The Smart Toy that Helps Your Kids Learn {Without Them Actually Realizing It}


If you’re up on the tech scene, you’ve probably heard of Sphero 2.0. We just reviewed and gave one away last month and there were over 7,000 entries! It’s a robotic ball you control with your iOS or Android device, and it comes with tons of free apps available for download. Plus, it’s fully pet-proof, waterproof, and kid-proof. While Sphero is a fun gaming system for the whole family, it also offers plenty of learning opportunities for the kids.

Sphero is the ultimate tool when it comes to teaching your tot how to learn colors, shapes, and hand-eye coordination. Here are the best ways to get started with Sphero as a family.

The Smartest Ways to Play with Sphero

1. Launch the popular Draw N’ Drive app, available for iOS. It’s essentially an etch-a-sketch in the form of your smartphone, but Sphero adds something special. Kids can pick a color and draw their letter, shape, or pattern of choice on the screen then watch Sphero reenact the “etch” in real life.

2. With multi-color LED lights, Sphero glows in literally millions of colors, and offers plenty of ways to enjoy them. Sphero ColorGrab iOS and Android is a multiplayer color matching game the whole family can enjoy, with multiple difficulty levels to ensure everyone has a good time. Chromo is another app for iOS that challenges coordination and memory by using Sphero as a handheld game controller and incorporating all of its colors.


3. Driving Sphero using the basic Sphero app for iOS and Android lets kids get a fun taste of cause and effect. It also gets them off the couch and using their imagination as they chase Sphero through the halls and even in the backyard, creating obstacle courses, challenges, and stories with their very own robotic friend.

4. For the older kiddos, Sphero MacroLab iOS and Android offers a great introduction to programming in an intuitive, simple format. Select commands for Sphero to execute, change their order, and learn about the robot underneath the shell. It even comes with pre-installed macros that let you simply press play and watch as the ball brings the programmed commands to life.

5. Controller games with Sphero are perfect for long car rides. Doodle Grub and Zombie Rollers provide hours of entertainment and let kids use Sphero as a controller for handheld gameplay on the device. You’ll never hear “are we there yet?” again!

Sphero pairs to your device via Bluetooth and is powered by induction charging, giving you and your kids over an hour of play before Sphero needs to be repowered. For additional traction and protection against applesauce and kicks, Nubby covers are available on the Sphero store.

For a limited time, use the coupon code “SMILEYNUBBY” for a free Nubby cover at checkout. Simply select both Sphero 2.0 and a Nubby cover in the color of your choice in the Sphero store, then apply the discount code to receive $14.99 off your total!

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Sphero.

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  1. Cool toy, would love to get it for my DD and DS.

  2. Great holiday gift idea for my boys! Sending this link to my husband 😉

  3. My son loves etch-a-sketching so I would love to try the drawing app for him.

  4. Kids seem to be attracted to anything electronic, so if they can learn at the same time, I think it is great. Sounds like a wonderful toy! My son would love it!

  5. this sounds like any child would enjoy it, play with it and all whilst actually learning something. That is how children learn best, whilst having fun.

  6. This is a neat toy. I am debating about it as a joint Christmas present for 2 brothers this year!

  7. Learning, fun and doing it with smart toys is what the kids want. Great review.

  8. Its true they seem to learn with these electronic things, and at such a young age

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  9. My daughter loves to play on the kindle and computer. This is a great idea for parents and kids. Will check it out thanks.

  10. DS5 loves anything to with technology… This would be great for him!

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  13. I know my grandson loves anything electronic,learning from it is a positive bonus

  14. This is a neat toy,and with Christmas right around the corner

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