The Taste of The Summer – Smashed Sodas

What do I love about the summer? Spending lots of time outdoors with the boys, easy and delicious BBQ dinners, relaxed schedules, and getting to enjoy a refreshing summer beverage by the pool.

My favourite summer beverage of choice lately has been a can of Smashed Soda, by Georgian Bay Spirit Co. They have recently hit the shelves here in BC, and they are so light and refreshing, I love them. They are a delicious blend of Georgian Bay craft spirits, natural flavours, and botanicals. And with just 2 grams of sugar, they make the perfect low-calorie, no mess, no fuss cocktail drink of the summer.

The Taste of The Summer - Smashed Sodas

The Taste of The Summer - Smashed Sodas

Smashed Sodas are crafted here in Canada, and they come in a variety of delicious flavours. You can drink them right from the can, over rocks, or use them as a base for a cocktail.

The Lime Smashed Soda is one of my favourites, a lightly carbonated blend of Georgian Bay gin, soda, lime, and botanicals with 2 grams of sugar. I find lime super refreshing, and being able to enjoy a nice drink while making dinner is a pleasure that I enjoy once in a while during the summer.

The Taste of The Summer - Smashed Sodas

The Strawberry Smashed Soda is a fruity, sparkling mix of strawberries, with hints of peppercorn, and herbal notes of Georgian Bay craft gin. It is sweeter than the Lime Smashed, but not overly sweet. It has such a lovely balance, with a smooth, candied finish.

I love drinking it while sitting on the patio in the evenings, or the backyard, after the boys are in bed, while I relax at the end of the day.  The perfect weekend drink!

The Taste of The Summer - Smashed Sodas

The Taste of The Summer - Smashed Sodas

Finally, the Mandarin Smashed Soda is the perfect lightly carbonated blend of Georgian Bay vodka, soda, mandarin, and a hint of cardamom with 2 grams of sugar. Another super refreshing option, and a great pairing for brunch, or patio BBQs. You can enjoy it neat and on the rocks.

The Taste of The Summer - Smashed Sodas

I love how these Smashed Sodas are super light-bodied and refreshing, a deliciously convenient cocktail that you just open and enjoy, and with a low-calorie count. I am a fan, you guys—just the perfect amount of alcohol in a delicious blend of summery flavours.

You can ask for Georgian Bay Smashed Sodas next time you are at your local liquor store or visit their website for more details. Here is a great Strawbery Smashed Mojito recipe as well with the Strawberry Smashed Soda. 

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Georgian Bay Spirit Co. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. These look so refreshing! Getting some to try this summer.

  2. Perfect summer drink. Gotta go light and refreshing during these heat waves.

  3. These look so refreshing, espeically with this heat wave we are having!

  4. Yum! The mandarin one sounds delish!

  5. These sound delicious I will have to try them

  6. The Strawberry drink looks refreshing.

  7. Yes!!! These are so good!! The Vodka smash is also amazing.

  8. Those beverages sound absolutely delicious. I think my personal favorite would be strawberry.

  9. I’ve not tried this brand, but many similar ones and I just love them in the summertime.

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