As a busy mom, who works from home, I rely on our wireless services to get my work done, communicate with my family, and interact with my friends and followers via social media. My husband is a business owner as well, and he also uses his phone and wireless services to get everything done.

I’ve been a TELUS Wireless customer for many years, and I was excited when I found out about their recently introduced programs, designed to help families like ours manage our wireless services to help us same money. Being able to customize the services we need for our family while staying in control of the charges feels great.

How To Save Money, Stay in Control and Avoid Wireless Service Overcharges

Enter the new TELUS Family Advantage.

Below I am sharing a couple of the tools you can use to help save money as a family and avoid unexpected charges. 

TELUS Family Discount

I love discounts, and TELUS offers incremental savings off the monthly rate plan with every new family member who signs up and gets added to your plan. By signing my husband up, we both enjoy a $5 off discount per month! Three family members? Each gets $10 each! Four or more? You’ll get $15 off a month each. So good!

Peace of Mind rate plans

If you have somebody in your family who ends up using up all of your family’s shared data, then this one is for you! I may or may not be that person in our home, wink wink. Thankfully, with the new TELUS Peace of Mind rate plan, we can now all enjoy endless data and NO overage charges.

The new TELUS Peace of Mind rate plan gives new, renewing and bring-your-own-device customers access to endless data starting at $75 per month for 10GB of high-speed data, $95/month for 20GB of high-speed data or $125/month for 50GB of high-speed data without ever having to worry about overage charges. Once you are above your high-speed data bucket, you can continue to stream, share and stay connected as much as they want with speeds up to 512 kbps. No more turning off data until the next month’s usage resets. 

TELUS Easy Payment

Do you want the latest phone but don’t want to pay for the device upfront? With the new Easy Payment device financing you and get any phone you wan for $0 upfront, even the day it is released. You can also now see exactly how much you are paying for the device each month and track the repayment over 24 months.

I may have a thing for upgrading phones often and lining up for new phone releases, so this one is a great one for me. And TELUS also offers a Bring-It-Back option so you can save even more when getting the latest phone models, lowering the price of the phone you really want. 

How To Save Money, Stay in Control and Avoid Wireless Service Overcharges

How To Save Money, Stay in Control and Avoid Wireless Service Overcharges

So many great ways to save money while staying connected. You can learn more about TELUS Family Advantage and more ways to save online HERE.

I love that TELUS is making it easy for families to stay on budget while providing tools to help you avoid those unexpected bills because nobody wants to pay overuse charges or end up running out of data for the month. 

Are you a TELUS customer? If you are not yet, this may be an excellent time to make the switch.