By Andrea Firmani

Back when I had my first baby I had two different weddings to be in all before he was two months old. I knew ahead of time that I would need to pump and have a supply of milk for someone else to give him while I did my bridesmaid duties.

At the second wedding I had a bag of pumped milk in a cooler and hadn’t really thought about how my mum would bottle it to the baby. During the Catholic wedding vows I could hear my baby starting to fuss, cue the bottle of pumped milk. You could hear him wailing from the back of the church as he realized his milk was iced cold.

That was 8 years ago and products keep on coming out and the Tommee Tippee Pump and Go system is a great asset for the pumping mama. I think this product would be a benefit for mothers who exclusively pump or who need to leave their baby with another caregiver/parent who will be giving bottles.


The actual system was very easy to set up. The milk bags that come with the Pump and Go system attach to your actual pump. While pumping your milk collects directly into the bag. When you’re done you twist the bag off your pump, put on the provided lid and away it goes. Either into the fridge/freezer or into the bottle that is provided. The bottle attachment comes with the system and you just click the milk bag into the bottle and nipple and you’re ready to feed. No risk of cross contamination or spilling.


For mother’s who pump a lot of breastmilk or need a larger stash of milk to take to and from daycare, the system also comes with a hard case milk storage box. This box can hold up to 12 different pumped milk bags and can be put in the freezer to keep your milk safe and easy to transport too.



The real magic of this system is the milk warmer! It is a sleek design that doesn’t take up much space at all. Out comes the frozen or refrigerated milk bag and in it goes into the warmer.

Heating up breast milk safely is actually a big deal. If the milk accidentally gets overheated there is a risk of destroying some of the essential vitamins and minerals found in human milk. Plus there’s always the chance of improper heating causing hot spots in the milk and accidentally scalding your baby’s mouth.


The milk warmer from Tommee Tippee has three different settings based on how cold the milk was before it went into the basket. I liked that you could use frozen or refrigerated milk and have it heat up evenly. Overall, the system is very straightforward to use, especially for us tired mamas!

Product features:

  • Pre-sterilized Pump and Go pouches – use just one to pump, store, warm and feed, so no transfers, no waste
  • Bottle and pouch warmer automatically heats milk to perfect temperature from frozen, fridge or room temperature
  • Compact, lightweight breast milk storage case neatly stores up to 12 pouches in fridge or freezer
  • Breast pump adapter set connects with Medela®, Lansinoh®, Evenflo®,  Ameda®, Philips Avent® and Tommee Tippee®
  • Breast milk pouch bottle comes with award-winning Closer to Nature nipple

The Pump and Go is available exclusively at Canada’s Babies R Us online  and from 10/14-10/21 it will be on sale for 30% off, don’t miss it! The full product line includes an All in One Breast Milk Starter Set, Breast Milk Starter Set, Breast Milk Pouches (20 count and 35 count formats), Breast Milk Pouch Bottle (1 pack and 3 pack formats), Universal Breast Pump Adapter Set, Breast Milk Storage Trays, Breast Milk Cool Bag, and the Intelligent Pouch & Bottle Warmer. Retails range from $4.99 – $99.99.

Mama in the Cityandrea is a lifestyle blog written by Andrea Firmani. She writes about raising her family of five in downtown Vancouver, apartment style. Andrea is a passionate labour and delivery RN and often writes about relevant topics for today’s women and families. You might catch Andrea and her three kids walking around the city or refuelling at a coffee shop.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was gifted product for review consideration, however all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.