Cloud b Sleep Sheep Essentials Gift Set {Review}

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One of the very first gifts we received when we were expecting Hazel and probably one of our favourites was the Cloud b Sleep Sheep. Not only is it super cute and soft, but the hidden sound machine is very soothing. The white noise machine is located in the back of the sheep and plays sounds such as the ocean and mothers heartbeat. Hazel slept in our room for the first four months in a bassinet beside our bed. I would just place the sheep on top of our dresser right beside her and the three of us would drift off to the sounds of the ocean each night. With the warm summer air drifting into our room, the cool breeze of the fan hitting us and the sound of the ocean streaming from the sheep, it felt like we were on a tropical vacation every night. Once we transitioned Hazel to her crib, the sheep just nicely attached to the side of the crib where it still remains today!

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Now that Hazel is quickly approaching two, we don’t use the sleep sheep as a sleep aid anymore, its mainly used as stuffed animal for comfort in her crib. She is a pretty good sleeper and on most nights goes down with out any problems. We can usually hear her chatting or singing away to herself for a few minutes after we leave the room and then dead silence. We have recently added the Cloud b Twilight Buddies Sheep to our collection and bedtime routine. This cute little sheep projects a starry night sky onto the bedroom ceiling and walls. You can find three real constellations within the star pattern. The colours also change from blue, to green or amber. We leave the Twilight Buddy on the stool in the middle of her room and let the stars project every night, the timer shuts off after about 45 minutes. She loves to lie in her crib and gaze at the stars each night.

The essentials set also comes with a mini sheep rattle. I’ve got this tucked away for number two and can’t wait to bring it out for use in the stroller or in the car seat. It’s super soft and about the size of the palm of my hand, making it the perfect go to toy for when we are out and about.

For more information on the Cloud b Sleep Sheep Essentials Gift set and where to purchase one, check out the Cloud b website found here.


Disclosure: I was gifted a  Cloud b Sleep Sheep Essentials Gift set, however all views and opinions on this post are %100 my own.

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Andria Milliard lives in the Fraser Valley with her husband, her daughter Hazel, her son Everett and their two fur kids, Izzy and Murray. Once Hazel became mobile the antics between her and the animals didn’t slow down, combine this with Andria’s love to share great brands and products and her blog The Cheerio Diaries was born.

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  1. My son had one of these when he was little and he loved it!

  2. So many great options at cloud b! From the Sheep, the UFO, to Tranquil Turtle….love them all!

  3. Cloud b Sleep Sheep is just adorable and would make a wonderful shower gift. The room photos is beautiful.

  4. These so are so cute and adorable, any child would love to have them – me I’d sit them on my sofa if I had them 🙂

  5. Perfect! I know what I’m getting for the baby shower next week now 🙂

  6. I love this product! I gift it at Baby Showers all the time; its my “go to” gift.

  7. The sheep is so cute. Definitely a great gift for a baby, I know what I’m going to be on the lookout for 🙂

  8. I love their night lights!

  9. I think this Sleep Sheep Essentials Gift Set would be such a welcome gift for a baby shower. As a child and young adult, we lived beside a Strait. I would often go to the shore to relax, swim and just listen to the sound of the waves. It would certainly induce sleep. Thank you for giving us information about this set.

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