Fun Math Skills Practice Activity with Finding Dory Goldfish® Crackers


Goldfish® Crackers are one of our favourite snacks for the boys. They are baked with real cheese, contain no artificial colours or flavours, have 0 trans fat and are low in saturated fat. They are super tasty as well and the boys love them. We usually pack some when we go on our family hikes as they are great snacks for on-the-go.

crackers happyDuring the summer break we do math and reading practice at home with our future First Grader and we love learning activities that are playful and fun. There is nothing like making learning fun and enjoyable for the kids.

Recently we have been using objects to help him count and practice addition. This time we used the new limited edition Finding Dory Goldfish® Crackers and he had a ton of fun counting and eating crackers at the same time. After every answer he got to eat some crackers and he loved it.

All you need for this fun activity is a large piece of paper, a marker and a package of Goldfish® Crackers. Easy!

Our youngest one enjoys finding the blue crackers in the package and sorting them before eating them, we obviously call this game “finding Dory”. Great way to practice his colours and sorting skills as well.

math practice with crackers

How do you enjoy Goldfish® Crackers with your family? Share your own “snackable moments” on social media using the #GoldfishSmiles hashtag. I can’t wait to see all of your own memorable moments.

Keep enjoying the summer friends!

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20 responses to “Fun Math Skills Practice Activity with Finding Dory Goldfish® Crackers”

  1. That sure looks like a fun way to do Math….i might eat most

  2. This is such a brilliant idea! What a fun (and yummy) way to learn Math

  3. We just stocked up on Goldfish crackers….they were on sale so we REALLY stocked up lol

  4. Learning is always easier when you’re having fun and if you get to eat Goldfish crackers at the same time it’s even more fun. This is a super idea 🙂

  5. Your site has wonderful ideas, great giveaways and shows the pride you have in your family. You manage to juggle several things at one time and do them well!

  6. Great idea, with a treat at the end… The boys attend museums, parks, nature schools, etc. throughout the summer (most of these learning experiences often have a physical activity or outdoors spin); on the weekends, we continue their comportment and ettique classes (4 hours where they learn the necessities from dance to how to “be” at a formal dinner); a couple times a week, we have a tutor that comes in that does maths and sciences with them (follows what their interests are). Mostly, we just indulge their own pursuits and interests in the summer time and I have found them to be very prepared for school again. When they were little, I would do much more basis (like you have mentioned above), but they’re older.

  7. Absolutely everything is more fun with Goldfish Crackers!!!!

  8. Im picking up some Goldfish Crackers and doing some Math with the preschooler on the weekend,sure to be fun

  9. found the chocolate brownie Goldfish in store yesterday……we’re hooked lol.

  10. If i had been taught Math like this when i was young i would have learned faster….lol

  11. This is such a cute idea! Going to share this with my sister who’s son would LOVE this 🙂

  12. Oh this is awesome I look forward to trying this out thank you 🙂 make learning fun 🙂

  13. This is a great way to teach math and then they can eat the right answers!!

  14. This is such a great idea!! My oldest loves doing math worksheets!

  15. This is a wonderful way to teach math because kids love Goldfish Crackers!

  16. What a great idea! Looks like lots of delicious learning happening!

  17. What a great way to encourage learning and with a somewhat healthy snack

  18. They make great counters but I like to snack on them

  19. This is a wonderful way to teach math concepts. He works for a while and may eat some when he gets the right answer. My children would have loved this homework. It is so simple to do with just the paper, marker and Goldfish. Most children love Goldfish.

  20. This is a wonderful idea for helping children with math. The goldfish are solid objects that he can pick up and put down or count or eat. This is fun for young children.

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