Angelcare Monitor Review

You would think that being a mother to three for years that I would have some sense of ease when it came time to putting my new baby girl down for a nap. However, that motherly worry never truly goes away nor is it subsided once you have more children. When I had my first child, the only thing on the market was a one-way sound monitor. Even though I could hear her, I still had to sneak in and peek in on her just to ease my mind even more and risk waking her. Now we have the technology of not only sound but video.

Angelcare Monitor Review

Angelcare AC310 Baby Monitor Review

The Angelcare baby monitor has put my mind at ease each time I lay my precious newborn down for her nap and bedtime which I have never had before with my other three children. Here are three reasons why I love the Angelcare Baby Monitor AC310.

  • Video

This is, of course, the most obvious one for many. As a mom being able to see my children is something that is irreplaceable when we want to know that they are safe. In an instant, with the Angelcare monitor, you can look with clarity that your babe is safe and sound. I can even see her tiny little chest rising and falling through the screen.

  • Room Temperature Display

We want our children always to be comfortable and for babies being the right temperature doesn’t only mean comfort it means safety as well. When they are newborns, they cannot control their body temperature regulations isn’t mature yet. The Angelcare monitor displays the temperature in either celsius or degrees, and it will change color if the room falls out of a safe zone.

  • Two-Way Talk

A baby always knows her mama’s voice. At times all I have to do is talk to my baby girl, and she feels safe again, and she will either stop crying, and there have been times when she even drifts off back to sleep. If I’m not able to get to her crib right away and she is in need of attention with the touch of a button, she can hear my voice and feel safe and loved, knowing that mama is on her way.

I have felt so much more at peace since having this baby monitor in our home. I only wish I had this much comfort with my previous children during nap/bedtime maybe I would have fewer gray hairs today if I did?!

I also love how lightweight the LCD screen is. I can take it anywhere with me around the house as I switch tasks. Whether it’s at my desk catching up on emails, reading a book outside or doing the dishes, it’s a breeze to pick up and go.

Angelcare Monitor Review

Angelcare Monitor Review

Other features that the Angelcare baby monitor has are:

  • 4.3” LCD with touch controls
  • Wall-mount option or table top camera
  • Room Temperature reporting
  • Secure digital transmission
  • Digital zoom & pan
  • Night Vision
  • You can find the Angelcare Monitor at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.