is very handy. It is important to stress that this stroller is not bulky like most double strollers I have encountered and it is very easy to push.

I definitively recommend the Stokke Crusi stroller and Sibling Seat to other parents that are looking for a less bulky, lighter stroller with a Sibling Seat option, specially if their active toddler is not going to be sitting in the stroller at all times, like our son. The Stokke Crusi is comfortable, stylish and practical!


  • Weight:
  • Chassis: 8,6 kg
  • Chassis with Carry Cot: 13,4 kg
  • Chassis with Xplory® & Crusi Seat: 12,4 kg
  • Measures:
  • Chassis folded: L: 98 cm, W: 62 cm, H: 30 cm
  • (Wheels can easily be removed).
  • Price: $1,249.99 + $299.99 for sibling seat

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.